Thursday, August 20, 2020

Thursday, One day rolls into another

      I really need to sew today.  Yesterday I had much activity in the shop but not much sewing.  I was overtaken by exhaustion and had to lay down and nap between clients.  I don't like it when I get overwhelmed by tiredness.  It seems to happen more often lately and I will blame it on the stress of moving.

     But today I will produce because I have to and I always work better under pressure.

     Hubs is unpacking books everyday and sorting through things.  I try an get a few things done on the house everyday even if they are small. The hot weather is really zapping us but I do believe it will be cooler today. It rained last night and that helps.

     My Aunt called today and she has lost her reading glasses that I purchased for her, so I ordered 2 more pair and sent them this morning.  She lives outside a very small town and has no access to things.  Also don't want her wandering around with this covid thing.  She also wanted new sunbonnet sue and sam patterns so I shipped those as well.

     I need to go cancel the insurance on the old house today.  It is all the little details that make my mind whirl. Having to remember.  I just want to reach status quote.

     So today I will:

1. mend three pockets

2. alter scrub tops

3. hem bridesmaid dress

4. hem flower girl dress and hem jeans

5. hem 2 jeans

6. hem 4 dresses and one skirt, alter one dress

7. alter one wedding dress

8. go to Joanns for fabric to alter wedding dress

9. cancel house insurance hubs find small desk at 2nd hand store for sister missionary  

That will do it for today, now if I can just get into gear.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. God bless you, Kim.
    Stay strong! the UK

  2. You stay so stinking busy. You deserve a nap!

  3. You are crazy busy, woman! Glad things are slowly starting to come together with the house

    1. Well it comes to a point that it looks good and then I unpack more boxes.....

  4. Well I can certainly understand why you're exhausted. I get exhausted just reading about all you're doing!... I do hope things will settle a bit for you soon. Our bodies eventually, have a way of making us slow down if we don't do it ourselves. XO

  5. The only thing that can stop you is you or your health. Have fun with all you have to do and stay well.

  6. I feel like a broken record__slow down and enjoy the view while you can.

    1. I am trying, but my adhd is under medicated.....