Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday, Mom is home.

     We were able to drive mom half way home yesterday.  Brother met us at the bottom of the pass.  We then had a picnic on the Selway and it was nice. Came home a laid around and did nothing but read and eat.  So lazy. It was nice but boring, I could not do that all the time.

Out My Window:  It is finally really Hot here!  We hit 100 coming into town yesterday.  The first this season.  Good it will ripen the tomatoes.

     We will go pick up D#3 today from the airport.  She will be home a week and then we will leave for a one week family reunion and come home and move her up to her Apartment.  It is available on the 12th and she starts school the 22nd.  I am going to be an empty nester. I know I have said that a hundred times but when you space your children as far apart as I did it seems like you are raising kids forever!  I have been responsible for a child or children for over 30 years.  They are the focus of your life.  Are they home? Are they hungry?  Is their homework done?  Do they need a ride?  Do they need anything? 

     Any advice on how to adjust to this?

Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath.


Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday, Mom is Up!

     Mom is up early and she is moving so much better.  I am going to get her to make cookies today.  She makes a Swedish sour cream sugar cookie that is so good.  We will drive her half-way tomorrow to her home in Montana and then my brother will meet us and pick her up.  D#2 came home yesterday and she is in a foul mood, but what is new.  Until she gets a job I am afraid she will be a grouch.  She can go be a grouch some where else.

     Out My Window:  It is getting hotter!  It has been so nice all week, but the hot weather is coming in.  I feel that all I have done this week is cook and take care of a sick person.  Hold it that is what I have done.

      I have to get everything in my shop done by the end of next week.  We will be leaving for a family reunion.  I need to get money ahead for that.  Ugh!  I will need at least $500.00.  I had better get cracking.  I am dreading August coming up.  No money for bills in the studio.  Scary.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday, new conract is going to be so much easier!

     Well with all the drama of Mom, kids, and refinance, I have not yet written about our new cleaning contract.  We were cleaning three buildings one of which we could not get into until after 9 in the evening. This made for a very long day for both my husband and myself.  We are taking a new much larger bank that will pay the same as the three buildings.  We started on Monday and we have had to do all the other buildings besides so we are dragging.  D#2 is going to take two of the buildings and she has been gone since Sunday.  Finally a new person picked up one of the others.  D#2 will be home tonight, but I will have to supervise her.

     The new building has three floors, but the second floor is not used more than once every two weeks.  The main floor is well used and the basement has three bathrooms and a small cafeteria.  It will take us less than an hour to do a good job.  I went upstairs and found neither bathroom used and one soda can in the lunch room.
So hubby and I divided the work, He will do garbage and vacuum and mopping.  I will do dust, wipe down, bathroom sanitizing and all the glass.  Once a building is clean you can keep it clean by just staying on top of the dirt.  This is going to be so much better!  We can go in after 6 p.m. and get home at a decent hour.  We will be paid $518.00 after taxes twice a month so that is a great second income for and hour a night out.  It is also good exercise.  We both get enough exercise, but it is a  full hour of non stop moving, lifting, pushing, stair climbing so it is like a paid gym membership! 
      Out My Window:  Beautiful, warm (not hot).  Just a perfect summer day.  We have been eating on the deck outside.  I love the deck.  It is surrounded buy lawn, trees and garden.  The small pond borders the side.  Peaceful and quite.

     Mom is doing better today.  I took her out to the bookstore, where we hit a sale on used books for $1.99.  She then takes them to the Sr. Center and trades them.  All best sellers!  We also went to a canned food store that she likes.  They had pie cherry filling for .99 can.  I was afraid it might not taste good, so we bought a can and the manager opened it for us.  It was great so we each bought a case!  I believe if she continues to mend we will drive her home Saturday.  Hubby will drive her car and I will take her in mine and then we will come home.  Nothing like a 10 hour car trip.  I need to get into the shop and get busy.  Several bridesmaid dresses came in today! 

     It is quite here without the girls, but really nice.  I realize D#3 will be home Sunday and I will have my melt down when she leaves for college.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday,refinance woes

     In June we decided to refinance our house and heloc.  It will not change a thing except that it will lock the heloc rate.  We have good credit, but our debt to income ratio is higher than I want.  Well we were apporved and they did send out an appraiser.  Now we are getting lists of really stupid questions from an underwriter at this CU.  I have taken list after list of things to her. 

Why did I make a car payment for my daughter in  April?  (She was out of check blanks)
Why did a check for $475.00 written to me get put into my daughter's account and then she made a car payment in June? (I sold her sofa, the check was made out to me, but it was her sofa, so I signed the check over to her)
I believe they think I am making her payments.  Now I do co-sign on her car , but I am not making her payments. )just everything else!

Tax records now for the last 5 years.
A letter from our employer (cleaning)
Business license (like the taxes were not enough)

I finally went to the head of mortgage and said what is going on? I  do not have to do this, and the questions you are asking and the accusations you are making are wrong.  He said welcome to the new mortgage!  Every CU and bank has a new set of trained underwriters whose job it is to make sure no one gets a mortgage.  They fight all the time.  I wish I had never started this.

My advice to anyone out there is DO not rewrite your mortgage unless you have to!  It is a huge pain in the butt!

Out My Window:  I need to go water the flowers, I think it will be cool today.

Mom is still in a great deal of pain, I am going to get her in the shower in a minute, and then get to work.  I still need to do some laundry for her and change the bedding.  I hope she gets better soon.  It is hard to see
her in such pain.  Got another e-mail from sister asking how mom as doing, but no phone call, she is just to busy.(#%^%$@)

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday, Things are a little calmer

     I was able to get my mom into a quick care with my doctor, who specializes in old people diseases.  (I am not old but I have a old people disease).  She has a pinched nerve and they were able to prescribe her something for her nausea and another type of pain killer and anti inflammatory.  She has not been sick since late last night.  She is still down but at least we got some rest last night.  Poor darling.  I am still doing laundry, but things are looking up.  She was so sure it was her hip.  She has had both knees, replaced and thought her hip was next, so we are grateful.  Doctor said this should run its course in about a week.

     I was able to get a great deal of work done in the shop today.  Both of my antique car dresses turned out beautiful and the owners were so pleased.  I have two Grandmother of the bride outfits to alter and some very difficult jackets to alter tomorrow.  I am so grateful for the work.

Out My Window:  Hubby will mow yard tonight, we are eating fresh squash and beans out of the garden.  Also new potatoes.  I picked purple ones tonight!  So good.  I love going to my freezer and pulling out a small pork roast (I paid less than $2.00) slicing it into 1/2 inch slices and then pounding them thin and frying them in Pam spray with a panco crust.  So tender.  Then I filled out with yellow squash, green beans and purple potatoes.  It was a beautiful dinner and CHEAP!  We have home canned peaches with cottage cheese for dessert.  I love my garden.

     Thanks for all the support the last 48 hours, I am sorry to be such a crank, but I do get tired of my sisters never being there when there are problems and then telling me what I did wrong when I tried to solve them.  This has gone on for as long as I can remember.  They say I am a martyr.  But some one has to do the work!  I am supposed to sit by and watch my parents suffer and not try to help.  I don't get it.  But I can't change it.

Have a great evening.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday, okay I am whining.

  I have no money, I don't want to take any more out of savings.  I am trying to take care of my mom.
  I just realized I have no:
Trash bags (left)
small trash bags (left)
mom needs pads(don'task)
I have to get her another night gown, maybe two?( I just have to wash the one she is in, she can't lie naked)

Now my sisters are e-mailing telling me how to handle this, but yet again, are they here?  No.  Have they called? No.  But they e-mail advice.  This insures that they don't have to talk to me or mother.

Feel the love, bitterness :)   I could write you a book.

By the was sister #1(no kids) richer than Midas
                  sister #2 Vice president of a major company
                               (her last bonus check was for $149,000)
                               she is Mother's favorite.

Feel the jealousy  

 I think I'll go give my chickens some nice fresh zucchini.

Witchy Poo  (Kim left the planet)

Monday, I am losing it here.

     My mother has done something to her back or (hip).  I think it is her back.  She is flat in bed and so sick.  Too many pain meds and she is vomiting.  What a mess.  I really do not know what to do for her.  I just feel so bad.  She is like me in the fact that nothing gets her down (physically) and she is some what of a workaholic.  So having to lie still is hard for her.  I do believe it is the same muscle that I pull once in  a while.  I don't know what makes it go but it has you down for at least a week.  Stressful!
     My finances are a wreck.  I have no money and only $823.00 in savings.  I did not get to work much last week as Mother came on Wednesday.  She came to help but it has been slow going, now we are not going at all!  D#3 flew to D#1 to take care of the baby this week.  She will fly home next Sunday.  D#2 is heading to Boise to take yet another test for her license.  D#2 is on my radar right now, as she spends money she does not have and then expects me to bail her out.  I don't have it.  I am just so tired and I feel that I am not making any progress.  In fact I am falling behind.
     I have to realize it is like this every summer, but I don't like it.

Out My Window:  Picked many small yellow squash and zucchini.  Green beans are producing.  I found one large over grown zucchini and cut it up and threw it to the chickens. Have you ever had 6 birds turn their heads side ways and look at you out of one eye and say "You have got to be kidding?" see even chickens don't like over grown zucchini.

     Repertory rehearsal is over, we only have tech rehearsal left.  Our hurricane/tornado choreography went well.  I am just glad it is done.  I have a ton of work in the shop. Thank goodness as I need the money!  Say a prayer for me, I am a little fractured right now.

Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday, Murphy has found a new home

     D#2 needed $250.00 for her final licensing papers, you could not use a card or she would have, you had to send a check.  So I had to write the checks.  Now she will pay me back, but when I don't know.  Okay I can handle that.  D#3 has the clutch go out in her car.  Labor is $200.00 she has that in her savings account, but the part is $492.73, so I wrote a check for that.  Now she will have to pay it back, but when?  I also wrote a check for the down on her apartment last week, $540.00 which was supposed to come out of a studio account and then, because they wanted it done online and added a $40.00 fee I said no and wrote a check.  I am down almost $1300.00.  It is not even the end of July.

     Out My Window:  Cool, pretty, beautiful day on the prairie. Just makes it good to be alive as long as you have a check book with lots of money:) (okay a little sarcasm)   

          I have another rehearsal for the Repertory Theater this afternoon in Moscow.  So myself and D#2 and my mother will drive there.  I am frustrated right now, I knew that the summer bills would hit and there would be no money, but I did not expect such large out of the blue expenses.  But digging out did not expect a new hot water heater and Mysti has to deal with a pond pump and car problems.  So I am in with everyone else. I still have money in savings to cover all of this, but I am down to under $1000.00.  I just don't feel very positive right now.

Bad:  Car fix
         License fees
         Apt rent
         Stupid questions asked for refianance

Good: Because we have paid off so many small/large bills this last year, we do have over $800.00 left after these last two paychecks to help.
          My mom is here
          I have a ton of work in the shop to do
          I have an abundant garden to eat fresh from
          I have meat in the freezer and a pantry full of food.
          We have jobs

 Okay so it is only money.  I hate money.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday, My mom is visiting!

     My mommy came to visit yesterday.  She is not fond of my husband.  We have been married 33 years and she still does not like him.  So she was excited that he was going to be gone for a few days.  We have been busy trying to catch up in the shop.  She has terrible health and I worry about her, but I can't change her, so I will enjoy her while I can.  She is very funny and talented.
     I have one of the costumes done except for a few finishing touches and I will cut out the second one in a few minutes.  I also have a lot of work in the shop to keep me busy.
     D#2 is in a snit, she moved into an apartment downtown (that I do not think she can afford),but it is hard to move home after you have been out of the house for 5 years.  I do not miss that mess!  Also she has all of my laundry baskets!  I was complaining.  My mom said Kim go buy 4 new ones.  Both girls are leaving home and they will take the baskets, this is not worth the fight.  Every time one of you left home I went and bought baskets.  Boy is that all it takes to get them to leave?:)
     Out My Window:  Sunny warm, very nice and cool yesterday.  This has been the most unusual summer.

     D#3 has the clutch out on her car.  It will be about $650.00 to fix, she is in hysterics.  Owning a car is expensive.  I am worried about money.  But today and Monday are payday and I have plenty of work in the shop so I will keep plugging along.  It is all I can do.

Have a great and productive day!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday, Hubby is out with the Scouts!

     Yippee!, hubby is out for the next 4 days with the Scouts!  I don't have to cook, I can do what I want, well within reason.  But I love it when he is gone.  Don't get me wrong I miss him, but he is extra work.
     I feel like I have a mini vacation.  I am going to clean the house and maybe it will stay clean.  D#3 came home last night crying, the clutch is out on her new car.  We knew this was going to be the first issue.  I told her to calm down, we would take it across to neighbor and have it fixed.  You would think the car was a child.
     I sewed $150.00 worth of product yesterday and then continued to work on the costume.  I have decided that I will not do any non-gratis work until I have completed at least  $100.00 worth of paying work.  One of a kind costumes are fun but they don't pay the bills.  The shop was busy yesterday, I hope it is busy today. I feel very blessed having this skill that brings in so much money.  Have I said that before?  But I do fell overwhelmed at times, I am so grateful.
Out My Window:  I was able to get out in the front yard and weed for about an hour last night.  It looks  good.  Now I need to finish in the back, but not today.

     I had to fill Hubby's truck with gas yesterday, $63.00, pick-up meds $37.00 and buy a camp pad $14.90.
I also wrote 2 checks for daughter #2 for a total of $250.00.  Which I will be reimbursed but I have to cover them, so I will have to go get money out of savings again.  Ugh!  Scary,  But Friday is payday so I will be fine.  I can eat cold cereal for dinner tonight is I want.  But I have a chicken in the fridge that is thawed so I will put it in the crock pot and cook it up.  I make a bang up chicken salad. Yum! 

     Does anyone else love it when their spouse travels?

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday, I did it, but sad news.

     I did not spend any money yesterday!  But D#2 asked for money for personal hygiene supplies, I told her to go to her Dad.  Does this count? The pharmacist gave me a syringe.  I got home and it was the wrong size! Nothing like injecting the wrong amount of low dose chemo.  So I will go back today.  Now I don't know how well this program works as I will have to fill Hubby's truck today, get him more cash to cover what he gave D#2.  He also is out of checks for his checkbook.  He ran out of check blanks last week.  But he spends so little money unless it is gas.  I am the spender, as I pay all the bills and get the groceries.

     Out My Window:  My cute white ducks Ying and Yang were killed last night.  I have been leaving them out and they were so happy up by the pond. But when I looked out the window this morning, white feathers everywhere.  This is the risk you take raising animals.  So sad.

     I had spaghetti last night with my own sauce and a big salad from garden, home made cherry pie from our tree.  So it was a good meal with out spending a lot of money.  We have lots of green tomatoes so I think in about two weeks we will have tomatoes.  I have to can them this year. I was able to get the under dress done on the one costume, I will do the overdress today.  Also have other alterations to do.  So I had better get cracking.  It is supposed to cool down this afternoon and I will get out and weed the front yard, I hope.

     We also had three more dancers join summer ballet yesterday.  So that is more money for expenses.  Yippee!  So scary this time of year.  I did pay bills yesterday.  I had to take $500.00 out of savings and a use all of my left over vacation money to cover the checks, but I knew this would happen.  The 22nd and the 25th are pay days and there will be about $800.00 left over so I can replenish the savings.  I have not taken in any money in the shop for over a week.  I really need to concentrate on this.  It is so easy to become complacent when things are paid.  When I am behind I can really get myself going, or when I want something, but right now I am in the blahs.....  Well back to the salt mines, my dearies!

 Have a  great and productive day!


Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday, No spend day

  I really have been inspired by the no spend days I see on PF blogs.  I never spend on Sunday so I have 4 or 5 a month without trying.  But the other days it is hard.  So I am going to try to have at least 2 more a week. I don't know if this really works, do you just spend more on the days you do spend?  Or is this primarily to cut down on things like soda, ice cream and non-essentials?  Well anyway I will try this and  today will be one of them until.....
    Daughter up early to go teach a class, and I was lounging in bed (yes can you believe it?)  She came running in, Mom I have two pairs of point shoes that need the ribbons adjusted.  So I get up and fix the stupid shoes, which had been sewn incorrectly and were a pain to do.  Actually all point shoes are a pain and I am not a cobbler.  What a way to start the day.  Then two parents call both from the same clinic and they need a ride for their children to and from dance.  This is a service we provide if they call ahead.  I don't know what was going on at the clinic to make them call so late but something big.  So already the day is upside down.  I am out of syringes for one of my medications, so I have to wait for daughter to bring one home, I could have asked one of the doctors that called this morning to send one out with the kids, but I did not know.  UGH!

     I have to balance the check book this morning and I do not want to.  Need to get caught up in the shop.  Also have two old fashioned car dresses to design and get done this week.  First fitting for the one is at 5 this afternoon, so do you suppose I should cut it out? Perhaps get dressed first?  I picked up kids in my bathrobe, I am such a beauty.
Out My Window:   Sunny, warm, beautiful day.  Summer at its finest.  Need to water the flowers, water the chickens, check the smoker and switch the fish.  Yum!

     I am going for a no spend day today! I think?  Might have to buy a syringe, but maybe the pharmacist will give it to me.

Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday, What was I thinking?

     Sunday is a day of rest right?  At least here it usually is, but my thought processes were a little screwed up today.  The kids have been after me to cook Korean.  Daughter #2's boyfriend is 1/2 Korean and 1/2 Norwegian.  This makes for very interesting facial features.  We call him our Korwegian. I went to church and came home but was called by my super and she was crying.  One of her workers is in charge of cleaning a huge bank downtown and his last day was yesterday, but he did nothing this last week.  I guess no one complained but what a butt.  She just had surgery and was afraid she could not handle the work.  I went down and in two hours we gutted it out and then I went home to cook Korean.
    I agreed to make Bul go gee (I can cook Korean just not spell Korean).  I also thought I would take out three previously frozen pie crusts and use up the rest of last years cherries and make two sour cherry pies.  I sliced a beef roast really thin across the grain and put it to steep in a mixture of sesame oil, soy sauce and a little sugar.  Then I started a big pot of rice in the rice cooker and I took a nap.  Day of rest remember?
     I slept about an hour and got up and thought why don't I throw together a little Kimba, I have the sea weed and so I sauteed  julienne carrots, made some egg sheets, cut up an avocado, and cooked some spinach from the garden, and proceeded to roll about 16 rolls of Kimba, but I was sweating so bad.  Pies were cooking and I took them out.  Daughter # 2 comes home and says Mom it is an oven in here.  It has been so cool this summer and yesterday was cool and overcast, today it was 98.  I am in a kitchen baking PIES.  Now I have to barbecue the meat.  This is done under a broiler in little strips that you turn constantly.  Now the broiler is on!
     I have really never seen this boy eat.  He is tall and very thin.  He eats like a bird.  Well D#2 started to cut the Kimba into sushi and this young man came alive!  He ate and ate.  He ate so much Bul go gee. (Lettuce wrapped morsel of rice, slice of meat and chili paste.)  So I guess it was worth it.  I about melted by the time the dishes were done.

     Husband complained when he had to start the smoker to smoke the 10 lbs of salmon I put in a brine last night.  What a whiner.  Like I haven't been in the hot kitchen for three hours!

Out My Window:  Green huge garden!  Producing squash like crazy.  Any one want a zucchini?

     The dog is feeling better today, she has chewed up about three pine cones on the only good carpet I have upstairs!  We have 2600 feet of hard wood floor and one very nice area rug, she always chooses the rug.  A dog of discriminating taste. If she starts playing the baby grand she is out of the house.

Have a beautiful and restful Sabbath and I will try to have one with you!


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday, what a mess,

     Rehearsal was great yesterday.  All of the cast were professional and nice.  I love the director and have not worked with her for years so it was nice to catch up.   We were able to sign up for #3's apartment and I purchased $168.00 worth of groceries at Winco.  I hit a meat sale.  Meat was marked down for quick sale as they had lost a freezer.  I was able to get 6 pork roasts, 2 huge rib eye steaks, 12 smaller steaks, 20 lbs of hamburger in addition to many groceries.  I have a full freezer after the spaghetti sauce fiasco!

  Two days ago, (Thursday) I cleaned out the freezer upstairs to see what I had in frozen pie filling.  I took out three 2 cups containers of tomato paste and one large bag of apple pie filling.  Well the apple pie filling leaked all over the counter and onto the floor.  The floor is uneven so it was spread and tracked by the dog and husband.  By the time I got home last night with all the groceries, I just put everything in the fridges and went to bed.
     Today I started out by trying to clean the floor so it was workable.  Then chopped onions, green peppers, garlic and sauted them.  I don't know what I was thinking but I accidently doubled  the tomato paste in my huge recipe, so I had to double the entire thing.  This was a canning kettle and a huge soup pot full of sauce.  Great but now we have to get it into containers and store it.  So both freezers had to be cleaned and organized.  I had to go to Wal-mart and get  6 more large containers.  Now every thing is packed and frozen.  I have enough sauce for at least 4 months and the kids will take it to school and their apartments.  Hubby is starting a brine to smoke 5  2/ lb salmon I bought on sale.  I have a rain check for 5 more and I won't have freezer room.  The kids love smoked fish.  So I have been in the kitchen for the past 7 hours.  The dishes are done and the mess is all cleaned up except for the floor.  I called the dog over to eat a little burger I had dropped and she was slow coming which I though was unusual.  Finally she come over and gets sick all over the kitchen floor.  Well at least I have not scrubbed it yet.  Oh Joy!  Just what I need after cooking and packing meat all day.

Out My Window:  It is cooler and overcast today.  Last night Hubby put one of the ducks in the pen but the other would not go so rather than fight her he left her out.  Big mistake.  Ducks like to be together.  One duck is impossible they follow you around.  So all night I can hear one of the ducks in the pen quacking and the other in the pond quacking.  They were calling each other. Hubby is deaf so it did not bother him!  What a dork.  I am bleary eyed and covered with tomato sauce.

     My kitchen floor is calling me and I would like to go to a $1 movie tonight so I had better get hopping.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, July 15, 2011


     I cleaned the shop and garage yesterday.  What a mess.  The laundry is caught up and looks nice!  Daughter # 2 even helped.   Read my script found music and we are ready to go.  I am also trying to clean out the pantry and fridge and freezer.  They are a mess.  I had to throw a way a bunch of stuff.  But it looks so much better and I am really inspired by the pantry challenges I have been reading about on the blogs.  Just trying to work around what you have.  I am making a huge pot of spaghetti sauce tomorrow.  I get a restaurant can of  tomato paste (this alone saves 11.67 on sauce)  Then I get 10 lbs of cheap hamburger and drain it.  Onions and peppers out of the garden or previously frozen from garden, garlic and spices  and 12 quarts of home canned tomatoes.  Yes this makes the most delicious sauce which I will freeze.  I do this about once every 4 months it costs me about $26.00 and saves like crazy.  Yes I could buy 26 jars of canned store sauce but yuck, the flavor.  I also cleaned out all the berries and figured out how much pie filling I have.  I need to get this used up before fall.  I can use most of it when we go to the family reunion, I do a lot of dutch oven cooking.  When you are feeding over 50 people it goes fast.

Out My Window:  We left the ducks out last night ans they are fine this morning.  Still need to weed, can't seem to motivate myself.

     Went to the movie Larry Crowne last night with daughter.  I liked it but I wanted it to develop the characters longer.  I am excited for the Harry Potter movie.  I will wait until it is not so busy.  We have a great $1 movie theater here.  I will be able to see Thor and X-men for $1. I should have waited to see Larry Crowne but it was a nice time out with daughter.

     I am going up to Moscow, Idaho today to work on choreography for "The Moss Gown"  I will also take youngest to sign her lease for college apartment.  I love a grocery store up there called Winco.  So much cheaper than what we have here.  I shopped there every week when the oldest was in college but I was also teaching for the dance dept and they paid my commute 2 times a week.  Now that we have our own studio I just don't think it is worth the hassle and gas cost to go up.  But when I have a chance to get up there I always stock up and a few things.  Now that B will be in college for the next 4 years I will probably be able to take advantage of this more often.

   I was so busy in the shop yesterday.  Tons of phone calls and many people coming over.  It was great because I was able to make about $75.00 yesterday in about 1.5 hours.  Just people that had to have stuff for the weekend.  Did I tell you I love my sewing shop?  (Ignore all comments when I am super busy and brides are driving me crazy)

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday, Need to get busy

     I paid the house payment yesterday and need to send out a large bill this morning.  In fact after this post I will do that.  Have not even set up the budget for July and it is halfway over!  Mostly because of travel.  But as long as I did not add to my debt and I have paid my bills I will not worry.  But I will sit down today and do that.

Out My Window:  Picked three yellow squash, onions, and made stir fry with chicken last night yum!  Did some weeding, but need to continue.  It is cooler today and over cast so that will make it easier.

     My super called last night and there is a bank downtown right by the studio that will be available at the end of the month.  It pays as much as the two county buildings we are doing, but it is a six day a week contract not a 5.  It is also easier, less demanding, and we can get into it after 6 p.m.  One of our county buildings is after 9 p.m. only.  This make us stay out really late.  We hate it, but six nights a week?  It would only take about 45-1 to do together with hubby but you still have to do it.  I am thinking, if we keep the one easy bank we do also across the street we could make more money and not have to drive around to clean.  I just don't know.  But I do know I hate the county buildings we are doing.  We really got screwed last fall when we were forced to switch from city to county due to contract changes.  This would take us back. 

What would you do?

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday, back to face the music!

  We are back!  I am tired but also rested.  It was a very nice trip.  Baby was cute, adorable and the best.  Can't wait to see him again.  The kids did not kill the flowers or the animals.  The house is a wreck and the laundry is backed up but I can live with that.  Because the shop phone is ported to my cell I will have a busy day tomorrow.  Many people coming in to get things done before the weekend.  I also must read the script for the musical we are choreographing as our first meeting is Friday afternoon.  I have been gone so much this week and I need to earn some money.  I did come home with $210.00.  So that will help offset the fact that I have not worked all week.  We took in $500.00 so far this week in summer ballet, with what is in the account we were able to pay the rent and one large $500.00 bill.  But the rest of the money has to come from me.  So I had better get to work.

 Out My Window:  You cannot see any soil in the garden at all.  That is how big the plants are.  I picked three yellow squash, a bunch of lettuce and the rest of the radishes.  I will need to reseed the radishes and the lettuce.

     Now the long summer begins.  We have one more trip and that is to a family reunion in August, but it is camping.  It will still cost money so I will start saving right away.   I am also supposed to go to my sister's over Labor Day weekend, but I just feel it is not a good thing this year.  I hate to miss it but it is expensive and it is the weekend the studio opens.  Just so stressful for me.  The family will be really mad if I don't go.  They will also pay for my ticket so I can't cry broke!  Well I am going out to weed the yard, it is a mess.

Have a great and productive day, I missed all of you!


Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday, okay I have to stop!

  I have been trying to post all day, but the shop is nuts.  People have to know I'm leaving town.  I have now taken in over $619.00.  I had to turn down a dress hem and a pants hem as I need to pack and be ready by the time Hubby gets here at 4:30.  I was able to go get my nails done.  This is a perk.  Also two people picked up that I thought would not pick up until next week so that was an extra $64.00.  Last night I had a rodeo princess come in that had a photo shoot Saturday and her Rhinestone shirt came in too small.  I took in another $35.00.  Then I had a call from a frantic mother of the bride.  They are at a swanky Hotel here at the pier and her daughters dress does not fit!  Has she gained of lost weight?  No.  What style is it?  A strapless lace up the back, frosting gown.  I knew they were just not lacing it properly so I ran over and yes I got her into it and it is perfect.  So I am going back to the hotel tonight and getting her back into the dress at 5:30 and then Hubby and I can take off!  Another $50.00!  Cha-ching! This will fill the truck with gas.  I am so blessed.

Out My Window:  Perfect summer day about 87.  I am going to pick a bunch of basil to take to my daughters.  She cooks wonderful Italian.

     Appraiser was here this morning.  She loved our basement.  We have two bedrooms and a Jack and Jill bath, plus a family room.  But the bedrooms are huge!  We could easily split them into 4 bedrooms, except for the crash out windows.  You must have a crash out per bedroom to have them considered bedrooms by state law.  We actually put these windows in ourselves about 10 years ago.  When we purchased the house it was just considered a 2 bedroom and those were upstairs.  I have the paperwork for the refinance.  It looks like a 10 year at 3.33% at this point.  It is not final but all the paperwork is done so cross your fingers for me.
     It is really nice to be able to leave town knowing that I will not have to use a charge card.  I have not stocked the house with groceries, or given the kids money to spend while I am gone.  They both have jobs and there is plenty of healthy food in the house.  If they need to by a 1/2 gallon of milk they can.  If they need or want treats they can buy there own.  This is such a savings.  Now I may get a panic call from daughter # 3 because she is out of money.  But we will be home Wednesday and I can always x-fer money to her savings account with a phone call.  She has had huge expenses with her new car and I am sure she is down to a dime.  I don't mind helping but I am not supporting their cokes and jokes.
      Jenny and Sarah and I are forming a club.  Mothers who buy dog food when they leave town but don't buy people food for kids at home.  Who wants to design the T-Shirt? :)

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday, I met my goal!

    I was able to get the table cloths done!  $285.00 added to the $95.00 I took in yesterday and the $50.00 I have from last week and I am over the $400.00 goal.  I have more work to do for tomorrow so I will be able to put some money in the checking account.  We are out of dog food, I cannot leave the girls without dog food.  I won't leave money for their groceries but I will feed the dog, see what kind of a mother I am!

Out My Window:  Hubby picked the cherries yesterday!  He also pitted them last night and I froze them.  There was a PBS special he wanted to watch, so he pitted while he watched, great I was off the hook!  I did some weeding last night but need to do a whole lot more.  Will try to get out when it cools down this evening.

The house appraiser will be here tomorrow at 9:30.  It will be interesting to see what they say it is worth.  It has not been appraised for 10 years.  Real estate has gone down some here but not very much.  We are filling out the application for D#3 apartment for college.  She needs to find a roommate.  She will also have to work part time. I am inspired to try and work on this blog, like Mysti but I don't know enough about it and I am always so busy that I never take the time to fix it up.  I have asked this before but is it worth it to monetize?
Help me, to help me.

I have a web-site through my business that is gorgeous, but it is done and maintained by a professional.
Well off to the salt mines!

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday, sticking to my goals

     I am deep into table cloths right now.  They are for a wedding this Saturday.  I am almost done with the hems but have to put weights in the corners as it is an outdoor wedding and they might blow around.  So my goal this morning is to attach weights to 30 cloths.  Yes at least 30!  Why does everything I do seem like over kill?  Any way I had to spend $22.00 yesterday for a fruit plate for Hubby's secretaries retirement party.  Dang.  But I did take in $95.00, to put toward my trip this weekend. I also had another Wedding dress came in that will be picked up by Friday.   It is a simple $75.00 alteration. So if I can get these cloths done that will be $235.00 and with what I have I am getting close to my goal.  I also made arrangements to stay with a niece of my husbands on the way down to southern Idaho so we will not have to stay in a motel.  Saving us at least $50-75.00.

Out My Window:  I absolutely will have to pick the cherries today or the birds will pick them for me!

It is going to be the hottest day on record this summer today!

     We sold daughter #2 couch last night on craigslist, so that huge thing is out of the garage.  She was happy.  She has never done this before so it was a learning experience for her.  I am thinking of having a yard sale at the end of July.  Many of you have inspired me.  But I usually don't do well, so we will see.  We did get summer ballet cards out yesterday, I am praying that we get at least 12 to take the classes, that way we can pay a big bill and rent!  I am trying so hard to stick to my budget.

     What are you doing to stick to your budget?

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday, I'm back and ready

     We had a wonderful time!  Went up to Priest Lake in Norther Idaho and rented a boat for 1/2 a day.  It was about 85 and we just spent the afternoon on the lake.  We took a channel  to the upper lake.  It was so beautiful.  I got a little sunburned but not bad.  It was fun to get together with old college chums.  It was just like old times.  We were married 3 days apart both of us have raised our children.  We both have a young college age child, but here we were alone, back to the way we were when we were young.  We went out to dinner at an authentic Mexican restaurant that evening and then we went to a pottery house that was open until 10 p.m.  I bought about $40.00 worth of handmade pottery, so pretty.  Here is our breakdown:

     Gas: $45.00
     Boat: $175.00 (Host paid, although I offered to pay 1/2, we were supposed to hike but his knee was bad)
     Gas for boat $93.00 (I paid $50)
     Fudge Shop: $12.99
     Dinner: $57.00 (I paid)
     Pottery: $42:00
     Cabelas: $71.36  (Husband had gift certificate and bought a camp cot he has wanted)
     Total: $196.99 out of pockets

I came home with $74.00 to put into pot for next weekend when we go to see our grandson.

     Out My Window:  Garden is Huge, I need to go do some weeding and pick the cherries today!

     I have several appointments in the shop today and I have about 30 table cloths to hem for a wedding so I had better get cracking. I have unpacked from the weekend and need to do laundry.  The dog had made a terrible mess with pine cones while we were gone.  Chewed up several in every room.  So I had to pick up all the area rugs  and sweep the upstairs last night.  I think he was lonely, kids were home, but Hubby walks him and I am home with him more. Poor darling.
     I have to send out summer ballet letters today.  Also cannot spend any money this week as I will need at least $400.00 to go to southern Idaho this next weekend.  We need gas money and we are going to take Hubby's dad out to dinner for Father's Day.  We also have to take son-in-law out for his Birthday which was on Father's Day.  Also a little extra for travel, we will probably stay in a motel one night.  Now my goal is to see if I can do this!  July will be a tight month!

     Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday, I did it!

     Remember I said I wanted to be able to leave town this  weekend without taking any money out of savings?  Well I did it!  I was able to earn $206.00 in my shop on Thursday and Friday.  I also needed to fill the car with gas and put at least $100.00 in the checking account.  Daughter # 3 paid me back $150.00 she owed me and I was able to do that.  Then I took my change saving bank and cashed it in as I do every three months.  I had $48.66 in there so I have $254.00 to take with me and I did not touch the savings account.  Hooray!

Out My Window:  Too dark to see, I am posting at 2:48 a.m.  Could not sleep arthritis is flaring.

     I am  looking forward to this weekend, I had daughter #2 touch up my roots.  I really started to go gray at 25 and went totally gray at 30.  Darn Scandinavian genes anyway.
       Kids put pressure on me to leave then some money and I said no!  You have your own jobs and you live here rent free. We have enough food in this house to feed them for months and the garden is full of salad fixings.  When I get home I have to pick the pie cherries they will be ripe!
     Well I better get to bed as I must be up early to put out the ducks, feed the chickens and get all the watering done before we leave.  Hubby has already gassed the car.

Have a great 4th of July weekend , I am so grateful for our freedom and the sacrifices it took to give us that freedom!



Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday, I am free, well maybe?

       I  am just so excited to have a couple of months to let down.  Last night I was checking my e-mail the account where I have to pay attention to clients, Ugh!  I had an e-mail from the director that I will do choreography for this next month.  All of these music links she wanted me to listen to and download.  I ignored the e-mail just for the night.  Well this morning here is another one with more links.  These directors are just so into their new baby and want me to be into it too!  But I just want a weekend without music or idea in my head!  To me it is just another musical!  I am so immature. But  I need a weekend!

Out My Window:  Beautiful weather, warm it will be hot!  I am excited.  I think I will get some yellow squash by next week, along with my lettuce, and radishes and onions.

This is a new month Yeah! 
Last months recap:

The Good:

I finished all the workshops and paid all the bills.
I was able to survive graduation with out debt (new debt)
I was able to save an additional $1000.00 for summer bills.
I helped daughter # 3 get into a more reliable car for college.
I paid all of my personal bills on time without any problems and had money left over!  (this has not happened in  as long as I can remember)

The Bad:

We did not take in as much as we needed in tuition for the workshops, We actually went about $1000.00 in the hole.
I did not get to pay off my Mom because recital bills were much higher than projected.
Ascap nailed us for $192.00 and every year in the future.
I did not make any where near the progress on my debt that I usually do.  ( but I did not go backwards)
Was not able to take low dose chemo because of fevers, so am stoving up like an old woman, might have to switch meds, crap! and I have over $2000.00 in preloaded syringes in the fridge!

      So onto the next month, it does not look promising, but I will hold my own!

Have a great and productive day!