Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday, staying focused...

     So today I have not allowed myself to post until I had sewed my quota.  So far I have done $130.00 worth of alterations.  It will have to stay this way until I am caught up.  I replaced 2 jean zippers, and hemmed 9 items.  I have a stack of work to do when I get done with this post.

     Last night I put bachelor buttons on Hubbies new logging pants.  It is cheaper to put them on rather than buy them with the studs on.  I order the button studs 100 at a time as I use them in the shop constantly.  Costume money is coming in and I was paid by the Fire Department last night.  I am going to try to get my books on even keel tonight and pay some bills as I only teach for one hour.

     So far we have been very good about not writing checks and only living on what comes into the shop, but I am severely short of the house payment.   I have faith that I can make this up by the 13th.  I had a Wedding dress come in this morning and they are always good money.  Items just keep filtering in and I am so grateful for the work.

     My house is a real mess so I plan on trying to do a little cleaning tonight and some early tomorrow.  Just so much to do right now it is hard to get to.  I could start some laundry and maybe I will.  It is so easy to let things go.  Daughter #3 will be bringing a load of things home to the basement bedroom and Daughter #2 will be here this weekend for a large rehearsal.  If the house is not cleaned up before they get here I fear I will never dig out after they leave:)  I complain but I like it when they come home for a while....

     Out My Window:  Hot and sunny, I feel like I am in Florida!  It is so nice.

Well I am off to the salt mines to earn my keep.

Have a great and productive day!




  1. I'm so jealous of everyone who can sew with ease...I cannot figure out sewing at all!

    Hopefully you'll have your house payment in time! Fingers crossed on my end! :)!

  2. Hi. Lots of work coming in! That's great. One question - I'm new, so I don't know the answer. Do you have back up savings in case something happens and you can't make enough for the house payment?

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