Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thursday,little by little...

     It seems that nothing ever really gets done around here.  I sew and more comes in, I make the beds and we sleep in them, I cook and we eat the food and I have to clean it up.  Is it me or do you ever feel that life is a broken record?  It's not that I really mind but monotony does set in after a while. 

     Mom and Dad (Hub's folks) and Hub's picked  2 gallons of pie cherries last evening and pitted them so I will make a couple of pies and freeze the rest later this afternoon. Will probably do up 8 crusts and freeze left overs as I will make the mess worth doing.  I weeded in the garden until after night fall and many hills of potatoes were ready to pick.  They are huge!  So now I have to get out there later and clean up my mess.  I am very good at making messes as we all know.

     It looks like baby elephant ( the youngest)  will take a job with the U of I in research.  She had other offers but these guys really want her and are willing to do a little fighting to get her. 

      Sis looks like she has a job, and has found a house to rent.  It is a beautiful cottage that was a parsonage to the Lutheran church here in town.  She was waiting for the rental company to meet her and decided to go into the church.  There was a piano in the foyer.  None of us can resist a piano so she sat down to play.  The pastor was out with a crew of parishioners doing yard work and heard her playing and came in and asked if she would be willing to play as a back up pianist.  So she beat 4 others out of the house as they have final say as to who rents.  The house is large enough to move her grand piano into and we are all thrilled.  Plus it will have room for all of mom's storage, a room for mom to stay and a sitting room for  a lot of mom's collectibles.  Now mom will have two places in town and Hub's and I may get a little more freedom.

     Hub's dad is hard to handle and I can see why my mother-in-law is so tired.  It is another worry for us.  We may have to be willing to take them more of the time, just to give mom a break.  SO this is why having some place for my mom to go is important.

   Little by little we are making progress.  It is slow and aggravating but we will eventually get there.

     Hub's will take a huge load to the storage today and I plan on moving much of the crystal we have had out in the front room that is cramming the shelves into the dining room cupboard.  Right now it is full of napkins and silverware chests but I will move these to another spot.  I plan on running everything through the dishwasher to remove dust and then pack them into the cupboard.  Everyday I try to get something done that feels like progress.

    Right now hub's has his folks out for a tour of the valley and I had better take this time to get the beds made and some laundry done.  We are having spaghetti for dinner and I need to start the sauce.

Have a great and productive day!


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