Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday, I am done with the workshop!

     I am so tired and glad the workshop season is over.  Kids were so cute and did such a good job at their performance.  But boy three weeks of workshops and I am beat to death.  We are leaving town Saturday morning.  I have about $200.00 worth of work to do in the shop.  However the shop is such a mess I can't function.  So I am cleaning it well and then I am going to attack the pile.  I have to put at least $100.00 in the checking account and I want $200.00 to take with.  So far I have $101.00, I need to get busy.  Also laundry is backed up again.  Oh well I feel so free, I can't even be upset about it.

Out My Window:  Sorry I was in such a hurry this morning to get to dress rehearsal I didn't even look!

     Bank called and the checkbook that I had in my purse when it was stolen is supposedly being used!  Well it turned out that the checks reported stolen were off by 5 numbers so 5 of those #s are in the check book I am using now.  They returned two checks yesterday as stop pays for theft.  I went down and straightened the mess out with the bank but the two returned checks will have to be dealt with and they will probably charge me even though it was an honest mistake.  At least I can take refuge in the fact that the bank was really trying to look after mt best interests.  Stop pays really work!  Sometimes too well.  I am going to sweep the shop and do something, but I am soooooo sleepy.

Have a great and productive evening!



  1. Have you decided where you are going or did I miss it? i am glad you are getting away:)

  2. You have been working so hard the past few months - I sure hope you get some well-deserved rest and relaxation! So sorry about the checks. I'd beg, plead and cry if necessary to get the bank to consider giving you a break. Meantime, have a GREAT trip!!


  3. Good Lucy getting everything done before you leave, & have a wonderful trip!!! :)

  4. Um... That would be "luck", not Lucy! Stupid auto correct!!! lol!