Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday, yeah it is Friday already!

     Busy week here with my grandsons.  Baby is so sweet.  The elder is just plain fun.  So far we have cut up foam from my sewing projects.  We have had squirt gun fights.  We have detailed my car. Read lots of stories.  Mostly we have played and taken care of our little James.  He is kind of grouchy sometimes.

     I have been busy making chair cushions for the dining room in my spare time. I just got peed on by James.  Yesterday he puked down inside my bra and all over my clothes.  I take a lot of wiping up.  Just slightly damp all the time.

     My daughter's mother-in-law is coming home today and Hub's and I have been using her room.  As James puked on her bed this morning I will be changing the sheets.  Well I would have done that anyway.  The two younger girls are coming in tomorrow and I will book them a hotel.  There is a ton of laundry to do around here.Hub's just got baby asleep, time for me to escape to the shower for a quick clean up.  He is going to take the elder for a bike ride to feed to fish.  Maybe I can slip a load of laundry in,get the bed stripped, and make the other two while the baby is asleep.  On your mark get set go!

  Would like to finish the curtains for the dining room and kitchen before I leave.  They are simple valances.  As James just peed all over my loose foam I will have to go out and hose it down and let it dry before I start the other cushions.  The little devil.  Who left that kids pants off?

Have a great and productive day!


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