Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday, No spend day

  I really have been inspired by the no spend days I see on PF blogs.  I never spend on Sunday so I have 4 or 5 a month without trying.  But the other days it is hard.  So I am going to try to have at least 2 more a week. I don't know if this really works, do you just spend more on the days you do spend?  Or is this primarily to cut down on things like soda, ice cream and non-essentials?  Well anyway I will try this and  today will be one of them until.....
    Daughter up early to go teach a class, and I was lounging in bed (yes can you believe it?)  She came running in, Mom I have two pairs of point shoes that need the ribbons adjusted.  So I get up and fix the stupid shoes, which had been sewn incorrectly and were a pain to do.  Actually all point shoes are a pain and I am not a cobbler.  What a way to start the day.  Then two parents call both from the same clinic and they need a ride for their children to and from dance.  This is a service we provide if they call ahead.  I don't know what was going on at the clinic to make them call so late but something big.  So already the day is upside down.  I am out of syringes for one of my medications, so I have to wait for daughter to bring one home, I could have asked one of the doctors that called this morning to send one out with the kids, but I did not know.  UGH!

     I have to balance the check book this morning and I do not want to.  Need to get caught up in the shop.  Also have two old fashioned car dresses to design and get done this week.  First fitting for the one is at 5 this afternoon, so do you suppose I should cut it out? Perhaps get dressed first?  I picked up kids in my bathrobe, I am such a beauty.
Out My Window:   Sunny, warm, beautiful day.  Summer at its finest.  Need to water the flowers, water the chickens, check the smoker and switch the fish.  Yum!

     I am going for a no spend day today! I think?  Might have to buy a syringe, but maybe the pharmacist will give it to me.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I learned to have no spend days by staying in bed all day:) Win/win situation!

  2. Murphy always shows up at the most annoying times. Hopefully you can get another chance to stay in bed all day.