Monday, June 5, 2017

Monday saving madness!

     I am not looking forward to this week at all.  It is hell week and the recital is this Saturday.  I am over tired, really don't feel great and I have all this extra stuff on my schedule.  I just keep telling myself it will be over in a week.  But I am having a harder time convincing myself I can do this.  Is it age?  Is it my mental state? Is it mother?  Is it my disease?  I guess I really don't care what the cause I know I can do this, as I CAN DO HARD THINGS and it will be over and I don't ever have to be this involved again.

     I have a three hour rehearsal tonight which always throws me.  So every night this week is something and I really dislike that.  I don't like to just get through it makes me feel like I am wishing my life  away.  Hurry up for time to be over with as little effort as possible, which is no way to live.  I can't even find humor in the situation which is bad for me.

     Hub's and I cleaned the garage this weekend.  Or I should say I cleaned the garage this weekend with Hubs dragging his feet and moving as slowly as possible the whole time.  We were able to take 4 large boxes to our daughter in Spokane and also have to take at least 1/2 a truck load to the dump.  we actually have empty shelves now.  Don't worry we will manage to fill them up again we are just like that.

     I have a full day in the shop today, and I need to love my house in several areas.  Which I will do right after this post.  Hah!  I will really I will, ( inner brat is laughing)

Things I did this last week to save money:

1. Detailed all three of our cars, (this usually costs over $100.00 a car and I do a better job)
2.  Picked radishes, salad greens and strawberries from garden for salads
3. Ate all meals at home this week
4. Stocked up on diet soda during memorial day sales
5. It pays to wait for the good stuff.  When I redid my kitchen I used all antique copper for much of the decoration.  Good copper bowls and kitchen accessories are very expensive.  It really does pay to buy quality on these items.  I have been slowly looking and waiting and finally this last week came across two sets of items that I really wanted and use on a daily basis.

a.  William Sanoma is over priced and over rated, but the quality is high.  They had a beautiful stacked cooking bowl set marked down to $89.00 plus an additional 20% off, along with a coupon I was able to get a wonderful set of stacking copper bowls for less than 1/2 the price.  I waited for this bargain and it finally arrived.

b.  World market is over priced and sometimes the quality is not so great, but they do have some really nice copper cook wear with really nice prices  All the cook wear was 1/2 price this last week and I happened upon a beautiful  smaller dutch oven pan with a lid that could be used for casseroles in oven and cooking on top of stove also.  The pan was in the 1/2 price clearance section.  It was marked down to $54.00 so I thought I will ask if this is then another 50% off.  It was!  So as they had 2 pans and it is a size I use regularly I bought both.  So 2 beautiful heavy copper pans for 75% off.  It pays to wait and get what you really want.

6. Picked up some really nice stocking stuffers for pennies on the dollar.
7. Continued planning meals from freezer and stock pile.  I love pulling out meat that I purchased at 1/2 price and then also used a $5.00 off coupon.
8.  We had a grocer that had a 3 day fruit sale and it was so hot here, even under a tent the fruit was suffering.  Late Saturday we happened buy to get some celery and owner was marking down.  beautiful melons, and veggies for 80% off.  I bought what we could eat in the week.
9.  Had mom do a home made potato salad, so much cheaper and better than you can get at deli.  Come on potatoes and eggs ( chickens) add some meat and another veggies you have a meal.

It is bargain hunting and hard work that are helping my pay off my debt.   It also allows me to buy the things I really want.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I love you but I have to say it....I would have only bought 1 of that Dutch oven set if I was in debt. ;-)
    But then again, I don't cook for a crowd like you do.....
    Waiting for the right price is the way to go.

    1. Yes I was extravagant and truth be told mom wanted the other one.

    2. And yes you just had to say it.....:) That is why I love you because I was thinking the same thing.

  2. With all on your plate, I would have let the garage cleaning go until after this week and not have taken boxes anywhere! But, kill yourself if you The way I have nice things is to wait until they are on a great sale. I do need pots and pans! Corelle and cast iron just won't do for canning and cooking some things. Well, I do not want a Corelle piece as large as I need.

    How is it that men can walk so slowly when a task is at hand?

    1. The last antibiotic I took made me feel ill. As soon as I took the last pill, I felt better in a few hours of the time I would have taken the next pill.

    2. My husband is a spoiled manipulative jerk. That was a nice reference by the way.

  3. I probably would have bought both pans, because I cook for large crowds several times a year. I do wonder about the current generation of young adults who have been immediately gratified throughout their lives. Will they be willing to wait until things are dirt cheap or will they "need" things so quickly that there will be no plotting and planning and waiting? Case in point, I was talking to a young family with 2 babies who just bought a house with bout 4, 000 sq ft. then added on because they needed more space. Far cry from my first house when I had babies and every single item in it was either early attic or garage sale cast offs.

    1. I still have a house full of early attic and garage sale cast offs, and my two married children live in Mc mansions, what did I do wrong?;)

  4. It's so great that you have produce in your garden to draw from!