Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday,What? What? What?

     Well it is summer and we are about to leave on a trip to go see daughter so our water emergency is just about to blow.  We always have water issues when we come home.  It is a family joke that we cannot come home to anything less than a flood.  Well the plumber came in to do the sink and hook up fridge and dishwasher.  He went down stairs and our big hot water tank was leaking.  I had not noticed as it has a floor drain and is in it's own closet due to it's huge size.  New hot water tank side vent, gas in the size required to fill Jacuzzi. 

     Drum Roll Please!  $2517.00

If we try to go with a smaller one for now and don't use jacuzzi home will not pass inspection.

     I needed this now like I needed a hole in the head.

We might not be taking any vacations for a while.

     On the kitchen.  Did have to have a fight with contractor.  I must say I was not very Christ like and was some what ashamed of myself.  Now Sis says he deserved everything he got and more.  But I always try to be nice and I blew it.  Oh well I apologized this morning.  But I still should have been a little nicer.

     I have water,a dishwasher a stove , a fridge.




  1. I don't know if I should offer congratulations for having an operational kitchen or sympathy for the water heater.!

  2. If I had not been lying down, I would have fainted over that cost. When the plumber told me $3000 for my plumbing, my knees buckled and the two plumbers grabbed for me to steady me.

    Sometimes, you just have to take contractors in hand. Jesus never had to deal with plumbing and contractors. He pretty well tore up the money changers tables and threw the men out. I bet he would tie a knot in plumbers and contractors.

    Cqn you just disconnect the Jacuzzi to keep the authorities happy?