Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday, I am free, well maybe?

       I  am just so excited to have a couple of months to let down.  Last night I was checking my e-mail the account where I have to pay attention to clients, Ugh!  I had an e-mail from the director that I will do choreography for this next month.  All of these music links she wanted me to listen to and download.  I ignored the e-mail just for the night.  Well this morning here is another one with more links.  These directors are just so into their new baby and want me to be into it too!  But I just want a weekend without music or idea in my head!  To me it is just another musical!  I am so immature. But  I need a weekend!

Out My Window:  Beautiful weather, warm it will be hot!  I am excited.  I think I will get some yellow squash by next week, along with my lettuce, and radishes and onions.

This is a new month Yeah! 
Last months recap:

The Good:

I finished all the workshops and paid all the bills.
I was able to survive graduation with out debt (new debt)
I was able to save an additional $1000.00 for summer bills.
I helped daughter # 3 get into a more reliable car for college.
I paid all of my personal bills on time without any problems and had money left over!  (this has not happened in  as long as I can remember)

The Bad:

We did not take in as much as we needed in tuition for the workshops, We actually went about $1000.00 in the hole.
I did not get to pay off my Mom because recital bills were much higher than projected.
Ascap nailed us for $192.00 and every year in the future.
I did not make any where near the progress on my debt that I usually do.  ( but I did not go backwards)
Was not able to take low dose chemo because of fevers, so am stoving up like an old woman, might have to switch meds, crap! and I have over $2000.00 in preloaded syringes in the fridge!

      So onto the next month, it does not look promising, but I will hold my own!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Hang in there my dear. It will work out. Have faith. Remember this - Ask in His Name and it shall be done. Do not worry about tomorrow.

  2. Onward and upward. New month, all new opportunities!!!