Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday, sticking to my goals

     I am deep into table cloths right now.  They are for a wedding this Saturday.  I am almost done with the hems but have to put weights in the corners as it is an outdoor wedding and they might blow around.  So my goal this morning is to attach weights to 30 cloths.  Yes at least 30!  Why does everything I do seem like over kill?  Any way I had to spend $22.00 yesterday for a fruit plate for Hubby's secretaries retirement party.  Dang.  But I did take in $95.00, to put toward my trip this weekend. I also had another Wedding dress came in that will be picked up by Friday.   It is a simple $75.00 alteration. So if I can get these cloths done that will be $235.00 and with what I have I am getting close to my goal.  I also made arrangements to stay with a niece of my husbands on the way down to southern Idaho so we will not have to stay in a motel.  Saving us at least $50-75.00.

Out My Window:  I absolutely will have to pick the cherries today or the birds will pick them for me!

It is going to be the hottest day on record this summer today!

     We sold daughter #2 couch last night on craigslist, so that huge thing is out of the garage.  She was happy.  She has never done this before so it was a learning experience for her.  I am thinking of having a yard sale at the end of July.  Many of you have inspired me.  But I usually don't do well, so we will see.  We did get summer ballet cards out yesterday, I am praying that we get at least 12 to take the classes, that way we can pay a big bill and rent!  I am trying so hard to stick to my budget.

     What are you doing to stick to your budget?

Have a great and productive day!



  1. My recent yard sale was so much work. I am not going to say don't do it....but don't do what I did and try and clear out EVERYTHING at once!!

    I am doing financial stuff right I will get back to you on what I am doing to stick to the budget!

  2. We are recovering from vacation even though it was all paid for ahead of time. Its so hot in philly right now its gross, in fact I am sweating watching hubby go back and forth to the grill(heheh)

    Sounds like your plans are going well


  3. Part of me wants to do a garage sale to add to my Christmas stash, but the other part says it's too much work. Sigh.

    If I had furniture and large items to sell I may consider it, but a lot of the little stuff, I'll just donate. (I'll add it to Itsdeductible, so I'll see some tax benefits right away!)