Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday, What was I thinking?

     Sunday is a day of rest right?  At least here it usually is, but my thought processes were a little screwed up today.  The kids have been after me to cook Korean.  Daughter #2's boyfriend is 1/2 Korean and 1/2 Norwegian.  This makes for very interesting facial features.  We call him our Korwegian. I went to church and came home but was called by my super and she was crying.  One of her workers is in charge of cleaning a huge bank downtown and his last day was yesterday, but he did nothing this last week.  I guess no one complained but what a butt.  She just had surgery and was afraid she could not handle the work.  I went down and in two hours we gutted it out and then I went home to cook Korean.
    I agreed to make Bul go gee (I can cook Korean just not spell Korean).  I also thought I would take out three previously frozen pie crusts and use up the rest of last years cherries and make two sour cherry pies.  I sliced a beef roast really thin across the grain and put it to steep in a mixture of sesame oil, soy sauce and a little sugar.  Then I started a big pot of rice in the rice cooker and I took a nap.  Day of rest remember?
     I slept about an hour and got up and thought why don't I throw together a little Kimba, I have the sea weed and so I sauteed  julienne carrots, made some egg sheets, cut up an avocado, and cooked some spinach from the garden, and proceeded to roll about 16 rolls of Kimba, but I was sweating so bad.  Pies were cooking and I took them out.  Daughter # 2 comes home and says Mom it is an oven in here.  It has been so cool this summer and yesterday was cool and overcast, today it was 98.  I am in a kitchen baking PIES.  Now I have to barbecue the meat.  This is done under a broiler in little strips that you turn constantly.  Now the broiler is on!
     I have really never seen this boy eat.  He is tall and very thin.  He eats like a bird.  Well D#2 started to cut the Kimba into sushi and this young man came alive!  He ate and ate.  He ate so much Bul go gee. (Lettuce wrapped morsel of rice, slice of meat and chili paste.)  So I guess it was worth it.  I about melted by the time the dishes were done.

     Husband complained when he had to start the smoker to smoke the 10 lbs of salmon I put in a brine last night.  What a whiner.  Like I haven't been in the hot kitchen for three hours!

Out My Window:  Green huge garden!  Producing squash like crazy.  Any one want a zucchini?

     The dog is feeling better today, she has chewed up about three pine cones on the only good carpet I have upstairs!  We have 2600 feet of hard wood floor and one very nice area rug, she always chooses the rug.  A dog of discriminating taste. If she starts playing the baby grand she is out of the house.

Have a beautiful and restful Sabbath and I will try to have one with you!


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  1. You are a rock star to help your super out on short notice! Glad the boyfriend enjoyed the meal.