Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Tuesday, Boys are noisy!

Let me tell you as a mother of girls boys are noisy. Right now I am listening to siren sounds and pow, pow, pow. All toys must make noise. All bodily sounds must be loud and repeated often. I would like to say I am not exhausted already but that would be a lie.

 Our son in law Nate got here yesterday afternoon and we went and licensed  the trailer. Nate and daughter close on their house on Sept. 7th, the baby will come by c-section August 24th. So they will likely be with us for a while. Nate must stay in the state of Washington on the days he works. Between my house and Lil sis we will be fine. Nate has a brother across the river in Washington he can stay with when he is on duty. 

Nate and Lil sis and Hubs are taking the boys boating today and I have a full day of bridal fittings and sewing. I would love to go out on the boat but just having silence will be wonderful.

 House saga: It is the 11th and we still have not closed okay we are on day 14 isn't this fun? After our rushed move in we fell into our bed (the one thing put together) and slept the sleep of the dead, but the view from our bedroom when you wake up in the morning is awesome. 

It is so peaceful and I wake-up so happy.
Outside our bedroom

Another view from the bedroom

































The missionaries came over right after our pretend closing(:)) and they put together our new chicken coop.  They had it together in no time.  Then they helped hubs move things around and get many things set up in the sheds.  We have so much more outdoor storage.  The only problem was it was 110 that day so we really had to drink water and take breaks.

Lil sis only worked a 1/2 day on Wednesday so she came over and helped me put our kitchen together.  Sissy is coming the end of August and I am sure she will redo some of the cupboards as she is the master of organization, but it works for now.  I just tried everyday to get something done.  One room at a time.  It is just so much work.

I love how the dining room turned out.  It is larger than our old dining room.


I am going to switch out this dark blind with the one in the bedroom that is white and the same size. I will get Nate to do this for me.  There are still oil paintings and pictures in storage that have to unpacked and hung but that is for a later date.  

 Thursday night B went into have Oliver so I had a hard time sleeping.  The missionaries were over Thursday and moved all my flower boxes all over the yard where we wanted them and also put together a huge patio umbrella  a gift from my Lil sis.  I had them remove some screening from the patio privacy wall and drop it down a few inches so I could put flower boxes up above for more shade on the patio. They can do things so much faster than hubs, and with 6 of them the work is done in no time.

I had to keep busy as B's labor was long and hard and the baby was not born until 9:30 Friday night.  Luckily I had lots of things to do.  Hubs and I went to Home depot to get a few odds and ends and looked at dryers.  We found one on closeout for $95.00.  Yes!  Brand new (it had been returned and the style had been discontinued)  I asked several clerks not trusting the price and we were able to get this $700.00 dryer for $95.00.  What a blessing.  It is so nice to have a dryer again.

As we could not go up and see the baby until he was released and he was beat up from birth and jaundiced so we just continued to unpack.  Lil sis was such a big help.

Li sis decorated the kitchen for me, here is hubs trying to help me clean up after breakfast.  Our little James insists that pillows are on the floor at all times.

 Finally Monday after we had been in the house a week, I was able to actually cook and late afternoon I left for B's and took care of Oliver and was home late Wednesday as they needed very little help.  My other daughters had c-sections and needed more help from me and more time.

Thursday was the first day I actually opened the shop here and I was bombed with clients.  So much for them not finding the new place.

 The house is finally quiet.  Awwwww.... I was able to get a couple wedding dresses ready for fittings and more dresses came in.  I have already had two fitting this morning and have plenty to do today.  It is nice to have peace and quiet to work in.  I need to go and pull some meat for dinner and let it thaw before the starving hoards get back.  Then I will sew.

Have a great and productive day staying positive while you are in the negative.






  1. Does your husband love the new house (I hope)?

    1. I think he is very happy here, but he still complains about selling the other house.

  2. All the best to you as you get settled in new house!

  3. I LOVE YOUR NEW HOUSE!!! Keep posting picture!! So glad you are finally moved! That was HUGE!!!

    1. Thank you I am loving it also, but boy is there a lot to do.

  4. Boys are noisy! I like what I have seen of your house. See, they found you.

  5. I am just catching up on your posts Kim. OLiver is beautiful - welcome to the world little on!!! Your new home & the views look stunning. It all takes time to make it your own so just relax & go with it Kim. I am glad the move is behind you now.

    1. He is so cute, I am going up to see him tomorrow night and I can't wait.

  6. Boys are so noisy! And, the house looks really peaceful. What a great place to wake up

  7. Your house is beautiful, and I love the views. I hope you will be very happy there

  8. Hummmm I think my boys must have been broken as they were quiet. BUT the grandsons sure made up for it. LOL
    I love the look, I love the view and you now have my "sister of my heart's" kitchen ... exactly same layout even cabinets until last winter when she went to gray cabinets. She has always said the kitchen was wonderful with working with her RA.
    I would be concerned about the closing still not being done. Pulling my hair out concerned LOL.
    Not sure to be glad they found you but GOD must think you need the money coming in.

    1. My brothers were quiet also, so this is a new ting for me. I am getting more concerned as the days go by.