Thursday, June 30, 2016

Wednesday, good things!?

     Daughter # 2 finally closed on their house.  Daughter #3 likes her new job.  Daughter #1 let her stupid out in court yesterday and regrets it.  So all is not perfect.  Have you ever had a day where all of the kids are happy?

     Sis has a really good job interview today.  I think that a contractor might be back sometime today.  Keep fingers crossed.  Hub's actually did three things for me yesterday that I asked him to do.  He took my car down to the tire place to have a rock removed from the caliper.  I picked it up driving through chip and seal.   He washed all the bugs off my car and took it for a wax job.  He took out the two heavy leaking bags of garbage that I had put on the back porch.  He also mowed the lawn and this is a big lawn.

     Today is the last day of the Celtic workshop so I will run to the studio about 11:30 to see what they all learned.  They were looking very good yesterday.

     I was really hoping to get to some painting that needs to be done in the dining room yesterday but just way too busy in the shop.  Four Wedding dress's came in and more brides maid things.  I need to put my nose to the grind stone today.  Because the 7 hours I spent sewing yesterday did not count.  I woke up and put on my paint clothes to try and inspire me to get something done up there.  It is just that there is so much to do everywhere I look and the shop is not helping. 

     I need a list, but if I start one it will be so long I will get discouraged.  Trying to stay positive and count my blessings.  I do know that I can somewhat clean my room and go into Sis's and make her bed.  She has pinched a nerve in her neck and has been in so much pain.  Maybe if I clean up her area she will feel better.  She has been taking almost all of the mom duty so I can work. 

     What do you guys do when you are overwhelmed?

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. You need several lists so it won't be so long. Make a sewing list, cleaning list, inside list, outside list, shop list, etc. Make them all on one sheet of paper. If you do something not on the list, add it and immediately mark it off. It works.