Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday, My mom is visiting!

     My mommy came to visit yesterday.  She is not fond of my husband.  We have been married 33 years and she still does not like him.  So she was excited that he was going to be gone for a few days.  We have been busy trying to catch up in the shop.  She has terrible health and I worry about her, but I can't change her, so I will enjoy her while I can.  She is very funny and talented.
     I have one of the costumes done except for a few finishing touches and I will cut out the second one in a few minutes.  I also have a lot of work in the shop to keep me busy.
     D#2 is in a snit, she moved into an apartment downtown (that I do not think she can afford),but it is hard to move home after you have been out of the house for 5 years.  I do not miss that mess!  Also she has all of my laundry baskets!  I was complaining.  My mom said Kim go buy 4 new ones.  Both girls are leaving home and they will take the baskets, this is not worth the fight.  Every time one of you left home I went and bought baskets.  Boy is that all it takes to get them to leave?:)
     Out My Window:  Sunny warm, very nice and cool yesterday.  This has been the most unusual summer.

     D#3 has the clutch out on her car.  It will be about $650.00 to fix, she is in hysterics.  Owning a car is expensive.  I am worried about money.  But today and Monday are payday and I have plenty of work in the shop so I will keep plugging along.  It is all I can do.

Have a great and productive day!


  1. That's great your mother is here to visit. I miss mine so much (she died when I was 14!). Have a great visit!

  2. Have fun with your mom and enjoy the weekend!

  3. Enjoy your weekend! :) I agree about the laundry baskets, there's always sales on them, so hopefully youll find a good deal!

  4. I'd leave a comment but I have to go out now and buy baskets:)

  5. I'd leave a comment but I have to go out and buy some baskets.