Saturday, August 29, 2020

Saturday, Sissie is in town and I am leaving

      We picked Sissie up at the airport yesterday and now I am leaving for Spokane for 6 days.  So I am overjoyed to go take care of this little new grand daughter but will miss much of Sissie's visit.  Drat!  Oh well gives me an excuse to go visit after this covid thing is controlled.  Ha!

Will not be posting until I get back take care I am off to snuggle land.

Yesterday after we picked up Sissie , Lil sis and our two girlfriends from our childhood who came in for Lil sis's 60 birthday all went to lunch.  It was the first time out to a restaurant since covid.  I could not imagine a better day unless Slugs was there.  She would have fit right in with the rest of us crazies.  In fact she could have been our leader.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, August 28, 2020

Friday, I am a new grandma again!


Here she is the first grand daughter.  She weighs just 6.1 and is 19 inches long.  She will be a redhead like Schmills!.  So exciting.  We are over the moon here.

Also finished another chart, it has been busy here.

I am off to get my nails done and pick up Sissie at the airport.  Will report back tomorrow.  Can life get any more exciting? 

I feel guilty about my joy when so many are suffering with the weather disasters and covid. I am just so grateful.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are  in the negative.


Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Wednesday, Just too busy

      Not with the shop, although I did get three wedding dresses ready for pick up or fittings on Monday. I was desperate to get these done or ready as I will be leaving for Spokane next Monday to take care of daughter and the new baby which will be born Friday morning.  One dress was picked up the other two have not returned my calls.  So do they want to get married on the 5th?  I will not be here to get the dresses done if they do not call.

     I literally spent all day Monday either ripping lace off the bottom of a dress or altering dresses.  It was a long back breaking day, hunched over lace. Now please call me....

     Yesterday, hubs and I worked all day on the house.  We actually got the garage car ready again.  But then got a call form D#2 that their storage unit is full and they will need to use our garage for about 6 weeks.  So see we had a reason to clean, right?:).  My car is full of goodwill again, so that is my first job today before I hit the shop hard.

      The house is coming together and I still need to hang pictures in every room.

 Hubs needs to put one more long shelf up in the garage so we can store more Christmas things. I seriously went through Christmas box by box and down sized.  But being Swedish I cannot give up all that is traditional.  I just can't.

     Hubs took a big load of garbage and extra boxes to the dump this morning.  He says he still has room in the sheds for more storage so I have to go explore. What I have seen so far shows me he has much better organization skills than I had given him credit for. (dangling participle)

     Well I am going to try and get a hold of brides again.  Wish me luck!

     Girlfriends are here from Missoula so every night will be a party to look forward to, which makes me happy. Sissie due in on Friday.  Wish she could have brought Slugs with her.  Oh the fun we could have.

I need to make a run to Joanns and then get to work, but first call those stinkin brides.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




Sunday, August 23, 2020

 Little Oliver's first professional picture.  Boy does his grandma think he is cute.  It is like we squished down my son in laws head.  Oliver was here for a couple of hours of adoration on Saturday. Was he put down in that 2 hours?  NO! He is getting filled out and I am anxious to see him next to next to our soon to be born granddaughter because I am sure he will be huge!  He is pushing at the toes of his newborn sleepers that just three weeks ago swam on him.  They just grow up too fast. He is still in the flop stage which I love.

Kitty was not ecstatic  about the move.  This is Shim his sister Shay only returned to the old house about every three months.  She would show up for a week and then leave again.  So we told the new owners to be on the lookout for her and call us when she returned so we could go get her.  Shim is fat like her owner and was none too happy about the move.  So of course to voice her displeasure disappeared for 4 days.  She returned hungry and mad.  She ate slept with me for a night and then left mad again.  This has been the course of events for days now.  But this morning after I got up look who I found stretched out on my side of the bed?  I think she is home now.  We have come to an agreement. All is well.

Still working on the house.  It took about 2.5 hours to sign up for our home loan. We will be money ahead doing this as our investments make way more money than the interest.  But it is a pain and now I am searching for paper work of course!

I have three wedding dresses to get out this week before Friday when D#2 is scheduled to have her baby.

We are going to drive into the woods this afternoon and look for huckleberries.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, August 21, 2020

Friday. Getting things done

 D#2 last day of work until the baby gets here.  I asked her how they wore those loops under the face screen and she said with much difficulty.  Baby could come any day.  Love this picture it says it all.

Hubs is at new High school learning the ropes of the new theater.  I told him to take lots of notes. I think he will be there all day.  With two theaters to run now I think he will put in more hours once covid is over. Ha!

I got up this morning with the idea that I would unpack 10 boxes. Now the hole house is a mess again. D#3 has yet to see the house and I want it to look nice for her so I will be working hard today.

Was happy with the sewing I was able to do yesterday and I will do more today.

I have a list of errands to run and then a list of things to do before tomorrow:

1. go to Lil sis for some spray paint I left there

2. go to credit union to start loan for house pay back

3. go to Ross for closet organizer

4. stop by Pier One to check on mark down of sofa cover

5. clean off bed and organize shoes

6. decide which pictures will go up and which will be scanned later

7. clean off dining room table

8. organize all tax files into one large box

9. hem red shorts

10. hem bridesmaid dress

11. put gussets into wedding dress and call client 

12. drop more things at good will

Okay lets get something done.

I am off to set the world on fire.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.


Thursday, August 20, 2020

Thursday, One day rolls into another

      I really need to sew today.  Yesterday I had much activity in the shop but not much sewing.  I was overtaken by exhaustion and had to lay down and nap between clients.  I don't like it when I get overwhelmed by tiredness.  It seems to happen more often lately and I will blame it on the stress of moving.

     But today I will produce because I have to and I always work better under pressure.

     Hubs is unpacking books everyday and sorting through things.  I try an get a few things done on the house everyday even if they are small. The hot weather is really zapping us but I do believe it will be cooler today. It rained last night and that helps.

     My Aunt called today and she has lost her reading glasses that I purchased for her, so I ordered 2 more pair and sent them this morning.  She lives outside a very small town and has no access to things.  Also don't want her wandering around with this covid thing.  She also wanted new sunbonnet sue and sam patterns so I shipped those as well.

     I need to go cancel the insurance on the old house today.  It is all the little details that make my mind whirl. Having to remember.  I just want to reach status quote.

     So today I will:

1. mend three pockets

2. alter scrub tops

3. hem bridesmaid dress

4. hem flower girl dress and hem jeans

5. hem 2 jeans

6. hem 4 dresses and one skirt, alter one dress

7. alter one wedding dress

8. go to Joanns for fabric to alter wedding dress

9. cancel house insurance hubs find small desk at 2nd hand store for sister missionary  

That will do it for today, now if I can just get into gear.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Wednesday,The house is ours!

       We went in a signed additional papers to update the sale of the house yesterday and the house is titled and is ours.  Only 3 weeks after the first closing.  So one less thing to worry about. But don't worry as I replaced it with another worry, as worries must be kept at a constant level.

     D#2 just called and said baby may be here before the 28th so upsetting the schedule as usual.  I must sew today after running errands with Hubs. I have at least 3 wedding dresses and piles to get done before Friday.  Even if the baby came tonight she would be in the hospital for a few days.

     We also were able to get everything out of the storage unit and boy is the garage full.  I have taken another load to the second hand stores.

So happy we managed to save the one bookshelf that is slowly getting filled.  We keep coming in a rearranging things and getting rid of books both of us agree on.

This will be filed to capacity in no time.  We are going to get wood to build another for the family room that will go almost to the ceiling.  We also need to do something about music books.  That is for another days worry.  I down size music and I swear it has sex when I am not looking.

I am finding all sorts of things that I don't know what to do with but can't let go yet. Hoping one of the kids will take them.  I found some cute things for my new grand daughters (soon to be) room.

An assortment of things that have no home yet.  The Jim Shore mother goose and the ballet dancer vase will look great in new granddaughters room. Sissie bought me that dancer vase full of flowers and I treasure it, so I am happy it will have a new home. It is hard to get rid of memorabilia.

Well I am off to get errands done with hubs and then onto the sewing room.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Tuesday, slow and steady

      Yesterday hubs and I made two trips to the storage unit and I think we will be able to clean it out with two more trips.  I also took a load of things to good will.  I had no other choice.  We had no room for it.  One thing I did not take although I have way too many is canning jars.  I just don't trust the economy.  I trust I will have food here in Idaho, but I want a way to preserve it.

     Had a couple of people here yesterday to pick u and only did one bridesmaid dress.  Other than that it was slowly working on the house. It is very hot here 112 in downtown Lewiston, so even working in the garage is not possible for the long term.  Our other garage was a dug out in a basement with huge shade trees.  This one is no shade and no earth to surround it.  So hooter then he!!.  You know how I love the heat, so when I say it is too hot well....

     We are due down at the title company today to pay another $105.67 in city accrued fees and then resign some papers so maybe this house will be ours soon?  Hubs and I are going  up to the storage to move all the Christmas china down in the car.  I refuse to put it in the back of the truck. I will fill me car with as much as it will hold and then I think we can get it the rest this evening. One less bills to pay.

     We found a book case that hubs had made in the storage.  He made several for the girls as they grew up.  We were always a family of readers.  The girls all took their bookcases to college but we managed to save one!  So I washed and oiled it and it is perfect for the bedroom.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Monday, August 17, 2020

Monday, Not sure how to clean this house...

      Lil sis and I followed daughter Saturday to look at houses.  She put an offer on a house in Union town which is only 10 miles from here and I hope they get it.  It is much smaller than her old place but that is what she wants.  After having a huge house and trying to keep it clean and then realizing that they only lived in about 1/2 of it, she is over that.  I see her becoming much more of a minimalist.

     Plus when she works she can bring the baby down here.  I like that.  And who doesn't enjoy a dose of the Schmills.  She also plans on watching Oliver two days a week for B.  It will be a 20 minute drive for B to get to her but for free daycare with someone you trust well worth it.

     After we looked at houses, Lil sis came to my place and helped me organize the garage.  We can now get a car in there.  We still have a bedroom set that was my mothers that will go to my new grad daughter.  We are storing it until they get into the new house.

     Lil sis and I started to clean this house, but found out my steam mop leaves the laminate floor streaky.  So I am trying different methods to clean the floor.  Still working on it.

     I had a system in the old place and I would like to get one here.  It is just that everything is so different and I am dealing with a different pattern.  I tried cleaning all the mirrors and dusting all the fans and then all the window shades.  But my ADD keeps me from completing things.  I did get the bathrooms cleaned and all the floors vacuumed. I still need to dust under things and get all the floors mopped.

     I need Sissie here to give me ideas on how to go about this.  Today I want to go to Lil sis's and get a few more things that are in her basement. I am not feeling very good today.  Kind of achey, stomach issues. I wanted desperately to sleep in  but woke early and could not get back to sleep.  Will probably take a nap later.

Here is the shop.  Still not fully put together, but hey I put out 5 wedding dresses this week so I think it is up and running. Also waiting for Sissie's touch.

Look at that ironing mountain.  I was hoping to get to that this evening.  But I don't know just don't feel my best.

I still have 8 wedding dresses in the shop plus the piles. No rest here I tell you. But I I feel okay about the change.  I think?



The ironing pile.  It will soon take over the shop so maybe tonight I will take the time to attack this monster I think.

Hubs and I need to go to the dump, and then to Lil sis's for the last of the stuff in her basement. We are then going to go to the storage unit for our first look at what we are going to have to do with all the stuff that is in there.  Scary as this house is already FULL!  I mean no room in any closet or drawer.

We still have shelving in the garage that is up high but that is it.  I cannot miraculously make room where there isn't any.

I have taken so much to good will already and we have not even been to the storage unit.

It will be interesting to go through all the decor tubs and see what I can get rid off. 

It was 110 yesterday and the heat was oppressive even for me.  The wind picked up late in the evening and there was a fire on the hills over in Washington.  We were run into the house by blowing smoke.  Heat, wind a lethal combo for any fire.

Well today I have so much to do but first off must get a bridesmaid dress done and go to the bank!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Saturday, August 15, 2020

Saturday, Upsetting morning...

      Our son in law Nate married to Daughter #2 who is 39 weeks pregnant called last night to tell her he was not getting off at 11:00 in the evening but had to extend to 5 in the morning.  So she stayed the night allowing Nate to sleep.  I told her I would go look at houses with her this morning and we would relay to Nate.  Well we got a call this morning. Nate had been hit (t-boned) by a drunk driver.  It totaled his cruiser.  He was hit on his drivers side and then shoved into a lamp post.  All 4 tires blew and all airbags went off. He was able to exit the cruiser through the other side window.  Other than shock and slight concussion he is okay, but very very lucky.  Thankful those squad cars are reinforced. Of course daughter was very upset.  This is the second time in a year he has been hit by someone driving drunk.

     Hubs left with the boys earlier this morning and it is much more quiet here.  Of course we forgot to pack up their scooters and James potty chair is here.  Oh well we will be down there again. No matter how hard I try I can just never get everything back into the car.  Well at least I got the kids.

     I had 4 wedding dresses picked up yesterday, so the shop looks more manageable.  But there are still many, many dresses in there. I am blessed with work.  I also completed another chart.  SO things are picking up.  But other than wedding dresses the shop is slow because of covid and that is okay.


SO I am onto #11. It is a much slower savings year, but then so much has happened with the move and the expenses, plus the covid slow down.  Still I am grateful for all my blessings.

Lil sis is going to drive me and we will follow Daughter to Union town which is 9 miles away to look at a house and then we will go onto Pullman to look at another, then Daughter will continue onto Spokane and we will come home.  We are going to work on a few things in the house today.  Like the garage!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Friday, August 14, 2020

Friday, Last day with the boys...

      Hubs takes the grandsons home tomorrow, I don't know if I am relieved or I am sad.  Our Schmills is also here with his mom.  So the noise level with the three of them is up.  Daughter is so pregnant but feeling better.

     We all went up to see our little Oliver last night.  That little college apartment was bursting with all those boys and Big Uncle Dan did not help contain the chaos. The baby slept through all of it.  We had lots of laughs as the two younger girls can be so funny.

     Oliver had a bigger head and his little creases are filling out.  In just one week I can see changes and I don't want them.  I want him little forever.

     Realtor called yesterday and we are hoping to close next Friday?  Hah I will not hold my breath.  Snots are getting a loan through a local credit union.  It is taking 2 months to get a loan here so they must have some pull some where.

     I was able to get all my sewing done yesterday except the brides maid dress that I will do today.  I also have some pressing to do and I really need to clean my shop. It is so much smaller and with all those dresses gets very cluttered very fast.

    The boys are going to play with water guns and balloons today and then go to the river. The more they are outside the better, plus they get tired out.

     I am really looking forward to a Hubs free weekend, where I can get things done without a hundred questions and arguments. I really want to clean my new house and see how long it takes to clean it compared to the old place.

All my boys, playing videos.  I laugh at the college apartment all the old hand me downs and scraps from everyone's houses.  I remember those days too well.  I don't think I left them more than a few years ago.  Notice Sheldon Copper's (hubs) two watches.  I just shake my head.


Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.





Thursday, August 13, 2020

I just have to finish something...

      I have 4 wedding dresses to go out tomorrow and I can't seem to finish any of them.  Had to run to Joanns for cording.  I was going to finish a couple last night after we got home from the food bank but that kicked my butt.

    I thought they said we were doing dried potatoes but we bagged 5 lb bags of pears. I think between 10 of us we did 8000 lbs in 2 hours.  It was fast hard backbreaking work.  I was ready for bed after we picked up the boys from Lil sis's.

     Just got a call from the realtor looks like possible closing next Friday but I am not holding my breath.I am just appalled by the whole situation.  I know my agent has been losing sleep and weight over it.  I wish I could lose weight over it.  Did someone say donut?

    I just have to put a bustle in one dress and then steam.  Another needs to be steamed.  I have another that needs a bustle and for me to finish up the lace hand work on the sides.  First I have to remember to shorten two pairs of pants.  Then I have another wedding dress that I have not touched that needs a hem, a slit and some work done on the back and a bustle.  I also need to shorten a bridesmaid dress.

     Hubs took the boys out fishing this morning and they are due back any time starving I am sure. We are going up to B' tonight to show the boys their new cousin.  That baby is already changing.  He is filling out and I just want him to stay little.

I have to get in the shop.  It will be a relief to see four dresses out of here tomorrow.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.




Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Wednesday, just trying to keep my head above water

      The boys had so much fun yesterday on the river.  They were out for about 4 hours.  I was so grateful to Lil Sis for supervising so I could get a good amount off the sewing pile.  I have to get two wedding dresses done today as I am behind.  It is much cooler today so the boys can play outside. I just sent the eldest to check the chickens. The youngest is out playing in the wading pool.

     Schmills had to go home early which caused James to cry real tears, as he loves playing with his cousin so much.  Daughter was not feeling well.  She thought maybe the baby was coming early.  So Nate and Schmills took off last night.   I must say it is a little quieter as the Schmills and James are real noise makers.

     Hubs is out riding 4 wheelers with a buddy today and we have to go work at the food bank tonight as they have a load of potatoes coming in that need to be bagged.  We will take the boys over to Lil sis's for a couple of hours.

     This house needs love but I don't have time to do any cleaning with all the sewing I have to do, plus with the boys why try?  Other than keeping up on the dishes and laundry.  Our oldest grandson (Daniel) is 9 and quite the computer kid.  He hooked up my new modem last night and reconfigured our phones, and the tv to work with the new set up.  I swear these kids are born with zero's and ones on the brain.  They think in computer language.

Here is a picture of what will be moms room.  Hubs mom is 92 and she will eventually be with us.  Maybe both his parents, but so far mom has been able to care for dad who is failing.

I was surprised that dad recognized me when we were there as he has forgotten his daughters every once in a while.  But he seems really lucid while I was there.  He likes to tease and I tease back.

I think Hubs mom suffers mostly from loneliness, which bothers me a great deal, but she refuses to leave their home and wants to take care of her husband there, so we cannot really do anything.

I just got word from our eldest that the security/investigator in their office who just retired a year ago passed away from covid last night.  Everyone is in tears.  So if you don't think this crap is dangerous...

We have some in our family that think this covid crisis is a political conspiracy.  What nuts.  Makes me ashamed to be related.


 This area is still a mess, but it is up and running waiting for Sissie to come and fix and organize.  I wanted a computer desk center, but there was really no room in this house, so we took the linen closet that is in the spare bedroom and turned it into an office.  Li sis had this table in one of the offices at her work.  It was pulled out of an old barn and refinished, but the lady who had this passed away and her children did not want it.  It is perfect for this closet. 

   I had the phone company put in a private phone jack in the closet wall and Stillman will come later next week and put in a new plugin so we can close the doors all the way.  Then we can organize all those wires.  

I still have a mess of paperwork to get through, but it will have to wait until the shop is caught up and I am not so busy.

Here is our spare bath that is right next to moms room, complete wish an Elmo potty chair.  I used all the things out of mom's bath in the old house so did not have to buy anything.  Score!

There is plenty of storage under the sinks.  It is nice to have a place to put everything.













 I hate the light fixture in this front room, it looks like it belongs in a hallway.  It is quite bright and will be moved to my shop and the large dimmer fixture and fan in my shop will go in this room.  Stillman will come and switch it out for me.  

I can't have a fan blowing things around in the shop and the light is way too dull for sewing at night.

We are still missing the large bass violin, but I will try and replace it at Christmas.  It will be Hubs Christmas present. There are still oil paintings and pictures in storage.





 The garage is getting emptied one box at a time.  We still have another shelving unit to put up and so much arranging to do, but I am waiting for Sissie to come help.  Everyday I try and do a little bit more even if it is just hauling garbage out.

I do have another load waiting to go to good will.  We have not installed a cat door yet so I have been keeping the cat in the garage at night and I want the cat box out there.  We do have them trained to go outside, but if we are gone they need access to a box.  This is another job for Sissie.

Well I had better get busy those dresses won't fix themselves and there are so many of them.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Tuesday, Boys are noisy!

Let me tell you as a mother of girls boys are noisy. Right now I am listening to siren sounds and pow, pow, pow. All toys must make noise. All bodily sounds must be loud and repeated often. I would like to say I am not exhausted already but that would be a lie.

 Our son in law Nate got here yesterday afternoon and we went and licensed  the trailer. Nate and daughter close on their house on Sept. 7th, the baby will come by c-section August 24th. So they will likely be with us for a while. Nate must stay in the state of Washington on the days he works. Between my house and Lil sis we will be fine. Nate has a brother across the river in Washington he can stay with when he is on duty. 

Nate and Lil sis and Hubs are taking the boys boating today and I have a full day of bridal fittings and sewing. I would love to go out on the boat but just having silence will be wonderful.

 House saga: It is the 11th and we still have not closed okay we are on day 14 isn't this fun? After our rushed move in we fell into our bed (the one thing put together) and slept the sleep of the dead, but the view from our bedroom when you wake up in the morning is awesome. 

It is so peaceful and I wake-up so happy.
Outside our bedroom

Another view from the bedroom

































The missionaries came over right after our pretend closing(:)) and they put together our new chicken coop.  They had it together in no time.  Then they helped hubs move things around and get many things set up in the sheds.  We have so much more outdoor storage.  The only problem was it was 110 that day so we really had to drink water and take breaks.

Lil sis only worked a 1/2 day on Wednesday so she came over and helped me put our kitchen together.  Sissy is coming the end of August and I am sure she will redo some of the cupboards as she is the master of organization, but it works for now.  I just tried everyday to get something done.  One room at a time.  It is just so much work.

I love how the dining room turned out.  It is larger than our old dining room.


I am going to switch out this dark blind with the one in the bedroom that is white and the same size. I will get Nate to do this for me.  There are still oil paintings and pictures in storage that have to unpacked and hung but that is for a later date.  

 Thursday night B went into have Oliver so I had a hard time sleeping.  The missionaries were over Thursday and moved all my flower boxes all over the yard where we wanted them and also put together a huge patio umbrella  a gift from my Lil sis.  I had them remove some screening from the patio privacy wall and drop it down a few inches so I could put flower boxes up above for more shade on the patio. They can do things so much faster than hubs, and with 6 of them the work is done in no time.

I had to keep busy as B's labor was long and hard and the baby was not born until 9:30 Friday night.  Luckily I had lots of things to do.  Hubs and I went to Home depot to get a few odds and ends and looked at dryers.  We found one on closeout for $95.00.  Yes!  Brand new (it had been returned and the style had been discontinued)  I asked several clerks not trusting the price and we were able to get this $700.00 dryer for $95.00.  What a blessing.  It is so nice to have a dryer again.

As we could not go up and see the baby until he was released and he was beat up from birth and jaundiced so we just continued to unpack.  Lil sis was such a big help.

Li sis decorated the kitchen for me, here is hubs trying to help me clean up after breakfast.  Our little James insists that pillows are on the floor at all times.

 Finally Monday after we had been in the house a week, I was able to actually cook and late afternoon I left for B's and took care of Oliver and was home late Wednesday as they needed very little help.  My other daughters had c-sections and needed more help from me and more time.

Thursday was the first day I actually opened the shop here and I was bombed with clients.  So much for them not finding the new place.

 The house is finally quiet.  Awwwww.... I was able to get a couple wedding dresses ready for fittings and more dresses came in.  I have already had two fitting this morning and have plenty to do today.  It is nice to have peace and quiet to work in.  I need to go and pull some meat for dinner and let it thaw before the starving hoards get back.  Then I will sew.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.





Monday, August 10, 2020

Home with the grands

      We are home with the boys and I have so much to do. But must concentrate on the shop as I have three wedding dresses that have to go out this week.  Between that and the boys I will not get much done on the house I am afraid.  I will just have to be patient and put up with the mess.  The main things I need are in place and that will have to do.

     When we got home last night it was hurry, hurry to get laundry done, the boys settled in and fed and then we brought huge bags of garden produce home with us from my sister in laws garden.  We had to scrub potatoes, snap beans, chop cabbage, and get other vegetables ready for the table.  It was messy and took a while.  I did three loads of laundry  that had backed up and figured out what we would eat for the week.

     Son in law is due in this afternoon to bring down Schmills and a new trailer, that will eventually pull our 4 wheeler.   Hey Sluggy ready for a ride?  We tried to kill Slugs and her Hubby a few years ago but she persevered.  I love how the kids have now filled our place with  huge boat and a trailer.  What is next wonder?  Free parking at Mom and dads place.   But it does keep them coming home.

Here is our beloved Stillman putting in a new light fixture in the dining room.  Thank goodness for him is all I can say.I am still in a quandary over this new blogger. Not quite sure what to make of it. Like how do I get out of this picture frame?  Will I be stuck here forever?  Will I have to sew here?  I really don't have time to play today.  So let me tell you I will continue my moving saga through out the week once I get a little sewing done and feel more comfortable spending free time on blogging.Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative. Kim  still in picture.....



Friday, August 7, 2020

Friday, On the road, quick post

      Can't seem to get my phone to download any pictures this morning.  I swear learning a new I phone is as much stress as moving. Okay finally figured it out, Blah!

     Now I can't figure out new blogger that was switched when I was moving.  Always something.  Anyway this light fixture which I priced at the expensive light store in town that only the snots will buy from was over $400.00.  It is way too large for this house.  So our wonderful nephew/cousin came and switched it out with a more suitable one.  He will take this one and put it in his very large open concept home.

     Well I have to go.  We are leaving for Nampa to pick up our other two grandsons. will be back in a few days.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.


Thursday, August 6, 2020

Thursday, back and a new grandma!

     Okay so here is the cutest baby in the world if I do say so myself.  Let me introduce you to Oliver. He was born Friday July 31st late in the evening after a long and very difficult labor.  He weighed 7.1 and was 19.5 inches long.  Boy do we love him.  Daughter is doing great by my standards.  I went up to her place Monday when she was released and stayed for a couple of days.  I would have stayed longer but she has things under control and her husband has a month off work.  I did do up 6 freezer meals that will feed them for a couple days each, so essentially 12 meals, lasagna, stuffed shells, tater tot casserole. B's husband cleaned and did the laundry and waited on my daugher hand and foot.  He is a great husband.  All my girls have great husbands. I am so blessed.

     SO much has happened that I don't even know where to begin.  The move was fraught with things going wrong, but we persevered.  It has been a crazy 10 days with so much happening and so much work.  We were all set to move as you may recall on Tuesday the 28th when we were closing in the house at 10 in the morning.  But we got pushed to move earlier by people I will call the Snots you will understand the name after the explanation.

     The Snots purchased the home of the Ferguson's sight unseen through a lawyer from New York.  The Snots own businesses all over the country.  This is to be their third home, a get away in Idaho.  So even though we were not scheduled to move until August 15th the Snots put pressure on the Ferguson's to get out.  Ferguson's contacted us and we agreed to July 28th although the Snots wanted July 14th.  But we had the power so the 28th it was.  Now Lawyer from New York sends a nasty gram letter to Ferguson's demanding that they are out by 2:00 om the afternoon on the 28th.  This involved us pushing up our move and pushing the CAYS (people we were buying our house from) out into a motor home as they were waiting for our money to remodel a home on the river.

     Mrs. Cay (who is working from home via internet) had to get things set up for her office in a motor home.  They were gracious enough to allow us to start moving in early.  Read the last post.  Monday morning we were expecting 6 missionaries, who never showed.  They had a conflict.  So it was Hub's, myself a couple of teenagers the church had sent and two more men with trucks and a flatbed trailer.  We worked those two teenage boys to death.  They were with us from 9 until noon.  One of our trucks and helpers was also out at noon.  That left Lil is and I and hub's and one other man.  I put over 30 thousand steps on my fit bit or over 12 miles on Monday.  I blistered the bottom of my feet.     Hubs had a break down about 3 in the afternoon.  It was also 107 out. I called our Bishop and he was upset that the missionaries did not show, but told me to make Hubs stop and he had a crew of 10 men at our place by 6:30 that night and we finished.  We had a bed to sleep in and we were exhausted beyond beyond.

     Now we slept hard and were ready to close at ten the next morning.  Snots had already closed at 10 the day before and Ferguson's at 2 the day before.  Cays were closing at 2 right after us.  The employee from the title company asked if I had switched the home owners insurance and of course I hadn't because everything was so rushed.  She told me to go right to the insurance office and get that done, so I did.  About 4 in the afternoon I get a text from my realtor, not to drop insurance on house as the Snot's money had been pulled by lawyer and he wanted them to pay for house a different way.  So that put all of us in houses that we did not own.  Also my house had no insurance.  I went to my house and told Mrs. Ferguson not to light any fires as the house would not have insurance reinstalled until the next day.  In the mean time all of us are in limbo and the Snot's want to move into the Ferguson home and get remodeling started.  The Ferguson's said NO!  We are all still waiting and it looks like they will have their act together by the 10th of this month.  I was proud of the Fergusons.  Who puts that kind of pressure on three different sets of strangers and then pulls funding?

     We are fine as we paid cash for our house including the sale of the old property( which hold it, really isn't sold), but the Ferguson's and Cays are waiting for funds to build fences, and remodel places.  All that is on hold until cash is in hand.  We also all discussed a law suit to force Snot's to pay for any expenses we incur do to their ineptitude.  Hubs and I have not been affected other than having to work way to dang hard.  But the other two families are really affected.

     Well enough drama for one day.  I will post more about this adventure tomorrow.  I will leave you with a picture of the Schmills to brighten your day. Schmills always goes boating with his snow boots on as they match his shades.
Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.