Thursday, June 30, 2016

Wednesday, good things!?

     Daughter # 2 finally closed on their house.  Daughter #3 likes her new job.  Daughter #1 let her stupid out in court yesterday and regrets it.  So all is not perfect.  Have you ever had a day where all of the kids are happy?

     Sis has a really good job interview today.  I think that a contractor might be back sometime today.  Keep fingers crossed.  Hub's actually did three things for me yesterday that I asked him to do.  He took my car down to the tire place to have a rock removed from the caliper.  I picked it up driving through chip and seal.   He washed all the bugs off my car and took it for a wax job.  He took out the two heavy leaking bags of garbage that I had put on the back porch.  He also mowed the lawn and this is a big lawn.

     Today is the last day of the Celtic workshop so I will run to the studio about 11:30 to see what they all learned.  They were looking very good yesterday.

     I was really hoping to get to some painting that needs to be done in the dining room yesterday but just way too busy in the shop.  Four Wedding dress's came in and more brides maid things.  I need to put my nose to the grind stone today.  Because the 7 hours I spent sewing yesterday did not count.  I woke up and put on my paint clothes to try and inspire me to get something done up there.  It is just that there is so much to do everywhere I look and the shop is not helping. 

     I need a list, but if I start one it will be so long I will get discouraged.  Trying to stay positive and count my blessings.  I do know that I can somewhat clean my room and go into Sis's and make her bed.  She has pinched a nerve in her neck and has been in so much pain.  Maybe if I clean up her area she will feel better.  She has been taking almost all of the mom duty so I can work. 

     What do you guys do when you are overwhelmed?

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday, long drive again

     I ran down to the studio to get a Celtic workshop started and see the teacher.  Fun to see some of my dancers, love those little monkeys.  We are taking Hub's folks home today as his dad wants to go.  Hub's mom would stay longer but Hub's wants her to go.  She is very bossy and I think he has had it with her.  We are taking both the truck and the car down as we are bringing back his grandmothers small corner china hutch for our dining room.  I will paint it and replace the hardware.

     The more I am around my in-laws the more I see why Hub's has the problems he has.  They are deep seeded from childhood.  As much as we try not to be like our relatives we are just like them.  Mirror, mirror on the wall I am my mother after all.

     So I am facing 11 hours in the car in the next 24 hours.  Got to love that.  I have already had about 8 police uniforms in today and I have a whole Bridal party coming at 12:45, then I will take off for Nampa.

     Over the last week we have had 3 people to the doctor for prescriptions.  Both my mom and Hub's had bronchitis, Hub's mom had a bad case of dermatitis.  We made her go she was so miserable.   She is not one to go to the doctor.  Mom was very sick the night before last and so was sis's dog.  Both mom and the dog were sick all over the bed.  Okay too much info.  Sis's dog is half blind and deaf( come to think of it so is mother) he was able to get into a bag of red licorice and eat the entire thing.  So sis and I were doing laundry down to the bed skirt, which of course had to be ironed.  I made her iron it, as it wasn't my dog that barfed all over.  We also had to clean the carpet.  Too much fun I tell you.

     Well I have plenty of work to get done before we leave so I had better get moving.

Have a great and productive day!


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday, crazy continues

      Mom and Sis are home so the house is full, full.  Both mom and Hub's have bad coughs left over from the flu we had a couple a weeks ago.  So both are going to the doctor today.  I finally slept from about 10:30 until 9:30 last night and it was so needed.  Those 4-5 hour nights were not doing their job.

     Hub's folks took us out to dinner last night, that was nice.  We both couples split prime rib dinners, plenty for all of us then we came home and ate home made cherry and blueberry cobbler that I had made with some of the pie cherries off the tree.

     Sis had a couple more job interviews this week and has definitely gotten the house she wants.  I don't know if she will take possession in July or August.

     Hub's folks are staring to drive me crazy as they are very opinionated on everything we eat or drink. Like to give lot's of advice no one wants to hear.  We are taking them on a long drive today.  Hopefully I can nap in the car in the back seat.  I will put my sun glasses on and pretend to be interested.  I can only hide in the shop for so long.

     Hub's mom is upstairs vacuuming up the pine cones the dog had chewed up.  She does this on the only carpet upstairs.  It is her job. Everyone has a job.  The dogs job is to make a mess everyday for someone to clean up.

     Need to plan a menu for tomorrow and then get a few groceries.  One thing with the travel and the company, I don't think I have spent any money this month at the grocery store so it is about time.

  I have a Celtic workshop staring Monday morning, I will get it started and I think we will drive Hub's folks home.  I do not need to be there for the workshop, just have to get it started.  I don't know if we will try to do it in a day or stay over.  It is up in the air right now.

Well I have to get dresses and only make one bed today.  Better get myself cleaned up I looked like a BABA YAGA.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday, someone come get me please....

  Well Sluggy is on a rant and I feel like she and I need to leave on a trip together.  Anyone want to join us?  I am tired.  There is just too much to do around here and I feel like I am the only one doing.  Go read Sluggy for a repeat of this story with different characters.

     B got the job she wanted with the University.  It has benefits and she starts Monday!  But she will need financial help until her first paycheck.  Daughters house did not close yesterday and has been put off, forcing me to pay her school loan yet again and she can't pay back the money she borrowed until the house closes as they are watching her accounts and question everything.

     The shop is bombed busy and I did not even have time to make the beds yesterday.  Every time I entered a room the doorbell rang or the phone went off.  I got several hundred dollars worth of sewing from a pageant mom and I hate that kind of work.  I just don't like the feeling around people like that.

     Hub's is taking his folks around and trying to keep them entertained, but not getting anything done.  His mom is trying to make him do a few things and she knows how lazy he is so she is nagging.  She nags, he digs in and then yells at me.  I am busy trying to get my sewing done and cook supper do laundry, clean the house, take care of Sis's dumb dog.

     Dad is very hard to get along with and is quite stubborn.  Mom nags at him constantly, which makes him cranky.  His behavior is erratic and inappropriate much of the time.  This is scary.  I don't really know what to do about it.  These are not my parents.

     Hub's and his parents are taking a big load of things up to the storage unit that belong, to mom and Sis and things from here that I don't want.  At least that will be done.

     So on a positive note, I did get Hub's to finally hang some things in the kitchen.  I had him put in the hooks for the mugs to hang from.  Still need to get the knife holders hung inside the cupboards.  Then I am done it is just waiting on the contractor. *&%^%$#

     Frustrated, feel like I can't make any plans.  I need to count my blessings and quit bit%^ing.

But I don't want to, whine, sniff.

I am going up stairs to  make the bed and carry down the laundry.  I think.

Have a great and productive day!



Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thursday,little by little...

     It seems that nothing ever really gets done around here.  I sew and more comes in, I make the beds and we sleep in them, I cook and we eat the food and I have to clean it up.  Is it me or do you ever feel that life is a broken record?  It's not that I really mind but monotony does set in after a while. 

     Mom and Dad (Hub's folks) and Hub's picked  2 gallons of pie cherries last evening and pitted them so I will make a couple of pies and freeze the rest later this afternoon. Will probably do up 8 crusts and freeze left overs as I will make the mess worth doing.  I weeded in the garden until after night fall and many hills of potatoes were ready to pick.  They are huge!  So now I have to get out there later and clean up my mess.  I am very good at making messes as we all know.

     It looks like baby elephant ( the youngest)  will take a job with the U of I in research.  She had other offers but these guys really want her and are willing to do a little fighting to get her. 

      Sis looks like she has a job, and has found a house to rent.  It is a beautiful cottage that was a parsonage to the Lutheran church here in town.  She was waiting for the rental company to meet her and decided to go into the church.  There was a piano in the foyer.  None of us can resist a piano so she sat down to play.  The pastor was out with a crew of parishioners doing yard work and heard her playing and came in and asked if she would be willing to play as a back up pianist.  So she beat 4 others out of the house as they have final say as to who rents.  The house is large enough to move her grand piano into and we are all thrilled.  Plus it will have room for all of mom's storage, a room for mom to stay and a sitting room for  a lot of mom's collectibles.  Now mom will have two places in town and Hub's and I may get a little more freedom.

     Hub's dad is hard to handle and I can see why my mother-in-law is so tired.  It is another worry for us.  We may have to be willing to take them more of the time, just to give mom a break.  SO this is why having some place for my mom to go is important.

   Little by little we are making progress.  It is slow and aggravating but we will eventually get there.

     Hub's will take a huge load to the storage today and I plan on moving much of the crystal we have had out in the front room that is cramming the shelves into the dining room cupboard.  Right now it is full of napkins and silverware chests but I will move these to another spot.  I plan on running everything through the dishwasher to remove dust and then pack them into the cupboard.  Everyday I try to get something done that feels like progress.

    Right now hub's has his folks out for a tour of the valley and I had better take this time to get the beds made and some laundry done.  We are having spaghetti for dinner and I need to start the sauce.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wednesday,yard work and sewing

     I was able with my mother-in-law to get the front yard weeded yesterday.  She is 88 so she just helped a little.  She and Hub's are picking up the huge piles of scraps.  My younger sister has done some work in the back, which is very helpful but I still need to do so much more.  The front 100 feet of the front yard is still torn up and awaiting rock have no idea when that can be done.  Everything is on a major hold due to funding.  I am like the Government, well except that they would probably just print more money.  Sis also finally got the flower boxes on the porch done for me.  I can't believe I put them in this late but that is how it goes.  As I have had nothing to do lately.

     We got through the first day with Hub's folks without major incident, other that Mom and Sis decided to take a quick trip to Missoula today to return Friday.  I am sure to get away from the ceaseless lecturing and religion pushing.  The two just can't help themselves that is all they do and know, they have such a small world.  Hub's is taking his dad up to the U of I today to meet B ( youngest daughter) and walk the campus, have lunch.  This is where dad went to college and he loves reminiscing.

     B has put in for multiple jobs and has had several interviews, all have went well so we will see.  She is excited.  The grant for her last job ends in July.  Daughter #2 closes on her house on Friday so we will be running up to Spokane to help her this weekend.  I may just stay home if I can.  We will see how it goes.

     The shop was super busy yesterday and I have major work to do today.  Still waiting for contractor to finish kitchen.  I may have to hire someone else.  Aggravating, like I need this pain in the neck right now.  At least I have a sink so I won't complain too loud.

     There are several things I must do today so I had better get to work!

Have a great and productive.


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday, Home again!

     We arrived last night with Hub's folks.  Mom and Sis both sick with aftermath of what Hub's and I had last week.  I feel bad as they all had it go into their lungs and have bad, bad coughs.  I had a little sinus and that is it.  What is weird is that I have this very reduced immune system and take a drug that actually causes sinus infections, it makes me wonder if this forced me away from the chest part of the virus.  Weird but I am glad about that no coughing and wetting my pants.  Okay too much info.

     The shop should be busy today as people have been calling all week and will descend soon. My sister has been busy around the house and it looks so much better.  Still so much to do.  Hope to have the big reveal to you by the end of the week. 

     Really have no idea what we are going to do with Hub's folks, but his dad is starting to have real problems with dementia. This is harder on his mother.  She has all the care and the worry.  She is tired and just needs a break.  Hub's dad can be cantankerous and hard to get along with, I seem to have a way of getting him to behave.  This is a real worry for both of us.  We had planned on going on a little vacation with them but as money is so tight because of the water heater we decided that was not an option.  Hub's mom was so upset.  Not about the lack of vacation as she is a very kind and giving person.  But she was just so looking forward to a break from his dad and getting away some where, any where.  So they are here and we will see how it goes.  Right now she is on the back deck with my sister who is painting the back door.  Dad is sitting in kitchen eating cherries.   I think it is more the separation from each other that is important.

     Right now there is unpacking and laundry up the wahzoo,  just many little things that need attention.  My biggest headache besides the finishing of the kitchen and dining room is the weeding of the garden and flower beds.  I am way behind and I just don't know when I will be able to catch up. Maybe I can get Hub's dad and mom on that?  Yeah come visit and weed will you?  Their garden is perfect and weed free.

Well I am off to the races and glad to be back.  Hopefully I will have a little more time to comment on all of your blogs.  Mom is having a coughing fit have to go.........

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday, yeah it is Friday already!

     Busy week here with my grandsons.  Baby is so sweet.  The elder is just plain fun.  So far we have cut up foam from my sewing projects.  We have had squirt gun fights.  We have detailed my car. Read lots of stories.  Mostly we have played and taken care of our little James.  He is kind of grouchy sometimes.

     I have been busy making chair cushions for the dining room in my spare time. I just got peed on by James.  Yesterday he puked down inside my bra and all over my clothes.  I take a lot of wiping up.  Just slightly damp all the time.

     My daughter's mother-in-law is coming home today and Hub's and I have been using her room.  As James puked on her bed this morning I will be changing the sheets.  Well I would have done that anyway.  The two younger girls are coming in tomorrow and I will book them a hotel.  There is a ton of laundry to do around here.Hub's just got baby asleep, time for me to escape to the shower for a quick clean up.  He is going to take the elder for a bike ride to feed to fish.  Maybe I can slip a load of laundry in,get the bed stripped, and make the other two while the baby is asleep.  On your mark get set go!

  Would like to finish the curtains for the dining room and kitchen before I leave.  They are simple valances.  As James just peed all over my loose foam I will have to go out and hose it down and let it dry before I start the other cushions.  The little devil.  Who left that kids pants off?

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, June 13, 2016

Monday, Hub's is making me sick...

     This was a weekend of eating at different events.  Friday was a church pig roast and Sat. morning a scout breakfast.  Then Saturday we get home and Hub's who had ran a slight fever and had a slight cough Friday night puts on a sweatshirt and sleeps in front of the TV all day.  He has fever and chills.  Sis is having a very bad day and crying off and on the whole time.  I am trying to get something done, anything done so we can get out of town on Tuesday.

     Saturday night I put Hub's to bed and he woke up at about 3 asking for more medication, I was so cold and feverish I just could not make myself get out of bed.  He finally gets up and bangs around trying to find what he needs and brings me two aspirin and a very small cup of water so I can take it.  He is shaking so bad that the water is almost all spilled and he has slopped it all over the front of me.  I take the aspirin with my 1/2 ounce of water and lay back down. We are both choking and laughing by this time, yes you can laugh while in pain my comment was , "We are a mess! " Hub's gets in bed and we both attach to each other like strong magnets and shiver for about 20 minutes, then fall asleep.

     Hub's is up trying to put on church clothes about 10:30 in the morning.  I said, "Really you are going to attempt this?"  I then went out on the back deck in the sun and soon Hub's followed in regular garb.  He had given up also.  We both went back to bed and slept from 11 to 5:30.  Don't know what it is but it is awful.  We went to a retirement shindig out at a winery for one of my good friends.  Tried not to get to close to anyone then home to sleep.  This morning he is better and I am 24 hours behind him.  Both of us slept feverish last night with many weird dreams.

     Kitchen is in the downward cycle.  Tile needs to be finished, and much touch up work.  But it is slowly getting done.  I do not want to show pictures until it is finished.  We will just keep plugging along.

     I have at least 10 pairs of pants to hem today and then I must pack.  Also get finances in order.  What finances?, you ask as I write a check with the last of my emergency fund. Well enough to get to Twin Falls and back.

I just want to go back to bed so badly.

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday,What? What? What?

     Well it is summer and we are about to leave on a trip to go see daughter so our water emergency is just about to blow.  We always have water issues when we come home.  It is a family joke that we cannot come home to anything less than a flood.  Well the plumber came in to do the sink and hook up fridge and dishwasher.  He went down stairs and our big hot water tank was leaking.  I had not noticed as it has a floor drain and is in it's own closet due to it's huge size.  New hot water tank side vent, gas in the size required to fill Jacuzzi. 

     Drum Roll Please!  $2517.00

If we try to go with a smaller one for now and don't use jacuzzi home will not pass inspection.

     I needed this now like I needed a hole in the head.

We might not be taking any vacations for a while.

     On the kitchen.  Did have to have a fight with contractor.  I must say I was not very Christ like and was some what ashamed of myself.  Now Sis says he deserved everything he got and more.  But I always try to be nice and I blew it.  Oh well I apologized this morning.  But I still should have been a little nicer.

     I have water,a dishwasher a stove , a fridge.



Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thursday,Counter tops and a hot water sink!

     Wow the counter top people called and came in early about 10 a.m.  They were done and out in less than two hours and the counters are beautiful.  We started to rearrange and put some things away.  Sis re plumbed the sink but could only get the hot water hooked up.  But we washed and washed and washed things until midnight it was so nice to actually have a sink.

     Plumber is up there now doing everything right.  When he is done I will have hot and cold water and a DISHWASHER.  I can hardly believe it is going to happen.

     Sis and I sat down yesterday and made a punch list for finishes for the contractor that comes back in tomorrow. I am sure it is going to be a knock down drag out as there is so much to finish and he thinks he can do it in a day.  Well he can't and I will give him no more money.  So we will see.  If I have to I will get someone else to finish the dining room.  But I will not pay him one more dime.

     All of the chairs are in the garage and we have laid out saw horse to paint all the trim and stain a few pieces that we need stained for finishes.  It was a small kitchen to begin with and it is still a small kitchen.  I don't know why I thought a remodel would make it bigger.  Even so I am going to love all the new storage and organization.

     The shop is pretty much caught up.  I still have a few small things to finish but nothing pressing too hard.  Lot's to be picked up.

     Hub's killed a huge black widow yesterday when he put out the saw horses.  He and d#3 had been watching it for days.  Daughter said it was mesmerizing.  Kill the stupid thing I mean really?  It was the largest one I have ever seen.  Creepy....

     I have many errands to run.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wednesday, counter tops!

     Yes today is the day!  The counter tops are scheduled to go in at 11:30.  I can hardly wait.  After that we can put everything away, away.  Actually maybe organize a little.

     Hub's and I took a 6 mile hike last evening and it was so nice.  We did not get home until after dark.

     I am catching up on my sewing.  Still have a wedding dress to finish up.  It is hanging over the ironing board right now.  Then it is just alterations until I get back from daughter's place.  Unless there is an emergency.

     It is very hot here and we are all melting.  Love the heat but must put my hair up as it gets too hot for me.

     Sis is going to plant my flowers out front.  I have not done anything with the flower boxes on the front porch.  Actually I haven't done anything with the front porch except throw crap out there.  Ugh!

     Well guess I will go find some motivation somewhere.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tuesday, Chairs!

     My computer is acting up or else it is my camera.  Here is an example of the chairs.  They are grey and white.  Please don't look at the chaos behind.  Some day I will have my house back, my yard back, my SINK back.  Someday.

     Anyway I will be moving these to the garage to cure for the next 2 days and then by Friday they can come upstairs.  Oh hold that thought the upstairs will still be a disaster.  Okay these will stay in the garage for a while.

     Are they not pretty?  The dining room is grey and white, with light oak hardwood flooring.  The table will be heavy scrolled wood legs with a table cloth, as we are putting a table topper on an existing antique table we own.  So these chairs after all the supplies were about $30.00 a piece.  They will do until I can afford the dining set I want to get.  I really do not know what that is yet but I do love these comb backs.

     I slept very well last night and I needed to.  Actually went to bed about 11:00 which is really early for me. 

     Daughter and squishy left about 7 last night.  I will get pictures soon, I just am having these computer issues and don't really have time to resolve them.

     I did not think I was ever going to get those dress blues done yesterday as I was not in full concentration mode due to no sleep, but finally I was able to get them done.

     Today I have a wedding dress, pants to hem a couple of bridesmaid dresses who knows what else?
Maybe I can actually get some cleaning done.  I did no yard work yesterday as I pooped around too much with the sewing and chairs.

     It is too hot to work outside unless you are in the shade or it is early morning or evening.  That will be my excuse.

     Mom is going out to lunch with a friend today so she is up and happy.  Sis is trying to get her life together but it is slow going.  I feel so bad for her.

     There is a serious problem in this house.  We are out of diet coke!

Must do something to rectify this situation.

Have a great and productive day


Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday, starting out right.

     Even though I stayed up very late last night, I got up with Hub's and walked this morning.  Go me! Now may that habit continue. 

     My counter tops go in on Wednesday.  Then on Thursday water will be hooked up as in SINK!  Ice maker for the refrigerator!! Friday crew starts the finishing of the job.  What a job. A kitchen remodel is really a pain.  It will be well worth the trouble.  I have only had a dishwasher for 7 years of my 38 year marriage and that is because my twin bought a roll in one for the 7 years I was taking in exchange students from the college to help with my oldest daughter's college bills.  When it broke I never replaced it, that was about 5 years ago.  A built in dishwasher, wow I mean I can hardly wait.

     I have two sets of army dress blues to complete today and a ton of glue and pearl work to do on a wedding dress.  I am going to go out and give my chairs their last coat of paint touch up and then leave them.  I want to set up some saw horses with a tarp underneath to paint all the trim and plate rail for the contractor so all he has to do is measure saw and put up then touch up.

     There is a long list of things left to do in the finish department.

     Daughter and grandson go home tonight so we will be back to semi normal.  He is so cute.  I mean squishy cute and he is smiling.  Especially at his Grandma.

I have a lot of yard work to do and plan to start that this evening when it cools down.  I want to get the front weeded and then work on the pond area, the garden and the back.  I hope to have this done before we leave to take care of our other grandsons next week.

     It is very hot here and I love it!

Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sunday, Full House

     Remember when we were going to sell this big old place?  Well it is full!  Mom is down stairs in the spare room which is the largest bedroom in the house with a walk-in closet.  She has it so full of crap you can hardly move.

     Lil Sis is now in the upstairs bedroom and bath.  We have a porta crib in the front room next to the baby grand.  It is a lovely addition.  All of daughter and babies stuff is in our room. We now have two dogs.  I still don't have a sink in the kitchen.  Whine, Whine.

     I need to get into the tub and I will as mom is at church.  Hub's is at a meeting and the rest of the crew just took off for the beach on the river.  I think I will make all the beds before I go soak the paint off my body.

     Painted most of the day yesterday off and on.  Between cooking and cleaning and I don't know why I bother to clean as it just turns ugly in a few minutes.  We are eating on the back deck now and planning meals around the grill.  I have everything ready for home made potato salad in the fridge. Will put a roast in the crock pot for French dips served with watermelon, and salad from the garden and tato salad.

     I have picked I don't know how many bowls of sweet cherries this past few days.  Neighbors tree is a triple graft of queen annes, bing and yellow girl.  Sent mom with a large Tupperware bowl full of cherries for her church potluck.  She was fussing about this and I said cherries are $4.99 a lb. How many people get to eat as many as they want?  This will be a hit. She wanted me to bake something.

     Still have legs and a bunch of touch up to do on the chairs.  Hopefully can complete at least the paint part tomorrow then I will let them sit in the hot sun for 48 hours and put 2 sealer coats on them 24 hours apart.  They are so pretty.  Can't wait to take a picture to show you.

     Eek it is getting late I had better move.

Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath.


Saturday, June 4, 2016

Saturday, Can I please leave my own house?

     No! No I cannot.  Yesterday was crazy busy in the shop.  Non stop customers.  I thought I was catching up but nothing doing.  I was slammed with more work.  Army dress blues and you know how I love those.  Also about 6 full men's suit alteration.  Go me.  More bridesmaid dresses.  Wedding dresses that are due out next week.  Blah!

     Hub's and I needed to go to the bank together and I needed to run some errands and it took until 3 p.m. before I had a long enough break to get out of the house.  Then I returned home to more customers. I hope this is not a sign of things to come.  The work and money are nice, I just can't handle the demand.

     D#3 left last night and D#2 is due in this afternoon with the baby!  So I am happy, but I need to do a little house work.

     I am busy working on my chairs during my spare time.  Yuck, yuck.  They are coming along and I hope to have them finished next week.  It is just so many coats of paint and sealer, then the two tone takes time.  Grey and white as the dining room is grey and white.  Can't wait until they are done.  I love re purposing things.

     I loves me a Saturday.  I know the phone will ring off the hook, but I am not obligated to take in any business.

     Out My Window:  Hot!  Yesterday felt like the first day of summer.  It was so beautiful.

Have a great and productive day!

I am not going to do a darn thing, unless I want to do a darn thing and that is a good day for me.


Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday, catch up day!

     It has been so long since I had a day to play true catch up that I can't even remember the joy that it brings me.  So much of my time is spent in frantic trying to get things out and done.  A day spent doing little things that don't really matter but add organization to your life is a real energy boost.

     Because of the inflammation in my arm, I gave my self permission to STOP.  I took a couple of Aleve yesterday morning and then only sewed what I had to, to get things out of the shop.  I had to finish a few seams on a wedding dress, but that was it!

     Then I paid bills and cleaned and organized my desk.  This was no easy feat.  I am broke but also solvent.  Which is such a nice change.  To be able to sit down and pay all the bills and still have some money(not a lot)  I am able to take money from studio savings to pay studio bills.  It took most of the day to wade through the receipts.  This was knowing that my bookwork will be much less when the studio leaves my hands.

     I was able to do a little cleaning and organizing in the shop.  I now know more about where I stand in the big old mess.  Lil Sis and my daughter are going to take a load of things to mom's storage unit that will eventually go to Daughter #2 in about a month.  This will free up space in the house. Hub's was going to drive it up to Spokane but daughter did not want to store it for a month.  Can't say that I blame her as I have been storing it for a year:)

     The baby Daughter has sanded all my chairs the little darling.  So they are ready to paint.  I am excited to see them done.  Actually I would be excited to see anything done around here.  Like the kitchen and the dining room and the moving crap out, and the yard work.  The only thing that gets done is the work by me that goes out the shop door. 

      Poor Kim, poor, poor kim, sniff.....

     Anyway yesterday was a very nice day.  May I have more of them.

     Today I must do some sewing and actually go to the bank and get everything I started yesterday completed.  Not heavy work for a few more days.  Rest, rest.

Have a great and productive day.



Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thursday, A little sore today

     I sewed too much yesterday.  I was trying to catch up on the wrong things.   Then last night I realized I had other things due out today and I stayed up late to get them done.  Now my elbow is all enflamed.  Dang joints. No painting, no gardening, no cleaning until this is healed.  Well at least I can pay bills.  That hurts in a different way.

     Need to be a little more careful.

     B is down for a few days and that is nice.  She is helping sand the chairs for me and will have to do the other 2 as my arm is kaput.  But even painting is off limits now.  Hub's and daughter are taking a large truck load of things up to Spokane tomorrow.  Yeah.  I am getting rid of two captains chairs and a large mirror from the garage.  An antique sewing machine out of my shop and a huge Swedish sea trunk out of the family room.  So nice to free up space.

     Every where I look is a pile of work, either in the form of cleaning or remodeling or sewing.  All involve the use of my arm.  Even typing is probably a no no.

     The shop should be very busy today with people picking things up.  I must be very careful and choose wisely my activities.

     So I will take it easy today and maybe tomorrow.

I can do that.

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wednesday, June 1st

  So today I was going to start an exercise program and eat right and get my life in order.  I woke up at 6 and thought wake up Hub's for a walk, but I went back to sleep, then I woke at 7:30 and thought wake up Hub's for a walk and I went back to sleep.  Now it is 9:30 and the shop opens in a 1/2 an hour so I will have to walk later......

     The entire large box of milk duds I ate last night before bed looks really good right now.  I think I know where another one is......

    It is June 1st, my day to start?  What was that again?

     I have to pay bills today and I have to clean off my desk and organize the mess.  One of my wedding dresses was pick up and another should be done tonight.  I still have so much to do before tomorrow so I will be locked in my shop dungeon.

     I did start painting the one chair I had sanded.  It is so much work but they will be beautiful.

     Before I come down stairs I am going to sand and give my first chair another coat of paint.  Then I will get to work.  Blah!

  I just need to think I am making progress....  That is my entire life right now it is dots..... these dots.....

signing off....


Have a great and productive day!