Thursday, June 8, 2017

Thursday, better rehearsal

     Well Wednesdays rehearsal was much better, still have a few kinks to take out on a large # but we can do that at the theater.  Tech rehearsal is tonight.  It won't be long I hope.

     Yesterday I pooped around all morning feeling sorry for myself.  Went into shop and set up the days work.  Then I had a bowl of cereal about noon.  Mom went out to a potluck lunch with her women's group and the house was so quiet.  I laid down on the family room sofa and slept for 2 hours and 45 minutes.  Then I went to rehearsal.  It was wonderful.  The phone only rang once.

     When I got home I picked up mom as Hub's was at a quartet practice for a Wedding this weekend and took her to Taco Time for dinner (used a gift card) then we went to the grocery store to get items we were out of or low on.  I was home and in my shop by 9:30 to finish my quota of sewing by 11:00. 

     Mom did not get her cookies done yesterday so I will help her today. Mom is much slower since her last fall.  She just lacks energy.  I am a little worried.  I don't think she can get much slower.

     We had an elderly lady in our church pass away yesterday.  She was a fabulous pianist and my eldest daughter and I both took lessons from her. I went back and took 2 years of lessons as an adult to brush up on my site reading skills.  It really helped. She had been really sick for about the last 2 years, so this is really a blessing for her family. We will miss her. The funeral is next week so I am sure I will be cooking for that.

     Well I am off to set the world on fire.

Have a great and productive day!




  1. Hope you set the world on fire.
    It is sad to see our parents slowing down, mainly because as fast as time flies it means I am an eye blink from being that slow myself!

  2. Your numbers are looking really good there in your sidebar! You are making great progress! Hope your show was fabulous!!