Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tuesday, tell me I will make progress....

     Okay after blogging yesterday, I did help hub's empty the wagon.  I know I did and emptied at least 4 laundry baskets full of things and put them away.  Like personal things, and two baskets of kitchen things, and a basket of food.  I hung up and sorted and re drawer ed  ( not a word).  I cleaned myself up put makeup and things away.  I then did 4 loads of laundry and dried all the sheets, which are waiting to be put away.

     I checked on the chickens and picked up eggs, picked a bowl of strawberries, watered the plants and garden dry spots. Altered the top of a wedding dress, had customers come and drop off things. Piled all the blankets on the spare room bed.

     I took steaks out for dinner, made a broccoli salad and a tossed salad for dinner, went and picked up mom from sister's finished pinning the lace on a wedding dress (that took over an hour).  Took a five mile walk and did not get one bit  of deep cleaning done.  Now I don't remember sitting on my A$$ unless I was sewing so why, why, WHY, is nothing done?

     I need to clone me I swear, but as I already have a clone that won't work.

Segue:  Elderly neighbor needed me I was there for a 1/2 an hour.  Why can't I get anything done?

Segue: just got back from neighbors, mom calling she is sick all over her bed.  Why can't I get anything done?

Well I did empty three trash cans if that counts, only because of mom's sick.

Okay this is obviously not going to play out the way I had planned.  So I am going to run upstairs after this blog post and strip the curtains, sheets and bed ruffles off the beds and windows and that is after I put all blankets away that are in spare room.  At least I can keep the laundry going and I will have to clean mom's room and bath. Oh goody, goody gumdrops.

Hoping to report some progress tomorrow!:)  Keeping the old spirits up, me thinks I need spirits to help me with me spirits.

Segue:  When one activates the gag reflex (mine) one wets oneself a little......

Hub's just came down to see if there was anything he could do.  Yes start leveling the back patio, I have poured out the sand.  No he wanted to know if anything was important as he was going to go fishing.

Shoot me now.

Update:  2hours later, moms bed stripped (yes she managed to hit everything), mom's bed made with new sheets, stripped spare room of sheets and curtains, bed ruffle which are washed and drying as I type.  Took curtains out of master bed room and washed and they are drying.  Dusted the ceilings and all corners of the two bedrooms and hall, cleaned the two ceiling fans.  Waited on two sets of customers, got mom a cold wash clothe twice, got mom soda crackers, laid out moms clothes and hung up several items, emptied her suitcase and put away all her personals from trip.  Ran with hubs down to corner gas station to fill my empty car and get a .99 soda I really wanted/needed. Neighbor just called over the fence as I was hanging laundry that the cherries are ripe!  So I will be picking cherries tonight, but I will make hubs pit them.

Have a great and productive day



  1. I was exhausted just reading this. I think you need to relook at how you define getting something done. In the meantime, I hope no one else gets sick.

    1. I am exhausted doing it, but I am cutting back on my expectations.

  2. Mmmmm, I've been eating cherries for 3 days now - so good! I can't sick up without peeing my pants these days. That is so NOT fun! If you were any more busy you'd be a whirling dervish! You get way more done in a day than I do in a week!

    1. I just have too much to do, and I try to accomplish too much at once.

  3. I throw up if I clean throw up, even my own. So, I need a bucket nearby just for me to use. I don't care if I pee when my stomach is emptying and my guts are in a knot.

    Since when are ceiling fans and curtains part of everyday cleaning? You get a lot done, but are these priorities? OH, shoot the husband NOW! I wonder what is his definition of "important." I bet he does not walk slowly to his fishing hole! Make a list for him. On one side put a list of what you do and a list of what you would like him to do. Now, I am not saying he will do his list. But, maybe he will actually recognize when he is out of sight, you do things...sigh. Did you actually read how much you do?

    If anyone ever threw up, that person got something to carry to throw up in. I feel throwupy just thinking about it.

    Cherries? If I ever move, it will be to cherry country!

  4. I am kind of like everyone else here and counting all the things you did that you count as getting nothing done. I never even knew I was supposed to dust the ceilings!

    1. We are the spider capitol of the world and the webs are every where. It is almost impossible to keep up, so we sweep everything down about twice a year. You really can't see them but they are there, little buggers.