Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday, I did It!

     The Quick Lock loan is paid off.  I did it!  One of the studio debts is gone.  By this time next year I hope to be free of the studio credit card.  I am on track with the monies that are being paid me by the studio in my pay off strategy.  I am so happy.

     We also were able to completely finish the patio leveling.  So that is off the list also.  I don't feel like accomplished much on that list this month, but I felt like I was busy.

     Mom's test results came back fine.  She is not having mini strokes but did have a bad concussion.  I think she was disappointed as she has lost so much ground and she wants to recover.  There is no recovering from old age.  Trust me I would like to see her improve her speed a little and that is not going to happen either.  It is what it is.

     Yesterday Hub's and I took a long walk in the evening, and mom was a grouch.  Made a delicious stir fry and fried rice dish, mom even had 3 helpings. It had lots of veggies in it and she actually liked it, surprise, surprise.

     Today after I get done paying bills I am going to make some 4th of July cookies and some pie crusts which I will freeze. Mom wants Swedish meatballs and I have to take a meal into a family tomorrow.  So I must go and cook with the mother so she will leave me alone.  Yeah like that is going to happen.

     I am just so elated with myself right now, I am skipping.

Have a great and productive day.


Thursday, June 29, 2017

Thursday, a different apporach

     Lil sis and I have completely different approaches on how we deal with our Mother.  Lil sis plays with mom.  She entertains her.  They play a dice game, they watch sappy TV.  They shop for crap food.  They eat out.  It is always entertainment with Lil sis.   This approach is fine and Lil sis does work full time, so her hours are limited.  She also does not have a husband or her children close.

     I try to keep mom busy.  I make her breakfast and lunch and dinner.  I try to get her up and moving.  I try to get her to plan her day.  What will we do today?  She loves to bake and cook and I help her to feel that she is accomplishing something.  Mom was a very active person who would come home from a full time job and strip and paper a room in the evening.  We girls get our work ethic from her.  No one wants to be useless.  Mom needs to feel useful. Sis does not agree.  She thinks I need to play with mom and give her my time.  I feel I do this as I wait on her hand and foot and I include her in on the things that I do.

     When I was making up the jam, mom was able to put seals and rings on the jars and wash them off as they came out of the bath.  She loved to count them and kept asking now how many did we do?  What kind is this?  How many of that kind?  She was thrilled to see the fruit processed.  She sat right down and opened a jar and ate two English muffins with jam.  She has become rather peckish.  She also sat out on the back deck in the shade and pitted cherries for a couple of hours.

     Mom's mother went blind before she died.  Back then they could do nothing about  eye degeneration, now they have shots to help prolong sight.  Grandma also was a busy work a holic and she would get very upset if one of use did something she could do.  If we hurried and made up a potato salad when she could have carefully cut up the things herself and stirred in the sauce.  She wanted to feel that she could do something useful.  I can tell mom feels the same way.

     Mom' CT scan is this afternoon.  So Lil sis wanted to take her out to dinner afterward to make her feel better.  Again here we spend money.  I cannot say no as Lil sis gets very upset when I don't appease her plans.  I opted for why don't we take mom to lunch before her appointment? This way it would be cheaper and once the appointment is over mom will feel better.  It is the unknown that scares her.  Mom's younger brother had some of the same symptoms mom is having and ended up with a large benign brain tumor. I think mom fears that.

       I think mom had a much more serious concussion than we thought.  I was not home when it happened.  My daughter felt mom needed to stay in the hospital and mom did not want to.  Of course Lil sis did not want her schedule disrupted either.  I am not placing blame here, just that things might have been different had I been home.  We can only wait and see  what the results are.  Mom was getting better but when they called to schedule the scan she immediately dissolved into a mess.

     So what do you think?  Am I wrong to think mom's want to be useful?  Should I be playing games and entertaining her all the time?

   I am waiting anxiously for monies  to come in and I will pay off that Quick lock loan.  Usually the money is in the bank on the 28th but of course this month it is late or later.  So aggravating when you are waiting to put to death a debt you have carried for over 6 years.  It will soon be gone. 

     Hub's and I finished placing the stones to re level the patio.  It was hard work.  Hub's just left for Home depot to get 50lb bag of sand to put in the cracks and that is one more large project off the list.

     I did not do much sewing yesterday as I was tired from being up all night with mom.  I need to get my but in gear.  Hubs and I did take a 5 mile walk last night and that was so nice.

Well I am off to hit my machines and do a little laundry.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wednesday,Mother issues

     Mom had a bad night.  I don't know what caused it but she gets these anxiety spells and we really have to watch her as she will go into A-fib if they are not controlled.  So last night about mid-night she comes out of her room and says she needs me.  I was watching my one private hour of TV, you know that time you get to watch what you want without comments and a channel flipper.  Anyway she usually will leave me alone as she hates the shows I watch.  Was she sick? Was she hungry?  What is going on?  Well she needs to take her meds and she has a terrible stomach ache and gas on her stomach. So I find her zantac and help her go through her pills and take out the ones not absolutely needed (like vitamins).  She gets those down and admits she is having an anxiety attack.  She has never done this before.

    So I get her in bed and crawl in next to her, switch on her netflix and try to find a movie that we can both watch together.  I usually run my fingers through her hair and this puts her to sleep.  Well it didn't and we watched the entire really bad sappy movie.  Now it is really late and I told her to GO TO SLEEP!  She laughed as this is what she would say to us kids when we were little.  I went to go upstairs and turned around and crawled back in bed with her and she really did not sleep until about 4:00.  So I am very sleep deprived.  She has a CT scan tomorrow of her head and I wonder if this is what she is worried about.  I don't know, but I hope she sleeps better tonight.

          Hubs disturbed a wasp nest that was building under our outdoor camp stove while he was getting it ready to process all my jam.  He was stung several times.  We look for these nests constantly and try hard to keep them at bay. This one eluded us.  He swelled up something awful and I rushed to the store to get some benadryl.  I always try to keep this on hand, but we were out.  So he has been a sleepy man, but the arm and hand are going down some.

     I spent an hour yesterday playing the cello part on the piano so hub's could learn the part on the cello. It is hard to find a cello player and Hub's is loath to learn, but we do have two cellos sitting upright in the front room and he has the time.  But do I have the patience?  This will be determined. One note playing over and over, how fun is that?

     Cleaned up the mess from the jam all but the floor of the kitchen, which makes a whack, whack sound when you walk on it right now.  I still have to put 12 jars downstairs in storage. Hubs picked all the ripe cherries off our pie cherry tree and I made up a batch of pie filling which I froze for the fourth of July.  I want to dry some more sweet cherries if I can find the time.

     I tried to get some weeding done last evening after I planted the remaining sale plants I had purchased.  Hubs needed help on leveling the back patio.  I was hoping he could do this himself, but his knees are shot so I was down on the ground on a knee pad trying to lay the very heavy bricks.  I only was able to lay about 10 of them.  They have to be leveled and lifted several times.  I remember building this patio by myself years ago and it was a piece of cake.  What happened?  I got old and Hub's got older.  Damn.  How did we get so weak and out of shape? Arthritis, age they are both demons.  So I did not get as much weeding done as I had planned. And I suppose I will have to help him finish the patio. There go my next couple of evenings.

     The shop has been slow this last couple of days, I still have work to do but nothing major has come in which is unusual as the last 4 months have been crazy busy.  Kind of nice to get to go in there and not be slammed with items that need to go out NOW.

     I think it will be a quiet day here with some sewing, weeding, brick laying, walking, cleaning, laundering, and whatever else I can decide to do.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tuesday, Why I don't shop at Costco or other big box stores

     I just read that Costco was going to start to let anyone shop there even with out a membership.  This perked my interest as they have always been so strict about the membership rules.  If you don't pay and own the card you cannot even write a check on another members order.  They do however let anyone use the pharmacy or eat at their food kiosk.

   We have a Costco across the river just a bout 3/4 of a mile from my house.  My mom gets her meds there.  I was thrilled when they first opened.  I had three kids at home and a busy schedule.  I have always liked to save money and stockpile food.  Buying in larger quantities is certainly the way to do this right?

     It did not take long for me to become disenchanted with Costco even when an employer purchased my membership.  Buying in large quantities is great if you need and use the item regularly.  Now there are many items I do use in that capacity.  I bake a great deal, so flour, sugar, and staples would be a no brainer right? The crux of the problem is, if you only have a say $200.00 food budget a month and you have to buy these items you will have used 1/4 of your budget.  My family did not like living on Lumpy dick ( a depression meal of thickened flour, water and sugar.)  It is impossible to go into a large big box store like that with a list of menu items and get what is on your list for under say $600.00.  I tried this once just for fun.  Did not buy the items just added them up.

     I found that I could purchase flour and sugar once a year at the Christmas baking sales much cheaper.  Since you have to go home and burst everything into smaller containers, buying the smaller at a loss leader price just made more sense. So pantry supplies were an out at Costco.

     But what about their meat?  They do have great meat.  It is never on sale and I can get great meat buys and freeze at local super markets that is 50% off.  Now you all know how I feel about the rotisserie chicken.  Smells great a pretty good price, and time saver, but the side affects not so good.

     Breads can be purchased at a local thrift bread store and frozen much cheaper.  Artisan breads, well I would make those anyway and have them fresh with the smell in my own house.I do love the large white bakery cakes for big events and will order and send in a friend to get them.  Now I won't have to do that.

     Fruits and veggies at Costco are not cheaper they in fact are more expensive per pound if you look at sales. Everything else is a prepackaged convenience food that I would probably not buy unless I had a specific reason.  Such as a treat for a celebration.  I just don't really buy prepackaged convenience foods. Costco does not carry a store brand but the name brand canned goods.  Way too expensive.

     Milk, butter, eggs, and perishables can be purchased in smaller quantities and much smaller prices.
The things I buy on a regular basis as far as food goes are far more expensive at Costco than watching sales and buying larger quantities in smaller packages.  I have proved this to myself over and over.

     It does not take a genius to see that Rite-aid or Walgreens, with their point systems and coupons can beat the price of any large quantity container of your favorite hair or personal supply grooming supple sold at Costco. I call it the $200.00 store as I could never get out before I spent $200.00.  I did not have $200.00, it put me short on the things I did need to get through the month.  It caused me to go further in debt as I found other ways to purchase the things I needed.

     I have heard friends and neighbors complain about trying to get out of Costco for under $3-400.00.  Well stop going.  Their marketing of goodies and beautiful socks, and undies, the bags (large always $10-12) of delicious treats right by the cash registers, just call out to your hungry tummy.

     And the clothing, such bargains, I will buy one in every color please.  But do you need them?  Books, movies, toys, games, tech gadgets are all alluring but are they on the list and do you need them right now?  Probably not. 

     The store overwhelms with its marketing.  So much to choose from.  So cleverly packaged.  The bright colors and rows upon rows of lovely things all waiting to jump into your basket.  Most items are in the range of $10-$20.00 we can all afford those items right?  We can afford several of those items right?  So you have let's see, a package of socks,(for the husband) new dish towels, (yours are so ratty), a bucket of laundry soap, that wonderful imported cheese you like(so much cheaper here)a container of soy sauce,(much cheaper by the gallon), a container of salad dressing, (Greggs 1/2 gallon), three large bottles of dish soap, that package of 5 deodorants, a large package of pot stickers,( they were a tasting item and the clerk forced them on you with all of the salty goodness),a case of soda.  You have now spent over $200.00 and you have a months worth of groceries, right?

     Now I am not totally dissing Costco.  I know you can get many great things there.  I just don't shop there.  I can't afford to.  I don't have much self control and I love to shop and justify why I do it.  The latest best selling books always get me.  I am weak, so like an alcoholic I do not frequent bars.

What are you feelings on big box stores as far as your budget is concerned?

     By the way look at my totals!  Woo, Hoo will I be able to slam dunk that quick lock loan?  The Studio CC is under $15,000( I throw up a little that I am excited about that).

     I did not sew yesterday, instead I made fruit leather and canned 30 jars of jam, cherry, blueberry, and plum.  Also pitted and dried several pounds of cherries.  I used all the fruit in the freezer so I can go pick more fruit as it come on to go into the freezer. I also went to Joanns and helped one of my dancers get fabric for a competition costume.  I made another wreath for my thieving sister.  I basically putzed around.

     I will dry more cherries and freeze several bags of pie cherries.  But I will also sew at least my quota today. I also need to get some plants in the ground and do some weeding.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, June 26, 2017

Monday, Money saving Madness

     Busy weekend, as I drove up to Moscow and picked up D#3 and then met D#2 and grandson at the Large mall and did some shopping.  D#3 is studying hard for MCATS and quite poor so we bought new bras on sale a Vickies Secret.  $14.97 for a bra is quite a deal.  D#3 is skinny with big, big Bazoombas, hard to fit and we always wait for the sale.  It was a fun day with the girls and I really needed and enjoyed this. So nice to shop with them now that they are grown up and not demanding that I going to stores that I hate. ( Abercrombie & Fitch)

     Also much better at looking for good sales.  D#2 does most of her shopping at garage sales in her wealthy neighborhood.  I never thought that would happen.  As D#3 ruins her clothes in her lab she was all for getting really marked down jeans and keeping her nice ones for good.  Oh they are turning out way more practical than I thought.  D#2 is coming up on a year at her lab and will be given a technician license. She loves the lab but knows she must go on in her field if she is to make any money.  So either medical school or a masters program, either way the experience she is gaining is so valuable.

     Sunday we went to church, and then I came home and went with Lil sis to her friends house to help her water, and clean the pool.  She did not want to go alone with mom.  Then we stayed a soaked up the sun for about an hour.  I came home a took a two hour nap, then made dinner.  Shrimp ca bobs, steak, tabbouleh, corn on the cob, peach cobbler.  All out of freezer and pantry, except corn. Mom and Lil sis came over.  Lil sis cleaned my kitchen for me after dinner yeah!

     I pulled out 4th of July fabric I had purchased for $2.00 a yard on sale last year to make some napkins and I was inspired by Rhonda at "If you do stuff, stuff gets done".  I love her blog.  Anyway I went to Joanns and purchased a 6.99 wreath with a 50% off coupon of course and then added another 20% off. That is how I roll.  So Friday night after our picnic with grandson, I tore up fabrics and cut squares.  I assembled this in about an hour while visiting with son-in-law.  Now Sis stole it so I have to make another one.  Can you believe that? Dirty thieving cat.

     Onto Monday money saving madness.  Things I did this week to save money.

1. Grocery shopped all loss leaders 51% savings
2. Used as much food out of freezer and pantry as possible.
3. Washed 7 sets of sheets and at least 7 big blankets and dried all on the fence outside saving hours of using my dryer.
4. Ate salad and berries out of garden
5. Have small zucchini and green beans for several meals out of garden
6.fed all food scraps to chickens.
7. purchased several plants at end of year clearance for .50 and 1.00 to fill losses and add perennials 
8. picked 20lbs of  sweet cherries from neighbors tree to eat and dry
9. Made a fabulous 4th of July wreath with old fabric purchased on sale.
10. sold 3 wedding bags purchased for $3.50 for 10.00
11. Purchased 2- 20lb bags of flour in flour sacks at a close out at Albertsons , can't wait to use the sacks for something. Like an apron!

     This week I will be drying cherries and freezing pie cherries.  I am also pulling all previously frozen fruit out of freezers to make jam.  I need the space for new.  It will be cool for the next few days.  I need to cool to make jam.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday, Whew!

     Well our grandson arrived at about 2:30 yesterday.  I was finally done with the front room and had moved on to the final room the dining room.

     Hub's had helped me move all the furniture into the middle of the rug which was freshly vacuumed, so I could sweep and clean the hardwood floor. I was on a mighty spider web hunt and did I find some doozies.  The one above the baby grand was not going to come down without a fight but I persevered.  Nasty little bugger.

     Luckily grandson loves to vacuum and use the steam floor mop so he helped me finish the dining room. I took all the plants off the shelf and took them outside and re-potted several, with grandsons help.  He loved the dirt.

     We then went to Effie burger for the worlds largest hamburger.  He loved it and we had such a good time.  Then Hub's took him fishing and they both caught a fish.  Grandsons first fishing trip, so that was extra special.  The onto Dairy Queen. It was a big day.I stayed home to sew during the fishing and ice cream.  Cleaning the house has me behind.

     So I have an emergency bride and bridesmaid for tomorrow, due out today and also a mother of the bride, then a pile of things that need to go out.  Ugh  just too much to do.  I am blessed with work.

     I will however take an hour or so to have a picnic with grandson at the park later this afternoon.  We have already baked a chocolate cake and Hub's has taken him out to the Indian museum so I can get things done..

     Tomorrow it is back to Spokane just for the day to help D#3 get some things done.

Anyway, I am off to set the world on fire.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thursday, running out of time

     I am running out of time for my project. Which was deep clean the up stairs.  It is getting clean but no so deeply.  As in no drawers or closets, and I did not take anything off bookshelves in Master bedroom.  Just not enough time.  The shop is too busy.  Mom is too much work.  I have a yard, and watering and, and, and.....

     So it is a compromise.  The spare room and spare bath are nice and shiny.  The kitchen just needs it's floor mopped.  I have to hang curtains, change sheets and do the floors in the master bath and bed room.  The living room and dining room have not been touched so after I get the before mentioned things done, I will attack those.

But first I must finish a mother of the bride dress before someone comes to pick it up.  Yikes!

I had another wedding dress come in to alter/hem before Saturday and a last minute bridesmaid dress.  It just never ends.

     Hubs and I went grocery shopping last night for much needed supplies.  Then I cleaned until mid-night.

Okay I am off!

have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wednesday, grandson tomorrow!

     Well the grandson comes in sometime tomorrow afternoon and I still have so much to do.  Yesterday was a frustration with mom and I don't know what today will bring.  I have finished nothing except  many alterations and I have to finish a wedding dress today and also a mother of the bride.  Then just general alterations, although I do have a bride and a bridesmaid due in today that need to be out this Friday, so no rest here in the shop.

     As for my expectations of the house, I am just going to do what I can a call it good.  I will do drawers and closets some other time.  Or maybe I will save them for Sissie.  I did get my summer and winter wardrobe switched out last Friday so that is helpful.  I will go through my shoe closet and purge and straighten, just to get the dust out.

     I swear I did laundry all day yesterday.  Hubs is mowing the lawn today as it is cooler than the last two days.  One thing about having so much to do is that I had over 10,000 steps on my fitbit by the evening so I did not go on a walk last night.

     I am hoping people pick up today as the hall where I keep my pickups is getting full and I need some cash to get groceries.

     I went over to the neighbors to collect a couple of pillow cases that had blown off the fence and I took the time to check the cherries.  They are beautiful and red , but I felt needed a few more days to sweeten.  I am thinking this weekend they will be ready, so that is off my plate for a few days, thank goodness.

     I need to go check on mom and I don't want to as she was so much work yesterday, but duty calls.
I can hear her coughing I did not get her bed remade until lat afternoon as it took a long time to get all her blankets, bedspread and some pillows washed and dried.

     I will hit the shop first and then onto the house.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tuesday, tell me I will make progress....

     Okay after blogging yesterday, I did help hub's empty the wagon.  I know I did and emptied at least 4 laundry baskets full of things and put them away.  Like personal things, and two baskets of kitchen things, and a basket of food.  I hung up and sorted and re drawer ed  ( not a word).  I cleaned myself up put makeup and things away.  I then did 4 loads of laundry and dried all the sheets, which are waiting to be put away.

     I checked on the chickens and picked up eggs, picked a bowl of strawberries, watered the plants and garden dry spots. Altered the top of a wedding dress, had customers come and drop off things. Piled all the blankets on the spare room bed.

     I took steaks out for dinner, made a broccoli salad and a tossed salad for dinner, went and picked up mom from sister's finished pinning the lace on a wedding dress (that took over an hour).  Took a five mile walk and did not get one bit  of deep cleaning done.  Now I don't remember sitting on my A$$ unless I was sewing so why, why, WHY, is nothing done?

     I need to clone me I swear, but as I already have a clone that won't work.

Segue:  Elderly neighbor needed me I was there for a 1/2 an hour.  Why can't I get anything done?

Segue: just got back from neighbors, mom calling she is sick all over her bed.  Why can't I get anything done?

Well I did empty three trash cans if that counts, only because of mom's sick.

Okay this is obviously not going to play out the way I had planned.  So I am going to run upstairs after this blog post and strip the curtains, sheets and bed ruffles off the beds and windows and that is after I put all blankets away that are in spare room.  At least I can keep the laundry going and I will have to clean mom's room and bath. Oh goody, goody gumdrops.

Hoping to report some progress tomorrow!:)  Keeping the old spirits up, me thinks I need spirits to help me with me spirits.

Segue:  When one activates the gag reflex (mine) one wets oneself a little......

Hub's just came down to see if there was anything he could do.  Yes start leveling the back patio, I have poured out the sand.  No he wanted to know if anything was important as he was going to go fishing.

Shoot me now.

Update:  2hours later, moms bed stripped (yes she managed to hit everything), mom's bed made with new sheets, stripped spare room of sheets and curtains, bed ruffle which are washed and drying as I type.  Took curtains out of master bed room and washed and they are drying.  Dusted the ceilings and all corners of the two bedrooms and hall, cleaned the two ceiling fans.  Waited on two sets of customers, got mom a cold wash clothe twice, got mom soda crackers, laid out moms clothes and hung up several items, emptied her suitcase and put away all her personals from trip.  Ran with hubs down to corner gas station to fill my empty car and get a .99 soda I really wanted/needed. Neighbor just called over the fence as I was hanging laundry that the cherries are ripe!  So I will be picking cherries tonight, but I will make hubs pit them.

Have a great and productive day


Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday, back from the lake and Money saving Monday

     We got back in last night with a truck and a car full of stuff.  In my head I planned to get home and unpack everything and then deep clean or at least start deep cleaning the spare room and spare bath.  Hubs unloaded the truck as it had bikes and mom's walker and coolers.  But instead I took a 4 mile walk with Hub's and then vegged on the couch.  So far Hub's has carried three loads out of the car and I have read blogs.  How is this happening?  I don't know?  I did get a 12 pack of diet coke out of the back of the car into the garage fridge and I did get the dirty clothes basket into the laundry room.  I did something, yeah I did help......

     The lake was lovely and I enjoyed my two girls and the grandson was adorable.  Mom and Lil Sis were fun.  I think Mom had a good time.  She had a bad night on Saturday night, but Lil sis got to deal with it.  Lil sis has a really obnoxious dog and I probably should have kept mom.  Oh well water under the bridge.

     It was too much work to only stay two nights and really we could not check in until 4 p.m. and then had to be out at noon on Sunday.  All that packing and planning to unpack up there and then pack back up and now have to clean up.  We had to bring our own linens so I had four beds to make up and now do the laundry.  I won't do it again unless we stay longer.

     My oldest grandson and son-in-law will be here Thursday afternoon late and grandson will spend the night and the next day with us.  Son-in-law has a water case in upper Idaho.  So I am using this as an excuse to deep clean or Spring/summer clean the house, which desperately needs the love.  Spider webs every where and dust and dirt.  I also want to get ready for Sluggies visit the end of July but I realize the clean just won't last that long.  Drats!

     So today after I take care of the lake aftermath and believe me there will be aftermath, I am going to deep clean the spare room and bath  and maybe gt to the hall, linen closet and out room.  This will be after I get my sewing quota done.  So it might be a late evening here.  I hope the sofa doesn't leap out and grab me.

     Money saving madness

1. only went to the grocery store once
2. used coupons and in store deals to knock down total at grocer.
3. packed almost all lake food from my storage and freezers.
4. Made a big salad out of pantry supplies for lake.
5.  Made homemade cookies and banana bread for sweet snacks
6. kept menu simple and bought everything and I mean everything on sale.

So I am off to clean, clean, clean after I put away, put away,put away and sew, sew, sew.

Have a great and productive day.



Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thursday, Cleaning

     I have a bride dress going out today and two bridesmaid dresses.  I basted another Bride dress last night and it was tried on this morning, I think it is too tight so I will adjust on Monday.  The rest of my day will be spent, cleaning, cooking and getting ready to go up to a lake outside of Spokane for the weekend.

     I think mom is getting better now that she is on an antibiotic but she is still weak and so slow.  I swear if she gets any slower she will be going backwards.

     I have to get mom packed up also as Lil sis will be bringing her up tomorrow.  I am going to drive up tonight.

     I have so much to do, so I had better get started.

1. put laundry away
2. pack linens
3. pack kitchen things
4. make an acini de pepi salad
5. go to the grocer
6. pack food
7. straighten and clean as I go ( i hate coming home to a messy house)
8.Pay the water bill and get cash for the weekend

None of this is any particular order, just have to get organized and get it done.  I hope I get some rest this weekend as getting ready will about kill me.

Does anyone else feel they need a vacation to rest after a vacation weekend?

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wednesday,Reckoning the debt

     Mom's doctor called and she has a UTI which can be why she has been having all these symptoms, so we have her on an antibiotic.  I worry that she is really sinking into dementia and I don't want to admit it. 

     As you can see from my totals, I am down another 1000 or more on the house, I went under 10,000 on the remodel loan, and under 15,000 on the Studio CC.  I just have to get the Quick lock paid before the end of the month to meet my goals.

     Something that I have not paid attention to with my debt is the interest, as it did me no good to fret, it was what it was.  Get things paid off and don't back track.  Sell the studio and get out from under.  I am doing those things.  Making the payments that I have to on time and eliminating things.  The truck, the car, all the smaller debts, now the lock loan.  But the interest on  the studio CC is too high and the interest on the home improvement loan is too high.  It is not like anything has changed but my perspective.  I hate to see my hard earned money going to all that interest.  The only thing I can do is work harder and pay off faster.

     Once the home improvement loan is paid off I might try and find a way to pay off the studio cc at a lower interest.  But for right now I am where I am. Things really won't change after the lock loan is paid off as I plan on sinking about 3000.00 in a saving account and paying my sister back some money she loaned me.  I feel after the lock loan is paid, I need to regroup and get a sinking fund for all household bills.  That way every thing is paid and replace on a monthly basis and all extra will go to debt.  I have never been in a situation where I could do this before.  We will see.

     I love when one of my debts goes below a 1000 mark.  Even if it is  penny I feel like it mentally is easier to tackle.   I am dreaming about the house and how many more months it will take before I get into the 40,000's, October?  But again, I have a lovely summer ahead of me and I am not going to let the debt make me crazy.  Just careful.

Well I need to get to work.  Dang!

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Tuesday, my first day of summer

     I feel like this is my first day of summer, even though it is cold and windy outside this morning.  I don't have to do anything.  Well that is not true I have plenty of work in the shop, and the yard and the house, but I am free to do what I choose.  It is a great feeling.

     Lil Sis got home yesterday, Mom is happy, brother still has not called since last Friday.  But I did find out he was also calling his one estranged son , who then in turn called Lil Sis to find out what was going on.  He was threatening his son if the son did not get mom's new phone #.  All the same threats about us girls and how we brainwashed him.  When his son said he did not have # the threats started on son.  Nice father Huh?  What a creep.

     Took mom to the doctor yesterday and he is afraid she bruised her brain in the fall and is scheduling a CT scan he also wants her to see her heart doctor.  Now mom is all up in the air about that.  Woke up this morning practically in hysterics about her appointments.  Mom nothing has changed.  You are the same.  What can I do for you?  My eyes are rolling right now.

     I really want to clean my house, as it needs love so badly, but I am having a hard time getting motivated.  Maybe I just need a week to be.  I will work in the shop as needed and then see where my time takes me.  It is summer after all. :)

     I dream of waking earlier in the morning and going on a long walk, I have time to straighten the house, blog, then get to work in shop.  Then I do a couple hours of yard work, have a nice evening  and start over the next  day.  The problem is I don't get up early and I stay up way too late.  So nothing gets done except what has to.  I need to change this.  But how?  Have to figure that out.

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday, brotherly love....not

     The show was  huge success and I am so happy about that.  I so wanted the new owner to have full possession of the studios reputation for putting on a great performance.  I tried hard to stay in the background and let her do her thing.  She did it very well and I am proud and happy.  Anyone can be replaced and I feel that the parents realize that now and I can slowly back out.

     It was a crazy week last week with all the rehearsals, my house is a wreck, the shop is a wreck, my life however is something wonderful!  I don't have to worry about going anywhere in the evening.  Yeah!  My best work hours will not be interrupted.  I feel free and the real feelings have not even surfaced.

     My bum brother has been at mom almost constantly for the past two months.  He does not have her cell # so has to go through me.  His texts, messages and what ever he can get me to read or listen too are all different lies and stories, each on is believable and each one is different.  I just do not answer any phone call from a Nevada prefix.  He calls about1 or 2 times a day.  So on Friday morning I get this crazy text about how he is in California, and his friend (Dave) is helping him.  Yeah let's see how long that will last. But he needs...... some convoluted story.  I do not read this message until after dress rehearsal as I am on phone silence back stage.

     I also received three back to back phone calls from a 702 prefix.  He also left messages on my voicemail, something he has not done for several weeks.  Well he is desperate and in some kind of trouble or really strung out as each message became worse and worse.  He needed moms number,  He needed mom to call him.

     Mom's health has taken a serious turn for the worse since her last fall.  I was so afraid she would end up in the hospital during the weekend recital.  I ACTUALLY TOOK HER WITH TO DRESS REHEARSAL.  I did not want her home alone.  Brother could actually take mom down with worry, so I purposely am keeping them apart.  My sisters agree that this is the right thing.

     By the time I got home and was finally able to read the messages and listen, it was a very scary situation.  His threats were awful and I told Hub's and called Lil sis, then we went down to police station and reported the calls.  I was at the court house at 9 Friday morning to get a protection order.  Funny as these are hard to get in the state of Idaho.  But as the police officers all know me, they took it very seriously.   My petition was whisked into the judges chambers within minutes and granted.  I also know all the judges. I am not a ding bat and my brother rap sheet is a mile high.  Now will he come here as he threatened?  I doubt it.  But is pays to be prepared.  My sister will also have to do this.  She gets  home today.  Mom already had a permanent order on him.  He was even calling and threatening me while I sat in the court room.  I had a total of 72  texts, 37 calls, and 5 voice messages.  All which were snap photoed to the police.  Since Friday morning I have heard nothing.

     He will try a different tactic to get moms number so I am keeping a close eye and ear on her calls.  She can't drive so she can't sneak off and get money for him.  Isn't my life swell?

     Last week was kind of a blur as far as saving money was concerned:    I did not cook Thursday- Saturday, it was fast food and snacks.

1.  Ate fast food on Thursday, Friday and Saturday but it was cheap ( McD's) does that count?
2. Spent $69.00 on groceries,  used coupons and bought on sale.  47% savings
3. The meals I did cook were all out of freezer and pantry
4. Stocked up on things for our camp out this Father's day weekend as they were on sale.
5. Ordered a big order of velcro and zippers from Wawak and saved a ton of money.
6. Picking salad greens and lots of strawberries.  Mom has a bowl almost every day.
7. mom is too weak to do much laundry so I am back to my 3 loads a week, which is really nice.  She will wash one sock.
8. throwing the cats outside as much as possible and they have cut way back on food and using the little box.  I hate that litter box and the use of it is way down.  Good litter is expensive.

I'm free. Free at Last!

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Thursday, better rehearsal

     Well Wednesdays rehearsal was much better, still have a few kinks to take out on a large # but we can do that at the theater.  Tech rehearsal is tonight.  It won't be long I hope.

     Yesterday I pooped around all morning feeling sorry for myself.  Went into shop and set up the days work.  Then I had a bowl of cereal about noon.  Mom went out to a potluck lunch with her women's group and the house was so quiet.  I laid down on the family room sofa and slept for 2 hours and 45 minutes.  Then I went to rehearsal.  It was wonderful.  The phone only rang once.

     When I got home I picked up mom as Hub's was at a quartet practice for a Wedding this weekend and took her to Taco Time for dinner (used a gift card) then we went to the grocery store to get items we were out of or low on.  I was home and in my shop by 9:30 to finish my quota of sewing by 11:00. 

     Mom did not get her cookies done yesterday so I will help her today. Mom is much slower since her last fall.  She just lacks energy.  I am a little worried.  I don't think she can get much slower.

     We had an elderly lady in our church pass away yesterday.  She was a fabulous pianist and my eldest daughter and I both took lessons from her. I went back and took 2 years of lessons as an adult to brush up on my site reading skills.  It really helped. She had been really sick for about the last 2 years, so this is really a blessing for her family. We will miss her. The funeral is next week so I am sure I will be cooking for that.

     Well I am off to set the world on fire.

Have a great and productive day!



Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Wednesday, Over 1/2 way

       I am over half way through the week and still moving forward.  I have another big rehearsal tonight and it is the last one before dress on Friday.  We do have tech run through on Thursday  night.  I know that tonights rehearsal will go much better than Mondays.  I really talked to my older students last night about trying to make sure things run smoothly for the new owners sake.  They need to help her.  They will, because they are just good kids.

     I am enjoying the shop right now even though there is a lot to do.  I feel like I am through the over whelming part of the year, but I am still busy.  I really enjoy sewing when it is not nerve racking hard.  I like the feeling of accomplishment I get from completing a job no matter how small.  It is like a victory.  Many little victories throughout the day.  Silly but it works for me.

     Mom and I got her cookie dough made yesterday, so I will set her up to bake them this afternoon and maybe we will frost them this evening when I get home.  I have to keep mom occupied.

     Well I am off to conquer the world.  At least my little corner of the world.

Have a a great and productive day!


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tuesday, bad rehearsal

     We had technical difficulties last night and the rehearsal was a mess.  It is hard to keep kids focused anyway but this was beyond my nightmares.  Then we had a parent send a nasty gram.  So I spent time talking new owner down off the wall. Poor darling.  By the way the kids didn't notice anything was wrong they just spent time messing around.  But running a big show is a learning curve and things will be fine, they just were not last night.

     I came home wiped out and had three more clients after 7:30.  The shop was busy yesterday with pick-ups and drop offs. I did not get as much done as I would have liked, I will blame it on Monday. Hopefully today I can get things a bit more organized.

     Just sent Hub's off to the dump with the crap from the garage.  We also have to return a carpet shampooer to one of D#2's old boyfriends.  I have given up them ever coming to get it and I really don't know how it ended up here. I thought it had been returned by daughter, but there it was behind some boards in the garage.  So I will run it over to the house later today.  I just want it gone! Funny how large things can hide out of sight.  Might be a dead body in the shed for all I know.

   I just checked on mom and asked her to make a double batch of her Swedish sour cream cookies.  I will help frost them with lemon icing and we can freeze them to take to the lake over Father's day weekend.  We also have a bunch of bananas that need made into bread.  I need to give her chores so she has something to do and feels useful.  Although I will have to be heavily involved.

     Mom misses my sister who has now been gone 6 days and will not return for another 6 days.  When she does get back she will have to play catch up at work so mom will still not get her attention.  I just need to keep her active and busy.  Lil Sis plays with mom and I do not, I am hoping that with the studio out of my hands I will eventually have more time in the evening to play.

Well the work is waiting so I am off......

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, June 5, 2017

Monday saving madness!

     I am not looking forward to this week at all.  It is hell week and the recital is this Saturday.  I am over tired, really don't feel great and I have all this extra stuff on my schedule.  I just keep telling myself it will be over in a week.  But I am having a harder time convincing myself I can do this.  Is it age?  Is it my mental state? Is it mother?  Is it my disease?  I guess I really don't care what the cause I know I can do this, as I CAN DO HARD THINGS and it will be over and I don't ever have to be this involved again.

     I have a three hour rehearsal tonight which always throws me.  So every night this week is something and I really dislike that.  I don't like to just get through it makes me feel like I am wishing my life  away.  Hurry up for time to be over with as little effort as possible, which is no way to live.  I can't even find humor in the situation which is bad for me.

     Hub's and I cleaned the garage this weekend.  Or I should say I cleaned the garage this weekend with Hubs dragging his feet and moving as slowly as possible the whole time.  We were able to take 4 large boxes to our daughter in Spokane and also have to take at least 1/2 a truck load to the dump.  we actually have empty shelves now.  Don't worry we will manage to fill them up again we are just like that.

     I have a full day in the shop today, and I need to love my house in several areas.  Which I will do right after this post.  Hah!  I will really I will, ( inner brat is laughing)

Things I did this last week to save money:

1. Detailed all three of our cars, (this usually costs over $100.00 a car and I do a better job)
2.  Picked radishes, salad greens and strawberries from garden for salads
3. Ate all meals at home this week
4. Stocked up on diet soda during memorial day sales
5. It pays to wait for the good stuff.  When I redid my kitchen I used all antique copper for much of the decoration.  Good copper bowls and kitchen accessories are very expensive.  It really does pay to buy quality on these items.  I have been slowly looking and waiting and finally this last week came across two sets of items that I really wanted and use on a daily basis.

a.  William Sanoma is over priced and over rated, but the quality is high.  They had a beautiful stacked cooking bowl set marked down to $89.00 plus an additional 20% off, along with a coupon I was able to get a wonderful set of stacking copper bowls for less than 1/2 the price.  I waited for this bargain and it finally arrived.

b.  World market is over priced and sometimes the quality is not so great, but they do have some really nice copper cook wear with really nice prices  All the cook wear was 1/2 price this last week and I happened upon a beautiful  smaller dutch oven pan with a lid that could be used for casseroles in oven and cooking on top of stove also.  The pan was in the 1/2 price clearance section.  It was marked down to $54.00 so I thought I will ask if this is then another 50% off.  It was!  So as they had 2 pans and it is a size I use regularly I bought both.  So 2 beautiful heavy copper pans for 75% off.  It pays to wait and get what you really want.

6. Picked up some really nice stocking stuffers for pennies on the dollar.
7. Continued planning meals from freezer and stock pile.  I love pulling out meat that I purchased at 1/2 price and then also used a $5.00 off coupon.
8.  We had a grocer that had a 3 day fruit sale and it was so hot here, even under a tent the fruit was suffering.  Late Saturday we happened buy to get some celery and owner was marking down.  beautiful melons, and veggies for 80% off.  I bought what we could eat in the week.
9.  Had mom do a home made potato salad, so much cheaper and better than you can get at deli.  Come on potatoes and eggs ( chickens) add some meat and another veggies you have a meal.

It is bargain hunting and hard work that are helping my pay off my debt.   It also allows me to buy the things I really want.

Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, June 3, 2017

Saturday, Antibiotics are wonderful, sort of

   I think my antibiotic is working and I love it.  But the side affects are not so much fun.  Still I am trying to be grateful.

     I actually deep cleaned my family room yesterday.  I know don't pass out.  I also mopped and really cleaned my kitchen for the 3rd time this week.  I have been letting mom and Hub's do this and it was not so pretty. As in not really clean.  I am so proud to me.

     We went to graduation parties last night.  We had two in our ward. Then Hub's and I went to store and bought some things for the refugee center that they were asking for.  We totaled what it would take us to go out to dinner and a movie and took the money to buy things for a family of 6 boys that just came in with the clothes on their backs.  It was a nice fun date.

     Mom and I made 48 lemon cupcakes with lemon, butter icing for the Senior party cake walk.  I swear mom had cake mix all over that kitchen.  I don't know how she does it.  Her talent to spread things around where they don't belong is almost legendary.

     I think Hubs and I are going to clean the garage today and then take our bikes up to a rail road grade out of town and ride the grade.

     I also made another $275.00 payment to my quick lock loan.  That Sucker is going down!  It is under a $1000 now.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday, Yippee!

     I don't know why I am so excited it is Friday, but I am.  I have to get my shop dunged out and many things done but I don't even care.  I just know tomorrow is a free day and I can do anything I want.  Hmm.... Let's see......

     Clean the garage?
     Clean the pond?
     level the patio?
     scrap and paint the deck?
     Do nothing?

     Just the fact that I don't have anywhere to go or be is a bonus.  Next week is recital week so it will be super busy with rehearsals and extra things.

     Monies have come in slowly this week and we have several graduation parties to make a small show at this weekend.  I can't seem to get brides to pick up and the shop is overwhelmed.  I am getting overwhelmed and a little irritated.  I think I had high hopes of making another lump sum payment to the quick loan, but that is not likely to happen.  Dangity, dang, dang.

     So I guess I will drown my disappointment in work.  I need to take up drinking.

Have a great and productive day!



Thursday, June 1, 2017

Thursday, no more excuses

     I really must produce today, and no more excuses.  So I was sick, so I went away for a few days, so I had extra rehearsals, so mother has been really down, I can no longer afford to use any excuse to not get my work done.

     The shop is getting that seedy overloaded look I had almost gotten rid of before we left for Memorial day.  But yesterday I had two mother of the bride dresses come in and 3 bridesmaids dresses many items must go out by tomorrow and I just need to get to work.

     Mom is much better today.  She is no longer dizzy when she sits or stands up so she is happy about that.  Now if I can just get her to not overdo.  Yeah like the pot calling and kettle?

     Lil Sis left today for 10 days in Florida.  I hope she has a good time.  I took her to the airport this morning.  She was worried about leaving mom and I told her she would be fine.  Although I will have no break for over a week.  Will I be fine?  That remains to be seen.

     Well money has been slow to come in this week and I need me some money so off to work I go.

have a great and productive day!