Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday, my kids are airheads!

     As most of you know my husband and I have a cleaning contract that we do late in the evening.  We have high security clearances and can pass into government buildings.  Our company will also call us if they have a new bank or a building that they are having problems with.  We will go in for a short time.  Needless to say there is a bank in town that we took on 3 nights a week last September.  We did not want the extra work, but we got permission to take the girls down last November as both were 18.  Now after 6 month the girls have wanted to do it by themselves, they want all the money.  Hubby and I do not want the extra work.  Well you can see where this is going......

   Girls are both working full time and then some. Daughter #2 actually has 2 jobs and is working about 60 plus hours a week.  Weekends are very full for both of them as they take on overtime.  I woke up like I had been shot out of bed at 6:45 this morning.  I could not remember the girls last night going to the bank.  My heart went cold.  Daughter # 2 was at her first client and she had the key. Daughter # 3 had to be to work by 8.  Well I brushed my hair and teeth and went to get the key.  I hoped if I got down by 7:15 I could do a quick job and get out before any one was wiser.

     I got to the bank and there was a woman in a business suit out in the lot picking up garbage.  This bank is downtown and we have run off late night party people out of the lot.  But this was unbelievable.  Pop/beer cans. McDonald's bags, pizza boxes, cigarette cartons, just a messy disaster.    I pulled up in front of the doors and got out.  She looked up and called across the lot, "Are you the Janitor?" (realize we never meet these people in fact we are really allowed no contact, part of the security)  I said yes , I was coming by early to touch up a few things, (yeah like right), I asked her to stop I would go in and get gloves and clean up for her.  It took me over an hour and 4 huge 33 gallon bags to clean up that lot.  Then I ran inside emptied the trash, vacuumed a little and wiped up the bathrooms.  The manager was so grateful, she thought she would have to do it all as she cannot ask employees to do this kind of work and I just offered, I was her angel.  I felt like a dishonest snipe.  But oh  "all's well that ends well!"
     The kids can no longer clean!  They are not responsible.  I called my husband and he was more forgiving of the girls.  He said they are just working to much and are over tired , but he agreed that they should not be trusted and he wanted to continue the contract as it brings in $270.00 a month and is so easy to do.  It is downtown by our county work and between the two of us is nothing.  $250.00 more dollars toward debt.  In one year that is a Credit card wiped out. I agreed.

Out My Window:  Chased the ducks to the pond, garden is huge!  Growing things is like a miracle every morning.  Amazing how a little seed becomes a huge plant.

     I am already tired and my day hasn't begun.  I still have to sew, and teach and sew and clean.  Oh In the words of my dead grandparents "I am blessed with work".

Have a great and productive day!



  1. I can so see this happening with my kids! And I can imagine myself shooting out of bed knowing what had happened! Thank goodness the manager thought you were doing her this huge favor. It does sound like a contract you should hang on to for awhile, even though you're tired of it. One day you'll be free to drop it and I'll be cheering you on!


  2. Bravo to you for your smart thinking. I agree with the comment above. Soon we'll all be out of this mess and have more free time for ourselves. :)

  3. Hah! My daughter can't even clean her own room!

  4. Read the heading and thought that you had somehow gotten stuck with my kids!!
    What a relief how it all turned out. Every paycheque is moving in the right direction.

    Have a great day!