Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday, catch up day!

     It has been so long since I had a day to play true catch up that I can't even remember the joy that it brings me.  So much of my time is spent in frantic trying to get things out and done.  A day spent doing little things that don't really matter but add organization to your life is a real energy boost.

     Because of the inflammation in my arm, I gave my self permission to STOP.  I took a couple of Aleve yesterday morning and then only sewed what I had to, to get things out of the shop.  I had to finish a few seams on a wedding dress, but that was it!

     Then I paid bills and cleaned and organized my desk.  This was no easy feat.  I am broke but also solvent.  Which is such a nice change.  To be able to sit down and pay all the bills and still have some money(not a lot)  I am able to take money from studio savings to pay studio bills.  It took most of the day to wade through the receipts.  This was knowing that my bookwork will be much less when the studio leaves my hands.

     I was able to do a little cleaning and organizing in the shop.  I now know more about where I stand in the big old mess.  Lil Sis and my daughter are going to take a load of things to mom's storage unit that will eventually go to Daughter #2 in about a month.  This will free up space in the house. Hub's was going to drive it up to Spokane but daughter did not want to store it for a month.  Can't say that I blame her as I have been storing it for a year:)

     The baby Daughter has sanded all my chairs the little darling.  So they are ready to paint.  I am excited to see them done.  Actually I would be excited to see anything done around here.  Like the kitchen and the dining room and the moving crap out, and the yard work.  The only thing that gets done is the work by me that goes out the shop door. 

      Poor Kim, poor, poor kim, sniff.....

     Anyway yesterday was a very nice day.  May I have more of them.

     Today I must do some sewing and actually go to the bank and get everything I started yesterday completed.  Not heavy work for a few more days.  Rest, rest.

Have a great and productive day.



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