Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday, crazy continues

      Mom and Sis are home so the house is full, full.  Both mom and Hub's have bad coughs left over from the flu we had a couple a weeks ago.  So both are going to the doctor today.  I finally slept from about 10:30 until 9:30 last night and it was so needed.  Those 4-5 hour nights were not doing their job.

     Hub's folks took us out to dinner last night, that was nice.  We both couples split prime rib dinners, plenty for all of us then we came home and ate home made cherry and blueberry cobbler that I had made with some of the pie cherries off the tree.

     Sis had a couple more job interviews this week and has definitely gotten the house she wants.  I don't know if she will take possession in July or August.

     Hub's folks are staring to drive me crazy as they are very opinionated on everything we eat or drink. Like to give lot's of advice no one wants to hear.  We are taking them on a long drive today.  Hopefully I can nap in the car in the back seat.  I will put my sun glasses on and pretend to be interested.  I can only hide in the shop for so long.

     Hub's mom is upstairs vacuuming up the pine cones the dog had chewed up.  She does this on the only carpet upstairs.  It is her job. Everyone has a job.  The dogs job is to make a mess everyday for someone to clean up.

     Need to plan a menu for tomorrow and then get a few groceries.  One thing with the travel and the company, I don't think I have spent any money this month at the grocery store so it is about time.

  I have a Celtic workshop staring Monday morning, I will get it started and I think we will drive Hub's folks home.  I do not need to be there for the workshop, just have to get it started.  I don't know if we will try to do it in a day or stay over.  It is up in the air right now.

Well I have to get dresses and only make one bed today.  Better get myself cleaned up I looked like a BABA YAGA.

Have a great and productive day!


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