Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday, someone come get me please....

  Well Sluggy is on a rant and I feel like she and I need to leave on a trip together.  Anyone want to join us?  I am tired.  There is just too much to do around here and I feel like I am the only one doing.  Go read Sluggy for a repeat of this story with different characters.

     B got the job she wanted with the University.  It has benefits and she starts Monday!  But she will need financial help until her first paycheck.  Daughters house did not close yesterday and has been put off, forcing me to pay her school loan yet again and she can't pay back the money she borrowed until the house closes as they are watching her accounts and question everything.

     The shop is bombed busy and I did not even have time to make the beds yesterday.  Every time I entered a room the doorbell rang or the phone went off.  I got several hundred dollars worth of sewing from a pageant mom and I hate that kind of work.  I just don't like the feeling around people like that.

     Hub's is taking his folks around and trying to keep them entertained, but not getting anything done.  His mom is trying to make him do a few things and she knows how lazy he is so she is nagging.  She nags, he digs in and then yells at me.  I am busy trying to get my sewing done and cook supper do laundry, clean the house, take care of Sis's dumb dog.

     Dad is very hard to get along with and is quite stubborn.  Mom nags at him constantly, which makes him cranky.  His behavior is erratic and inappropriate much of the time.  This is scary.  I don't really know what to do about it.  These are not my parents.

     Hub's and his parents are taking a big load of things up to the storage unit that belong, to mom and Sis and things from here that I don't want.  At least that will be done.

     So on a positive note, I did get Hub's to finally hang some things in the kitchen.  I had him put in the hooks for the mugs to hang from.  Still need to get the knife holders hung inside the cupboards.  Then I am done it is just waiting on the contractor. *&%^%$#

     Frustrated, feel like I can't make any plans.  I need to count my blessings and quit bit%^ing.

But I don't want to, whine, sniff.

I am going up stairs to  make the bed and carry down the laundry.  I think.

Have a great and productive day!



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  1. Go ahead and run away with sluggy. You will be missed around your respective homes. Why do YOU have to make all the beds?