Friday, August 14, 2020

Friday, Last day with the boys...

      Hubs takes the grandsons home tomorrow, I don't know if I am relieved or I am sad.  Our Schmills is also here with his mom.  So the noise level with the three of them is up.  Daughter is so pregnant but feeling better.

     We all went up to see our little Oliver last night.  That little college apartment was bursting with all those boys and Big Uncle Dan did not help contain the chaos. The baby slept through all of it.  We had lots of laughs as the two younger girls can be so funny.

     Oliver had a bigger head and his little creases are filling out.  In just one week I can see changes and I don't want them.  I want him little forever.

     Realtor called yesterday and we are hoping to close next Friday?  Hah I will not hold my breath.  Snots are getting a loan through a local credit union.  It is taking 2 months to get a loan here so they must have some pull some where.

     I was able to get all my sewing done yesterday except the brides maid dress that I will do today.  I also have some pressing to do and I really need to clean my shop. It is so much smaller and with all those dresses gets very cluttered very fast.

    The boys are going to play with water guns and balloons today and then go to the river. The more they are outside the better, plus they get tired out.

     I am really looking forward to a Hubs free weekend, where I can get things done without a hundred questions and arguments. I really want to clean my new house and see how long it takes to clean it compared to the old place.

All my boys, playing videos.  I laugh at the college apartment all the old hand me downs and scraps from everyone's houses.  I remember those days too well.  I don't think I left them more than a few years ago.  Notice Sheldon Copper's (hubs) two watches.  I just shake my head.


Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.






  1. Doesn't matter how much they have or where it came from - they are being family. That is an adorable picture - all together playing a game.
    Enjoy your weekend, just don't over do it.

    1. Well I know this much I am sleeping in!

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  2. That is a great picture-those real memories, not the staged ones!

  3. I love this pic! There's nothing better than spending time with family. Have a great weekend Kim!

  4. Love the picture of all your boys. Looks like they are having fun, and little Oliver is sleeping through it all.
    Hope you have a good weekend.

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