Monday, August 17, 2020

Monday, Not sure how to clean this house...

      Lil sis and I followed daughter Saturday to look at houses.  She put an offer on a house in Union town which is only 10 miles from here and I hope they get it.  It is much smaller than her old place but that is what she wants.  After having a huge house and trying to keep it clean and then realizing that they only lived in about 1/2 of it, she is over that.  I see her becoming much more of a minimalist.

     Plus when she works she can bring the baby down here.  I like that.  And who doesn't enjoy a dose of the Schmills.  She also plans on watching Oliver two days a week for B.  It will be a 20 minute drive for B to get to her but for free daycare with someone you trust well worth it.

     After we looked at houses, Lil sis came to my place and helped me organize the garage.  We can now get a car in there.  We still have a bedroom set that was my mothers that will go to my new grad daughter.  We are storing it until they get into the new house.

     Lil sis and I started to clean this house, but found out my steam mop leaves the laminate floor streaky.  So I am trying different methods to clean the floor.  Still working on it.

     I had a system in the old place and I would like to get one here.  It is just that everything is so different and I am dealing with a different pattern.  I tried cleaning all the mirrors and dusting all the fans and then all the window shades.  But my ADD keeps me from completing things.  I did get the bathrooms cleaned and all the floors vacuumed. I still need to dust under things and get all the floors mopped.

     I need Sissie here to give me ideas on how to go about this.  Today I want to go to Lil sis's and get a few more things that are in her basement. I am not feeling very good today.  Kind of achey, stomach issues. I wanted desperately to sleep in  but woke early and could not get back to sleep.  Will probably take a nap later.

Here is the shop.  Still not fully put together, but hey I put out 5 wedding dresses this week so I think it is up and running. Also waiting for Sissie's touch.

Look at that ironing mountain.  I was hoping to get to that this evening.  But I don't know just don't feel my best.

I still have 8 wedding dresses in the shop plus the piles. No rest here I tell you. But I I feel okay about the change.  I think?



The ironing pile.  It will soon take over the shop so maybe tonight I will take the time to attack this monster I think.

Hubs and I need to go to the dump, and then to Lil sis's for the last of the stuff in her basement. We are then going to go to the storage unit for our first look at what we are going to have to do with all the stuff that is in there.  Scary as this house is already FULL!  I mean no room in any closet or drawer.

We still have shelving in the garage that is up high but that is it.  I cannot miraculously make room where there isn't any.

I have taken so much to good will already and we have not even been to the storage unit.

It will be interesting to go through all the decor tubs and see what I can get rid off. 

It was 110 yesterday and the heat was oppressive even for me.  The wind picked up late in the evening and there was a fire on the hills over in Washington.  We were run into the house by blowing smoke.  Heat, wind a lethal combo for any fire.

Well today I have so much to do but first off must get a bridesmaid dress done and go to the bank!

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.



  1. Nothing I'd used on wood floors cleaned laminate without leaving it streaky and/or dull. I think I found the suggestion to use vinegar on a message board. While not perfect, a fairly strong solution of vinegar and water (about 1:3) is the best I've found for damp mopping a laminate floor. Carol - a reader in Philadelphia, PA

    1. My son uses 1/4 cup white vinegar to 2 cups water for his floors. BUT said if the floor had a coating on it, like if they used mop and shine... it will streak until that is removed with ammonia.

  2. Hello Kim.
    I am with you on the cleaning.
    I used to have it down pat in my other house!
    Now I am scattered everywhere!
    We also moved because our old house was getting too big, as our kids continue to grow. Darn it!
    Take care. And I also have used vinegar like the above commenter suggested!

  3. I am not sure why you are not sure how to clean the house. ??? What are those things in the ironing pile? They look huge.

    1. Well I know how but the rhythm of getting it done efficiently. I only wear 100% cotton in the summer because of the heat. Also pillowcases and cloth napkins.

  4. I had also tried all sorts of products but nothing didn't leave streaks, even those that stated they didn't. The best thing I found was warm water with a dot of blue dawn dish soap (no rinse off).

  5. I've given up, there's construction dust everywhere. Knock wood, supposedly I'll have most of the kitchen back by end of the week. I keep running the vacuum, and as soon as I turn around, there's a new coating of dust on everything.

  6. Do only what has to be done right now, worry about the rest later. Babies first, wedding dresses second, house? A distant third.

    1. Well that is exactly the schedule I have been following,but the dust and grime still bother me.