Friday, August 21, 2020

Friday. Getting things done

 D#2 last day of work until the baby gets here.  I asked her how they wore those loops under the face screen and she said with much difficulty.  Baby could come any day.  Love this picture it says it all.

Hubs is at new High school learning the ropes of the new theater.  I told him to take lots of notes. I think he will be there all day.  With two theaters to run now I think he will put in more hours once covid is over. Ha!

I got up this morning with the idea that I would unpack 10 boxes. Now the hole house is a mess again. D#3 has yet to see the house and I want it to look nice for her so I will be working hard today.

Was happy with the sewing I was able to do yesterday and I will do more today.

I have a list of errands to run and then a list of things to do before tomorrow:

1. go to Lil sis for some spray paint I left there

2. go to credit union to start loan for house pay back

3. go to Ross for closet organizer

4. stop by Pier One to check on mark down of sofa cover

5. clean off bed and organize shoes

6. decide which pictures will go up and which will be scanned later

7. clean off dining room table

8. organize all tax files into one large box

9. hem red shorts

10. hem bridesmaid dress

11. put gussets into wedding dress and call client 

12. drop more things at good will

Okay lets get something done.

I am off to set the world on fire.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are int the negative.



  1. That picture definitely captures a moment your daughter will hopefully be able to look back on in awe of herself. 2020 - what a year for memory making! And, not all the good kind.

    1. I know not a good year and next year might be the same. So I am counting my blessings.

  2. Don't get burned!

    I was thinking about your alterring wedding dresses. It brought to mind the time my daughter wanted to wear my wedding dress. She was much shorter and heavier and my wedding dress was a lace sheath! There was no way to alter that was not just a remake and using the lace for something.

    It sounds like two theatres would keep him busy!

    1. Well if it were not for covid I think it would.

  3. Sending happy and positive thoughts for your girl and little baby. Your hubs doing two theaters now reminds me how much I enjoy seeing live performances,a nd will appreciate them all the more. We have mutliple colleges, highschools, and community theaters aorund us, and I plan to take advantage of all the offerings once things can be live again. It raises my spirits to think fo those things.

    1. I know the local small theater is really suffering and it makes me sad.

  4. Oh I long for live performances. Do you think I could get a theater company to do a show just for TheHub and me?
    You daughter looks adorable as a super pregnant woman!

  5. Small dinner theaters with say 5 spaced couples at 100.00 a pop might just work.

  6. I feel for her... I had everyone of my kids in the fall, summer sucks when pregnant. Covid makes it worse. Glad Hubby has something to do at this time.