Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday, Not much progress here

     I did a tally last night and found that I have not made much progress on debt these past few months.  Not even counting the car, I have just not had a lot of money to put toward debt.  The next few months won't be much better either.  Well at least I have not gone backwards on original bills.  Just have to be very careful.
  I want to enjoy the next couple of months, when I am not so busy, just a few classes to teach.  It is really the only down time in my year, but also the time whee I have the least money. I need to work on that scenario.

Out My Window:  Hot, I love hot.  Ask me in September and I will tell you something different.  I find myself on the back porch, sitting in the sun surrounded by flowers, it is lovely.

     We will be taking a couple of short road trips the next two weeks.  We are going to spend the fourth with old friends in Northern Idaho.  We ran around together in college, he was one of hubbies old roommates.  I love his wife.  They are much more successful than us financially.  But we have so much fun with them.  I am trying to budget gas and food and I think $250.00 will do it.  Hopefully I will come home with extra money.  So I am trying to earn this money in the shop this week so I don't have to take it out of savings.  I had better get to work.  I already have $40.00!

Have a great and productive day!



  1. The short road trips sound like fun, and all the better if you don't have to take money out of savings.

  2. We hope to road-trip a little this year too. It will be good for you to let loose a little:)