Monday, June 26, 2017

Monday, Money saving Madness

     Busy weekend, as I drove up to Moscow and picked up D#3 and then met D#2 and grandson at the Large mall and did some shopping.  D#3 is studying hard for MCATS and quite poor so we bought new bras on sale a Vickies Secret.  $14.97 for a bra is quite a deal.  D#3 is skinny with big, big Bazoombas, hard to fit and we always wait for the sale.  It was a fun day with the girls and I really needed and enjoyed this. So nice to shop with them now that they are grown up and not demanding that I going to stores that I hate. ( Abercrombie & Fitch)

     Also much better at looking for good sales.  D#2 does most of her shopping at garage sales in her wealthy neighborhood.  I never thought that would happen.  As D#3 ruins her clothes in her lab she was all for getting really marked down jeans and keeping her nice ones for good.  Oh they are turning out way more practical than I thought.  D#2 is coming up on a year at her lab and will be given a technician license. She loves the lab but knows she must go on in her field if she is to make any money.  So either medical school or a masters program, either way the experience she is gaining is so valuable.

     Sunday we went to church, and then I came home and went with Lil sis to her friends house to help her water, and clean the pool.  She did not want to go alone with mom.  Then we stayed a soaked up the sun for about an hour.  I came home a took a two hour nap, then made dinner.  Shrimp ca bobs, steak, tabbouleh, corn on the cob, peach cobbler.  All out of freezer and pantry, except corn. Mom and Lil sis came over.  Lil sis cleaned my kitchen for me after dinner yeah!

     I pulled out 4th of July fabric I had purchased for $2.00 a yard on sale last year to make some napkins and I was inspired by Rhonda at "If you do stuff, stuff gets done".  I love her blog.  Anyway I went to Joanns and purchased a 6.99 wreath with a 50% off coupon of course and then added another 20% off. That is how I roll.  So Friday night after our picnic with grandson, I tore up fabrics and cut squares.  I assembled this in about an hour while visiting with son-in-law.  Now Sis stole it so I have to make another one.  Can you believe that? Dirty thieving cat.

     Onto Monday money saving madness.  Things I did this week to save money.

1. Grocery shopped all loss leaders 51% savings
2. Used as much food out of freezer and pantry as possible.
3. Washed 7 sets of sheets and at least 7 big blankets and dried all on the fence outside saving hours of using my dryer.
4. Ate salad and berries out of garden
5. Have small zucchini and green beans for several meals out of garden
6.fed all food scraps to chickens.
7. purchased several plants at end of year clearance for .50 and 1.00 to fill losses and add perennials 
8. picked 20lbs of  sweet cherries from neighbors tree to eat and dry
9. Made a fabulous 4th of July wreath with old fabric purchased on sale.
10. sold 3 wedding bags purchased for $3.50 for 10.00
11. Purchased 2- 20lb bags of flour in flour sacks at a close out at Albertsons , can't wait to use the sacks for something. Like an apron!

     This week I will be drying cherries and freezing pie cherries.  I am also pulling all previously frozen fruit out of freezers to make jam.  I need the space for new.  It will be cool for the next few days.  I need to cool to make jam.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Cool wreath! I so understand about needing cool to make jam!
    Yum, Cherries are so delicious, but they really don't grow here at all so they are expensively delicious.

  2. Love the wreath. I have one similar that my mom made me years ago.

  3. I knew the wreath looked familiar. At first, I thought I was on the wrong blog. What is a wedding bag?

  4. Good morning 🌞 Your wreath turned out great. I'm glad my blog inspired you. And I hope you get your own wreath to keep made soon.
    You really get lots done!

    1. I did get another one done. I also used left over red/whit/blue/ ribbons and cut them longer so they stick out. So cute. Love your blog, I like that you get stuff done.:)

  5. No dirty rotten dog faced baboon. I love coming up with new names for her:)