Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wednesday,yard work and sewing

     I was able with my mother-in-law to get the front yard weeded yesterday.  She is 88 so she just helped a little.  She and Hub's are picking up the huge piles of scraps.  My younger sister has done some work in the back, which is very helpful but I still need to do so much more.  The front 100 feet of the front yard is still torn up and awaiting rock have no idea when that can be done.  Everything is on a major hold due to funding.  I am like the Government, well except that they would probably just print more money.  Sis also finally got the flower boxes on the porch done for me.  I can't believe I put them in this late but that is how it goes.  As I have had nothing to do lately.

     We got through the first day with Hub's folks without major incident, other that Mom and Sis decided to take a quick trip to Missoula today to return Friday.  I am sure to get away from the ceaseless lecturing and religion pushing.  The two just can't help themselves that is all they do and know, they have such a small world.  Hub's is taking his dad up to the U of I today to meet B ( youngest daughter) and walk the campus, have lunch.  This is where dad went to college and he loves reminiscing.

     B has put in for multiple jobs and has had several interviews, all have went well so we will see.  She is excited.  The grant for her last job ends in July.  Daughter #2 closes on her house on Friday so we will be running up to Spokane to help her this weekend.  I may just stay home if I can.  We will see how it goes.

     The shop was super busy yesterday and I have major work to do today.  Still waiting for contractor to finish kitchen.  I may have to hire someone else.  Aggravating, like I need this pain in the neck right now.  At least I have a sink so I won't complain too loud.

     There are several things I must do today so I had better get to work!

Have a great and productive.


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  1. I did some yard work today too over my lunch. Those volunteer trees are way too busy growing...