Saturday, June 3, 2017

Saturday, Antibiotics are wonderful, sort of

   I think my antibiotic is working and I love it.  But the side affects are not so much fun.  Still I am trying to be grateful.

     I actually deep cleaned my family room yesterday.  I know don't pass out.  I also mopped and really cleaned my kitchen for the 3rd time this week.  I have been letting mom and Hub's do this and it was not so pretty. As in not really clean.  I am so proud to me.

     We went to graduation parties last night.  We had two in our ward. Then Hub's and I went to store and bought some things for the refugee center that they were asking for.  We totaled what it would take us to go out to dinner and a movie and took the money to buy things for a family of 6 boys that just came in with the clothes on their backs.  It was a nice fun date.

     Mom and I made 48 lemon cupcakes with lemon, butter icing for the Senior party cake walk.  I swear mom had cake mix all over that kitchen.  I don't know how she does it.  Her talent to spread things around where they don't belong is almost legendary.

     I think Hubs and I are going to clean the garage today and then take our bikes up to a rail road grade out of town and ride the grade.

     I also made another $275.00 payment to my quick lock loan.  That Sucker is going down!  It is under a $1000 now.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. My last round of antibiotics convinced me that not eating was a very good thing! You must be feeling better to get so much done.

  2. Hope this round works and you feel like yourself quickly. You seem to work rings around me even when you're down for the count.