Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thursday,Counter tops and a hot water sink!

     Wow the counter top people called and came in early about 10 a.m.  They were done and out in less than two hours and the counters are beautiful.  We started to rearrange and put some things away.  Sis re plumbed the sink but could only get the hot water hooked up.  But we washed and washed and washed things until midnight it was so nice to actually have a sink.

     Plumber is up there now doing everything right.  When he is done I will have hot and cold water and a DISHWASHER.  I can hardly believe it is going to happen.

     Sis and I sat down yesterday and made a punch list for finishes for the contractor that comes back in tomorrow. I am sure it is going to be a knock down drag out as there is so much to finish and he thinks he can do it in a day.  Well he can't and I will give him no more money.  So we will see.  If I have to I will get someone else to finish the dining room.  But I will not pay him one more dime.

     All of the chairs are in the garage and we have laid out saw horse to paint all the trim and stain a few pieces that we need stained for finishes.  It was a small kitchen to begin with and it is still a small kitchen.  I don't know why I thought a remodel would make it bigger.  Even so I am going to love all the new storage and organization.

     The shop is pretty much caught up.  I still have a few small things to finish but nothing pressing too hard.  Lot's to be picked up.

     Hub's killed a huge black widow yesterday when he put out the saw horses.  He and d#3 had been watching it for days.  Daughter said it was mesmerizing.  Kill the stupid thing I mean really?  It was the largest one I have ever seen.  Creepy....

     I have many errands to run.

Have a great and productive day!