Saturday, June 4, 2016

Saturday, Can I please leave my own house?

     No! No I cannot.  Yesterday was crazy busy in the shop.  Non stop customers.  I thought I was catching up but nothing doing.  I was slammed with more work.  Army dress blues and you know how I love those.  Also about 6 full men's suit alteration.  Go me.  More bridesmaid dresses.  Wedding dresses that are due out next week.  Blah!

     Hub's and I needed to go to the bank together and I needed to run some errands and it took until 3 p.m. before I had a long enough break to get out of the house.  Then I returned home to more customers. I hope this is not a sign of things to come.  The work and money are nice, I just can't handle the demand.

     D#3 left last night and D#2 is due in this afternoon with the baby!  So I am happy, but I need to do a little house work.

     I am busy working on my chairs during my spare time.  Yuck, yuck.  They are coming along and I hope to have them finished next week.  It is just so many coats of paint and sealer, then the two tone takes time.  Grey and white as the dining room is grey and white.  Can't wait until they are done.  I love re purposing things.

     I loves me a Saturday.  I know the phone will ring off the hook, but I am not obligated to take in any business.

     Out My Window:  Hot!  Yesterday felt like the first day of summer.  It was so beautiful.

Have a great and productive day!

I am not going to do a darn thing, unless I want to do a darn thing and that is a good day for me.


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  1. Hope your day is filled with whatever you are hoping for! (Not too much work or simply not a darn thing)