Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tuesday, Chairs!

     My computer is acting up or else it is my camera.  Here is an example of the chairs.  They are grey and white.  Please don't look at the chaos behind.  Some day I will have my house back, my yard back, my SINK back.  Someday.

     Anyway I will be moving these to the garage to cure for the next 2 days and then by Friday they can come upstairs.  Oh hold that thought the upstairs will still be a disaster.  Okay these will stay in the garage for a while.

     Are they not pretty?  The dining room is grey and white, with light oak hardwood flooring.  The table will be heavy scrolled wood legs with a table cloth, as we are putting a table topper on an existing antique table we own.  So these chairs after all the supplies were about $30.00 a piece.  They will do until I can afford the dining set I want to get.  I really do not know what that is yet but I do love these comb backs.

     I slept very well last night and I needed to.  Actually went to bed about 11:00 which is really early for me. 

     Daughter and squishy left about 7 last night.  I will get pictures soon, I just am having these computer issues and don't really have time to resolve them.

     I did not think I was ever going to get those dress blues done yesterday as I was not in full concentration mode due to no sleep, but finally I was able to get them done.

     Today I have a wedding dress, pants to hem a couple of bridesmaid dresses who knows what else?
Maybe I can actually get some cleaning done.  I did no yard work yesterday as I pooped around too much with the sewing and chairs.

     It is too hot to work outside unless you are in the shade or it is early morning or evening.  That will be my excuse.

     Mom is going out to lunch with a friend today so she is up and happy.  Sis is trying to get her life together but it is slow going.  I feel so bad for her.

     There is a serious problem in this house.  We are out of diet coke!

Must do something to rectify this situation.

Have a great and productive day



  1. The chairs are beautiful. I hope you will share everything once the renovation is finished.

  2. No Diet Coke is definitely cause for alarm! The chairs look lovely.

  3. I love how you are repurposing chairs. Need a photo of the dining room set finished now.....and a photo of the new sink! Woohoo!

  4. Gorgeous chairs - I covet them! :) You're almost at the end of your reno!! So excited to see it all pulled together!