Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday, I am so proud

    We found our youngest a car yesterday she really liked.  After having the mechanic look at it and telling her it was sound, she started asking me about how she would get it paid for before college starts in the fall?  We went over all her options and she said, "Mom I can't afford a car this expensive, I have to find something for less money".  Can you believe that?  We took the car back.  I was in total shock.  No tears, not fights, no guilt.  This is the one time as a parent I think I did something right.  I am so proud.  Now to get back to her laundry.........splat!

Out My Window:
     Cloudy and overcast, cool.  Nice but a little chilly.  Still great on the water bill.

     We had salad and radishes out of the garden last night.  I just love the garden when it starts to produce.  It saves so much money.  It is really late this year but it will be great.  I have a whole lot of sewing to catch up on.  We are settling with Ascap for $192.00.  But I still think they are a bunch of thieves.  I just can't win in court with them and they know it and that is how they win.  They just have enough strong armed lawyers that take advantage of people.  I can't afford to hire a high priced legal team to fight for $192.00 so I pay  it.  What a rip off.  Like I have money to throw around.  I will pay it enough said and not think about it again.  Some times you just have to let go.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. The fact that your daughter realized the car was too expensive and didn't to keep it regardless speaks volumes my dear! Most kids wouldn't think twice and they'd start using a credit card to pay for gas and repairs. Congrats!!

  2. Good for your daughter!! What a smart girl she is!! :)

    Sorry about the ASCAP! :(

  3. Somebody has taught that girl well!! Congratulations!


  4. I think you raised a pretty bright kid there!!



  5. that is awesome!!! how sweet is that! Good for her & even better for you!!!