Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday, Murphy has found a new home

     D#2 needed $250.00 for her final licensing papers, you could not use a card or she would have, you had to send a check.  So I had to write the checks.  Now she will pay me back, but when I don't know.  Okay I can handle that.  D#3 has the clutch go out in her car.  Labor is $200.00 she has that in her savings account, but the part is $492.73, so I wrote a check for that.  Now she will have to pay it back, but when?  I also wrote a check for the down on her apartment last week, $540.00 which was supposed to come out of a studio account and then, because they wanted it done online and added a $40.00 fee I said no and wrote a check.  I am down almost $1300.00.  It is not even the end of July.

     Out My Window:  Cool, pretty, beautiful day on the prairie. Just makes it good to be alive as long as you have a check book with lots of money:) (okay a little sarcasm)   

          I have another rehearsal for the Repertory Theater this afternoon in Moscow.  So myself and D#2 and my mother will drive there.  I am frustrated right now, I knew that the summer bills would hit and there would be no money, but I did not expect such large out of the blue expenses.  But digging out did not expect a new hot water heater and Mysti has to deal with a pond pump and car problems.  So I am in with everyone else. I still have money in savings to cover all of this, but I am down to under $1000.00.  I just don't feel very positive right now.

Bad:  Car fix
         License fees
         Apt rent
         Stupid questions asked for refianance

Good: Because we have paid off so many small/large bills this last year, we do have over $800.00 left after these last two paychecks to help.
          My mom is here
          I have a ton of work in the shop to do
          I have an abundant garden to eat fresh from
          I have meat in the freezer and a pantry full of food.
          We have jobs

 Okay so it is only money.  I hate money.

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. OUCH! I am so sorry to hear about this. Remember, there will be bumps in this journey, but if you let them stop you, Murphy will win every time.