Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday, back from the lake and Money saving Monday

     We got back in last night with a truck and a car full of stuff.  In my head I planned to get home and unpack everything and then deep clean or at least start deep cleaning the spare room and spare bath.  Hubs unloaded the truck as it had bikes and mom's walker and coolers.  But instead I took a 4 mile walk with Hub's and then vegged on the couch.  So far Hub's has carried three loads out of the car and I have read blogs.  How is this happening?  I don't know?  I did get a 12 pack of diet coke out of the back of the car into the garage fridge and I did get the dirty clothes basket into the laundry room.  I did something, yeah I did help......

     The lake was lovely and I enjoyed my two girls and the grandson was adorable.  Mom and Lil Sis were fun.  I think Mom had a good time.  She had a bad night on Saturday night, but Lil sis got to deal with it.  Lil sis has a really obnoxious dog and I probably should have kept mom.  Oh well water under the bridge.

     It was too much work to only stay two nights and really we could not check in until 4 p.m. and then had to be out at noon on Sunday.  All that packing and planning to unpack up there and then pack back up and now have to clean up.  We had to bring our own linens so I had four beds to make up and now do the laundry.  I won't do it again unless we stay longer.

     My oldest grandson and son-in-law will be here Thursday afternoon late and grandson will spend the night and the next day with us.  Son-in-law has a water case in upper Idaho.  So I am using this as an excuse to deep clean or Spring/summer clean the house, which desperately needs the love.  Spider webs every where and dust and dirt.  I also want to get ready for Sluggies visit the end of July but I realize the clean just won't last that long.  Drats!

     So today after I take care of the lake aftermath and believe me there will be aftermath, I am going to deep clean the spare room and bath  and maybe gt to the hall, linen closet and out room.  This will be after I get my sewing quota done.  So it might be a late evening here.  I hope the sofa doesn't leap out and grab me.

     Money saving madness

1. only went to the grocery store once
2. used coupons and in store deals to knock down total at grocer.
3. packed almost all lake food from my storage and freezers.
4. Made a big salad out of pantry supplies for lake.
5.  Made homemade cookies and banana bread for sweet snacks
6. kept menu simple and bought everything and I mean everything on sale.

So I am off to clean, clean, clean after I put away, put away,put away and sew, sew, sew.

Have a great and productive day.




  1. It does sound like a lot of packing and unpacking for 2 nights. But you do understand you are entitled to some down time too don't you?
    I need to clean, clean, clean, but will settle for straighten, straighten, straighten!

    1. Yes it certainly was, I might have to settle for straighten, but shouldn't I get the dead bugs off the window sills?

  2. Making four beds on top of everything else makes me exhausted and I am just lying here! Good for you, sitting in front of the computer while he hauls stuff in! Anne has the right idea, however, maybe stack it out of sight right now and straighten it later.

    Who says cleaning cannot last. I was having a big party on Saturday night and on Wednesday cleaned the commode to within an inch of its life. I told my friend that the commode was clean for Saturday, so he better not mess it up. I saw him with tp wiping dribbles from the rim and front of commode! Yes, I really was going to give it one last swish on Saturday, but I made a believer out of him. (Not saying anything about your hub, just something that happened.)

    1. Have you met my husband? Or better yet my mother?

  3. Busy, busy, busy!
    I normally read from a reader not directly on the blog (sneakily, at work, dont tell my boss!). Very impressed with how much all your debt totals have come down since I was last here xx

    1. Well thank you that cheered me up I feel like it is a glacial pace.

  4. Sounds like you could use a vacation from your vacation! It usually takes me a good day or two to recoup when we get back from a trip, not that we go on too many anymore!

    1. Yes I definitely need a break, I am in vomit crisis right now.