Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday, I met my goal!

    I was able to get the table cloths done!  $285.00 added to the $95.00 I took in yesterday and the $50.00 I have from last week and I am over the $400.00 goal.  I have more work to do for tomorrow so I will be able to put some money in the checking account.  We are out of dog food, I cannot leave the girls without dog food.  I won't leave money for their groceries but I will feed the dog, see what kind of a mother I am!

Out My Window:  Hubby picked the cherries yesterday!  He also pitted them last night and I froze them.  There was a PBS special he wanted to watch, so he pitted while he watched, great I was off the hook!  I did some weeding last night but need to do a whole lot more.  Will try to get out when it cools down this evening.

The house appraiser will be here tomorrow at 9:30.  It will be interesting to see what they say it is worth.  It has not been appraised for 10 years.  Real estate has gone down some here but not very much.  We are filling out the application for D#3 apartment for college.  She needs to find a roommate.  She will also have to work part time. I am inspired to try and work on this blog, like Mysti but I don't know enough about it and I am always so busy that I never take the time to fix it up.  I have asked this before but is it worth it to monetize?
Help me, to help me.

I have a web-site through my business that is gorgeous, but it is done and maintained by a professional.
Well off to the salt mines!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I've wondered if I should monetize my blog as well. I'll have to spend some time figuring it all out.

    GREAT job on all the money you brought in! Wow! I wish I could sew...

  2. I monetize....and it really doesn't add up to much.

    I am open to suggestions on my format!!

  3. I have nooooo idea how to do that, although it sounds intriguing and others seem to be doing well with it.

    You really did well with the money you brought in, wow! Wish I was that productive!

  4. Good girl! I wish I had cherries! I keep tweaking mine and I'm still not happy with it. Since I started I have $11.46 in clicks. I would say its not worth it. I am hoping to migrate to WordPress soon.

  5. Great job on smashing your goal!! ... and for what it's worth, I made sure there was dog food in the house when we went to Florida, but didn't check the fridge to make sure the boy was fed :) He survived!