Wednesday, May 29, 2013


     Slowly but surly props are coming together.  Cauldron we built for a dancer to come out of is perfect.  The dwarf's bed that Snow White sleeps on is done.  The mirror frame is painted.  Now just to finish the costumes.  Did not like the way Snow White's dress flowed so will revamp that today.  Hope to have all costumes done by 5:00.

     Parents are still slowly paying fees, this will be the last day to hand out notes and they seriously cannot come without checks tomorrow.  No excuses. 

     My list is getting smaller and I am looking forward to the weekend so I can put this to bed.  But show time is also exciting.

      My health right now is not the best, but it is a combination of many events brought on by a long suppressed immune system.  I will get through this and be back in the game.  I just like someone to complain to:)

     I know right now I have enough money to pay all the costume charges from last month and the $250.00 extra so I have met my goals of not using charge cards that I do not pay in full.  All bills for the month are paid and I have made it 5 months without going further into debt.  We will see after this show where this settles.  I will have more costume charges, and theater rent, printing, a large payroll and next months bills.  Hopefully we will break even and be able to get through the summer without debt.  It will be the first time.

     Out My Window:  A little rainy and colder, but that is okay!  Chickens are getting huge!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Getting thru the summer w/out more debt is huge for you....I'll cross my swollen fingers you make it.
    Flotation Device ready here....lolz

  2. OK, first a big laugh on what Sluggy said :) I'm glad you are doing great financially. Now let's hope everyone will pay what's due!

  3. Great job on not using the credit cards for five months! That is half the battle of getting out of debt. Hope you are feeling better soon--you sound overwhelmingly busy!

  4. You're doing so well, Kim!! Hope your health improves and you're feeling better soon! It's hard to "do it all" when you're not feeling 100%!

  5. “I have met my goals of not using charge cards that I do not pay in full.” - That's great, Kim! With cash, it's easier to spend less as you can see the money going away right before your eyes.
    [Allan Morais @ ]

  6. I have nothing against credit cards, but honestly, if you are broke and already in debt, you are increasing them by using cards instead of cash. It's much easier to keep an eye of your budget with cash! It will help you slow down your spending when you see the money gradually disappearing right from your hands. Jaden @

  7. “… to get through summer without debt” - This sounds like a good plan, and I hope you made it. It’s not impossible, since you’re getting better in not maxing out your credit card in paying for stuff. How are you now?

    Charlena Leonard @ WeidnerLaw