Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thursday, A little sore today

     I sewed too much yesterday.  I was trying to catch up on the wrong things.   Then last night I realized I had other things due out today and I stayed up late to get them done.  Now my elbow is all enflamed.  Dang joints. No painting, no gardening, no cleaning until this is healed.  Well at least I can pay bills.  That hurts in a different way.

     Need to be a little more careful.

     B is down for a few days and that is nice.  She is helping sand the chairs for me and will have to do the other 2 as my arm is kaput.  But even painting is off limits now.  Hub's and daughter are taking a large truck load of things up to Spokane tomorrow.  Yeah.  I am getting rid of two captains chairs and a large mirror from the garage.  An antique sewing machine out of my shop and a huge Swedish sea trunk out of the family room.  So nice to free up space.

     Every where I look is a pile of work, either in the form of cleaning or remodeling or sewing.  All involve the use of my arm.  Even typing is probably a no no.

     The shop should be very busy today with people picking things up.  I must be very careful and choose wisely my activities.

     So I will take it easy today and maybe tomorrow.

I can do that.

Have a great and productive day!


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  1. I sure hope you are following your own advice and taking it easy!