Friday, July 15, 2011


     I cleaned the shop and garage yesterday.  What a mess.  The laundry is caught up and looks nice!  Daughter # 2 even helped.   Read my script found music and we are ready to go.  I am also trying to clean out the pantry and fridge and freezer.  They are a mess.  I had to throw a way a bunch of stuff.  But it looks so much better and I am really inspired by the pantry challenges I have been reading about on the blogs.  Just trying to work around what you have.  I am making a huge pot of spaghetti sauce tomorrow.  I get a restaurant can of  tomato paste (this alone saves 11.67 on sauce)  Then I get 10 lbs of cheap hamburger and drain it.  Onions and peppers out of the garden or previously frozen from garden, garlic and spices  and 12 quarts of home canned tomatoes.  Yes this makes the most delicious sauce which I will freeze.  I do this about once every 4 months it costs me about $26.00 and saves like crazy.  Yes I could buy 26 jars of canned store sauce but yuck, the flavor.  I also cleaned out all the berries and figured out how much pie filling I have.  I need to get this used up before fall.  I can use most of it when we go to the family reunion, I do a lot of dutch oven cooking.  When you are feeding over 50 people it goes fast.

Out My Window:  We left the ducks out last night ans they are fine this morning.  Still need to weed, can't seem to motivate myself.

     Went to the movie Larry Crowne last night with daughter.  I liked it but I wanted it to develop the characters longer.  I am excited for the Harry Potter movie.  I will wait until it is not so busy.  We have a great $1 movie theater here.  I will be able to see Thor and X-men for $1. I should have waited to see Larry Crowne but it was a nice time out with daughter.

     I am going up to Moscow, Idaho today to work on choreography for "The Moss Gown"  I will also take youngest to sign her lease for college apartment.  I love a grocery store up there called Winco.  So much cheaper than what we have here.  I shopped there every week when the oldest was in college but I was also teaching for the dance dept and they paid my commute 2 times a week.  Now that we have our own studio I just don't think it is worth the hassle and gas cost to go up.  But when I have a chance to get up there I always stock up and a few things.  Now that B will be in college for the next 4 years I will probably be able to take advantage of this more often.

   I was so busy in the shop yesterday.  Tons of phone calls and many people coming over.  It was great because I was able to make about $75.00 yesterday in about 1.5 hours.  Just people that had to have stuff for the weekend.  Did I tell you I love my sewing shop?  (Ignore all comments when I am super busy and brides are driving me crazy)

Have a great and productive day!



  1. $1 movie theater?!? I love movies. I'm so jealous. It's very expensive out here. You're lucky if you can get into a matinee under $10, forget about going after 6pm!

  2. Oh I'm so jealous of the $1 movie theaters, we haven't had one here in...decades! Used to love going, guess it's all netfixs now. We also saw Larry Crowne, I liked it but then, I don't want to see anything too heavy lately.

    As for all those frugal and organizing blogs, yep, they have me trying to catch up!

    Love Fridays though!