Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday, I did it, but sad news.

     I did not spend any money yesterday!  But D#2 asked for money for personal hygiene supplies, I told her to go to her Dad.  Does this count? The pharmacist gave me a syringe.  I got home and it was the wrong size! Nothing like injecting the wrong amount of low dose chemo.  So I will go back today.  Now I don't know how well this program works as I will have to fill Hubby's truck today, get him more cash to cover what he gave D#2.  He also is out of checks for his checkbook.  He ran out of check blanks last week.  But he spends so little money unless it is gas.  I am the spender, as I pay all the bills and get the groceries.

     Out My Window:  My cute white ducks Ying and Yang were killed last night.  I have been leaving them out and they were so happy up by the pond. But when I looked out the window this morning, white feathers everywhere.  This is the risk you take raising animals.  So sad.

     I had spaghetti last night with my own sauce and a big salad from garden, home made cherry pie from our tree.  So it was a good meal with out spending a lot of money.  We have lots of green tomatoes so I think in about two weeks we will have tomatoes.  I have to can them this year. I was able to get the under dress done on the one costume, I will do the overdress today.  Also have other alterations to do.  So I had better get cracking.  It is supposed to cool down this afternoon and I will get out and weed the front yard, I hope.

     We also had three more dancers join summer ballet yesterday.  So that is more money for expenses.  Yippee!  So scary this time of year.  I did pay bills yesterday.  I had to take $500.00 out of savings and a use all of my left over vacation money to cover the checks, but I knew this would happen.  The 22nd and the 25th are pay days and there will be about $800.00 left over so I can replenish the savings.  I have not taken in any money in the shop for over a week.  I really need to concentrate on this.  It is so easy to become complacent when things are paid.  When I am behind I can really get myself going, or when I want something, but right now I am in the blahs.....  Well back to the salt mines, my dearies!

 Have a  great and productive day!



  1. I am so sorry about your ducks. Needle sizes can also be a problem, we have often recieved the wrong size and it is frustrating.

    You have been doing really great, give yourself a break. Its alright to have the blahs sometimes, we all do.

    Hugs because I think you need one

  2. Awwww... sorry to hear about the ducks. It will be okay.

    It must be that time of year for the blahs! Mysti was having the blah the other day.

  3. Poor duckies.....

    Sound like you had a wonderful, home grown dinner. Can I come for dinner?????

  4. oh dear, thats sad about your little ducks.

    your garden sounds lovely, it's such a nice feeling to eat food you've grown and picked.

  5. Sorry to hear about the ducks.
    Came across your blog, just browsing other PF blogs.

    Dinner sounds delicious!