Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday, new conract is going to be so much easier!

     Well with all the drama of Mom, kids, and refinance, I have not yet written about our new cleaning contract.  We were cleaning three buildings one of which we could not get into until after 9 in the evening. This made for a very long day for both my husband and myself.  We are taking a new much larger bank that will pay the same as the three buildings.  We started on Monday and we have had to do all the other buildings besides so we are dragging.  D#2 is going to take two of the buildings and she has been gone since Sunday.  Finally a new person picked up one of the others.  D#2 will be home tonight, but I will have to supervise her.

     The new building has three floors, but the second floor is not used more than once every two weeks.  The main floor is well used and the basement has three bathrooms and a small cafeteria.  It will take us less than an hour to do a good job.  I went upstairs and found neither bathroom used and one soda can in the lunch room.
So hubby and I divided the work, He will do garbage and vacuum and mopping.  I will do dust, wipe down, bathroom sanitizing and all the glass.  Once a building is clean you can keep it clean by just staying on top of the dirt.  This is going to be so much better!  We can go in after 6 p.m. and get home at a decent hour.  We will be paid $518.00 after taxes twice a month so that is a great second income for and hour a night out.  It is also good exercise.  We both get enough exercise, but it is a  full hour of non stop moving, lifting, pushing, stair climbing so it is like a paid gym membership! 
      Out My Window:  Beautiful, warm (not hot).  Just a perfect summer day.  We have been eating on the deck outside.  I love the deck.  It is surrounded buy lawn, trees and garden.  The small pond borders the side.  Peaceful and quite.

     Mom is doing better today.  I took her out to the bookstore, where we hit a sale on used books for $1.99.  She then takes them to the Sr. Center and trades them.  All best sellers!  We also went to a canned food store that she likes.  They had pie cherry filling for .99 can.  I was afraid it might not taste good, so we bought a can and the manager opened it for us.  It was great so we each bought a case!  I believe if she continues to mend we will drive her home Saturday.  Hubby will drive her car and I will take her in mine and then we will come home.  Nothing like a 10 hour car trip.  I need to get into the shop and get busy.  Several bridesmaid dresses came in today! 

     It is quite here without the girls, but really nice.  I realize D#3 will be home Sunday and I will have my melt down when she leaves for college.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Your new contract sounds good. Glad your mom is doing better. I bet she's anxious to get home.

  2. So glad to hear that your took the new contract and that it is so much better! It's great your mom is doing better too!

  3. congrats o the new contract!!!

  4. Happy to hear that things are getting easier. Family drama is pouring gas on a fire isn't it?!
    I am envious of your sewing skills! It takes me an entire evening to hem one pair of pants! If we lived closer I would give you a lot of business!!