Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tuesday, posts will be sporadic at best

Studio account $2999.00 ( have not paid costumes yet!)
Personal account -$689.12
Have not received CC statements but will pay in full with $250.00 added.

     I was able to get bills paid and the desk cleaned and the budget set up for May last Friday, but it took a better part of the day.

     We are having costume problems as in costumes came in wrong and have to be returned.  I hate that.  We try to be so careful.  But sometime things just don't work out.

     I have a huge list of to do's and I try to get several done every day.  Trying desperately to get caught up in the shop.  But recital pulls me away.

     One thing I was able to do was pay all of May's bills except the CC's and the car payment and the tithing.  Which will come out of Hubbies second check.   So I feel really good about this.  It leaves me with a good feeling that I will stay on even keel.  Just not setting those huge payment goals and then falling back is good for me.

     Mother's Day was awful do to the crazy bride remember her?  The one from a few weeks ago.  She called screaming 8 times about her dress.  Even though she tried it on here and was perfectly happy with it and smiling.  I took it off her and hung it in her protective bag and then hung the bag about 16 inches off the floor.  It was not touched until she picked it up the next day.  I showed her where the small spot had been on the chiffon and I had removed the somewhat imaginary spot.  I had marked it with a pin.  She was pleased. Left all smiles.  Calls me 2 weeks later and hollers that the dress is ruined peed on by cats shredded and stained and snagged.  IMPOSSIBLE.
First of all no cat could jump 16 inches to pee on a dress.  My cats have never had an accident in the house and are trained to go outside, although we have a littler box that I have to change maybe every 6 months it is used do seldom.  If I had an animal that would not stay out of my shop I would get rid of them.
      Her mother also called and this is what the mother said was wrong.  Upon trying the dress again they realized the slip was still a little too long.  The flower girl dress had not been hemmed.  (I was never asked to hem this just to line the sleeves)  The daughter also said little girls dress was peed on and shredded, which means I have a cat that can cut through a canvas bridal bag and jump 6 feet in the air to pee!  The bustling button and hook were causing snags on the chiffon.  (Now this is possible)  But they were shown how to bustle the dress and went over the hem inch by inch looking for the spot.  As they were happy with the dress and had looked it over so carefully I was confused.  Daughter tells my shredded, peed on, destroyed.  Mom says, slip too long, flower girls too long, small snag a bustle hook.  Who do I believe?  So I called my lawyer and they said, do not take any phone calls and meet them in small claims court.  So yesterday about 4:30 girl calls me and I let it go to voice mail.  This is the message.  Hi this is Barb, I have calmed down now and want to know if you will work with me on this dress so we don't have to go to court.  Called lawyer.  Was told not to respond, as this person was unstable and had lied to me in hysterics and I would not be able to please her.  If she had called and said she had discovered that her slip was still too long and the flower girls dress needed to be hemmed after all and that the hook was causing the chiffon to snag, I would certainly have fixed all three problems.  But her screaming, hysterics, and lies have sacred me.  So I will do nothing.  What a Mother's Day.  EEEK!

     Out My Window:  still very dry here, we did not plant the garden. It will have to be completely re weeded and tilled again.  But will have to wait until June.  Just too busy to think right now.

      Posts might be sporadic for a while as I am very behind.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. That sounds terrible - so sorry to hear about the drama with a customer. Hope your day improves!

  2. Oh Kim, I am sorry this happened to you especially on Mother's Day. Is it possible to take pictures of the alterations, hems etc. before the customer leaves with a gown so that you have proof. She sounds like a real whacko. - Mary Ann

  3. Oh my, what a nightmare... that goes beyond hysterics. Who would flat out lie or take their rage on other people who they know are innocent? I pity the groom. Sorry your Mother's Day was spent like that! Hope the court goes alright and your month recovers.

  4. Horrible that this happened to you. though, given that some people are predisposed to this type of thing, I'm not surprised to hear that it is happening. Sometimes people need to know that their irrational, negative, destructive behaviour is not tolerated by others and a line is drawn. Kudos to you for getting a professional involved (lawyer) and sticking with it.

  5. She sounds like a freaking lunatic.