Friday, June 23, 2017

Friday, Whew!

     Well our grandson arrived at about 2:30 yesterday.  I was finally done with the front room and had moved on to the final room the dining room.

     Hub's had helped me move all the furniture into the middle of the rug which was freshly vacuumed, so I could sweep and clean the hardwood floor. I was on a mighty spider web hunt and did I find some doozies.  The one above the baby grand was not going to come down without a fight but I persevered.  Nasty little bugger.

     Luckily grandson loves to vacuum and use the steam floor mop so he helped me finish the dining room. I took all the plants off the shelf and took them outside and re-potted several, with grandsons help.  He loved the dirt.

     We then went to Effie burger for the worlds largest hamburger.  He loved it and we had such a good time.  Then Hub's took him fishing and they both caught a fish.  Grandsons first fishing trip, so that was extra special.  The onto Dairy Queen. It was a big day.I stayed home to sew during the fishing and ice cream.  Cleaning the house has me behind.

     So I have an emergency bride and bridesmaid for tomorrow, due out today and also a mother of the bride, then a pile of things that need to go out.  Ugh  just too much to do.  I am blessed with work.

     I will however take an hour or so to have a picnic with grandson at the park later this afternoon.  We have already baked a chocolate cake and Hub's has taken him out to the Indian museum so I can get things done..

     Tomorrow it is back to Spokane just for the day to help D#3 get some things done.

Anyway, I am off to set the world on fire.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. So, how old is this grandson. I lose track. I allowed a spider to make a web behind the microwave because he like fruit flies. When company came, I whisked him away because the web was partially in sight. I am NOT suggesting this for you.

    There are little bug traps that look like a tunnel that my doctor's office uses. I wonder if they would cut down on the spiders. ???

    Okay, what is an emergency bride and bridesmaid? Pregnant? Procrastinating?

    1. I do use those spider traps in the basement during the hobo spiders mating season. Procrastination and stupidity.

  2. And you are taking US to Effie's too, right?
    I will begin my burger Olympics training next week.....

    1. Oh yes it is on the list. Great place and inexpensive. 4 of us can eat there for about 25.00

  3. I bought one of those wonderful spider web getter downers (long extension pole with what looks like a huge toilet bowl cleaner on the end of it) I really does do a fantastic job getting rid of the webs.

    I love the emergency bride concept! I hope you charge emergency prices!

    1. I have one and I love it. Emergency is dress comes in late or dress was done incorrectly or bride is just plan crazy stupid.

  4. Yum! Dairy Queen, the world's largest burger and chocolate cake!!! Can I come visit?