Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday, What do you value?

     That was the lesson today, what do you value?  I thought of shoes, money, flowers, family, relationships.  Getting out of debt is a process of assessing what you value.  I value less stress.  I value paying less of my money to interest.  I value being able to spend more time with my loved ones, not working 3 jobs to pay off debt.  It is skewed values that got me into this mess and it is new values that will get me out.
     I now value frugality.  I value savings. I value waiting until I can pay for an item.  I value the peace that being able to pay my bills brings to me.  I value living without fear (I am still working on this).

Out My Window:  Warm, blue sky, white fluffy clouds, just the perfect kind of weather.  I wish I was at the ocean today.  I am missing the ocean.  I can look out my window but I can't see the ocean.

    I am going to take a long rest in the sun on the back porch, today!

Have a restful and peaceful Sabbath!



  1. I value my family. Being in debt prevents me from being able to jump on plane to see my daughter or my sister.

  2. I value my family and time we have together. I'd like to see the ocean out my window too.

  3. Thanks for your encouraging comment. It is easy for me to slip into the wrong frame of mind. But really, I have everything I want other than a few odds and ends, and those are not important.

    We just went for a sweaty walk around our nice quiet neighborhood at night (about 45 minutes' worth of hill-climbing aerobic exercise.) Earlier we went on a drive to see some places from the past and pointed them out to our children; it was a fun day even though we did nothing "special" by the standards of most people. But "most people" don't need to figure into the equation, right? ;o)

  4. My husband took last Friday off, and I must say I LOVED having him around. I value time with my family. I'm learning slowly but surely that people and experiences bring me much more satisfaction than stuff...Hoping to walk the walk...
    Thank you for the gentle reminder to wait to buy my double oven until I have cash in hand (and that doesn't mean my emergency fund!) :)!