Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday, sore but satisfied.

     I was able to weed almost all of the front yard yesterday.  Two huge garbage cans full of weeds.  It is amazing as it didn't look that bad, but I did pull up many of the old Lilly leaves that would have had to be pulled in the fall.  I just figured they are ready save time later.  I still have a small perennial bed in the front that needs some attention, but I want to take out some overgrown Lillie's out of there so it will have to wait.  I will have to get Hub's help to get out the roots.

     Now the back yard is atrocious. It will be a work in progress.  We really have to trim down this fall and I am not looking forward to the work, if it is not done we will have a jungle.  What am I saying I already have a jungle.

     We are going to have spaghetti for dinner and I will make some french bread and I also need to bake bread again.  That will be my evening project.  Unless I drive up to University and help the girls with some project.  Actually they need me to ramrod them into action.  I need to work on Wedding dresses.  The studio also opens on Tuesday so I have plenty to do.

     Out My Window:  I think it is finally going to cool down a little which is nice.  I love the hot weather but it is finally getting old.  Our chickens all lay different colored eggs.  We have a white, blue, dark shiny brown and light brown.  It is so cute.  But at least I know who is not laying.

     Have a restful Sabbath.


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday, Weeding.....

     Yes, I am going to weed this morning and honestly I am some what happy about it? Hubs was up early and off to the church  to clean as that is his biweekly job, then he was to get a hair cut and the lawn has to be mowed.  So I though I had better do something constructive before I go out to lunch with my girlfriend:)

     I think Hubs and I are going to load up the bikes and go for a long ride somewhere around these parts later this afternoon.  Right now I am off to find the garden gloves.

Get to work, after all this is labor day weekend !


Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday, I am on a roll....

     So it is official, Sarah and I are racing to the finish line.  Now don't get too excited this is a long race and we have been at it for several years, and we are getting closer and closer.  She is ahead of me and every time I look at her totals she is down slightly, how does she do it I ask myself?  She does it to spite my inner competitive debt demon.

     If you will note by my side totals, my mortgage slid into the $80's, my Truck(studio loan) slid into the 3'so I am very excited.  Both of us want to be below $100,000 by Christmas.  Do you think we can do it?

     This summer has been really hard for me, even though I received the good news about SSI.  The year did not pan out the way I had planned.  Can you believe that?  But I am on tract in many areas, so I am focusing on those. I was really able to see for the first time just what a drag many of the studio programs are and I am anxious to get it turned into a non-profit.  The organization will take on about $25,000 worth of debt and I will be working on my personal debt.

     Hub's raise finally came through and he is making about $100.00 more a paycheck.  So $200.00 a month will really help pay bills, like water, heat, car insurance.  I will not be putting this toward debt as I am trying to cut back on the amount of work I do in general.  I am saving my health for the future.

     Hub's also has to have new hearing aids so we will have a big bill from that.  It will probably wipe out our medical savings for the year and then some, we will wait and see.  A State vocational program must pay about $5000.00 but I think we will have to pay about $1300.00.  It is worth it, he must be able to hear.  We are keeping his old ones as one of them still works and the other needs work.  I wanted him to have a back up pair.

     I was able to get quite a bit of sewing done yesterday and I need to get more done today. Also laundry and a little house run through.

Out My Window:  My yard is such a mess, I plan to get out and weed next week every morning for an hour or two.  I want it done before I have to go pick up my Mom in a week or so.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday, Thanks for missing me!

     My apologies to the Sluggster for not clearing the schedule.  I guess I talk to all of you in my head all the time so just figured my voices spoke to your voices.  Obviously our medications need to be checked.  Still recovering from the trip but yesterday other than really sore hips sockets was much better.

     I had 4 wedding dresses come in yesterday afternoon so I will be a busy beaver with everything else that needs to be done.  Paid a few bills yesterday and I am still very broke but can see light at the end of the tunnel.  Remember broke is a condition, poor is a state of mind.  I live a perpetually broke life not a poor one.  I am anxious to up date my totals for August as that darn Sarah is so far ahead of me and I just want to be neck and neck. It is so fun to race her (again in my mind).  I am determined to catch up and maybe just maybe get ahead of her...........  See my competitive spirit?

     I received the house payment voucher and we have fallen below $90,000 on the house which I will post next week when all the August totals are in as Hub's gets paid tonight.  You all know how I love to fall below a thousand place even if it is only $1.  I just feel a shoot of progress.  When I finally fall below the $100,000 mark I will be in heaven!

     I went to the grocer yesterday, as they had sugar on sale, olive oil, peanut butter all staples in our pantry.  There was a limit on the # of items bought.  I plan to do a spending freeze in September as we are taking another trip with Hub's folks the middle of October.  They cannot travel by themselves and we must go with them.  I want to save for the trip as plane tickets will be bought by them.  So I have a fully stocked freezer and pantry.  I will only need to buy milk and fresh fruit, maybe yogurt and cheese, some salad fixings.  It is my preparation for the fall season and the holidays.

     Well my sewing machine awaits.......

     Out My Window:  It got to 97 today, this has been one hot summer, but I am not complaining the cold will be here soon enough!

Have a great and productive day.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday, At least I know I am needed.....

     Back from the great beyond and jet lagged to boot.  I had such a nice time with my family.  We just visited and ate good food.  My sister is an amazing cook and hostess.  If anyone needs to go to the D.C. Metro area and needs a room call sissie.  I am serious.  4 star hotel serious.  I had planned to post while I was there but with the time change (3 hours) which I finally sort of got used to, however by the time I was up and moving we would be off and running.  Now I am back and fighting the other end of the battle.

     It was a 12 hour trip sitting either in a subway or a plane or a car and my hips can't take long periods of time cramped up in a tight sitting position with my arthritis.  I am pretty crippled up right now  moving like a gimp but glad to be home I think?  Hubby missed me and I missed him.  The house and the yard are a wreck.  The house keeper has not been here for 3 weeks and she is here today thank goodness. I was a little put out at the sight of the garden, hubs had really not done a thing and how can weeds grow that much in such a short time?  I decided not to get angry after all it was cone picking season and he was working extra long hours.

     I just took meds and gimped around all day yesterday.  Put away and unpacked from the trip, straightened all the bathrooms and bedrooms as kids had been here sleeping, nothing too bad.  I really cleaned the down stairs and still need to vacuum the basement.  I just came to the realization that this place does better when I am here.  I am needed!

     Pulled all the green beans last night as they are over.  Picked tons of overgrown cucumbers and seeded them and made a huge salad with the good part, then went onto the tomatoes and picked all that were ripe.  Did some weeding around the eggplant and the peppers as they were not getting the light they need.  I had to throw away about 10 huge yellow squash that could have served as homes for the homeless.  Proof that Hubs never once bent over in the garden.  The pond area is so over grown and the pump ( yes the new one) is not acting right.  But I am too crippled right now to get down and try to see what is wrong.  It has a years warranty so I am not worried.  When I am up and around I will deal with it. Yesterday was just house, laundry, bread baking and picking old produce.  The chickens had hid about 12 eggs under their coop, which I dug out and almost had to stay in the pen.;  I got myself down and then hips would not let me get up.  I had visions of being stuck in a chicken coop and hubs finding me.  Not pretty.

     By tonight my house will be ship shape and I will be back in full stride I think.  I missed all of you.  Mysti, Jane, Lena, Sluggy, Val, Sharon,  all my pals,Judy where are you?  Sissie and I talked a lot about you and we miss you.

     I just realized that I had not posted my totals for July so look at the side bar!  Yippee!

Have a great and productive day!



Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wednesday, caught up!

     I have almost caught up in the shop.  Just a few things to finish up so I can concentrate on getting out of town.  Forgot to take my meds last night and that is very unusual.  I am stiff and sore this morning.  I have a helper coming over to sew patches on football pants.

     Met with a dance dad yesterday that is an bang up business man and he had some great ideas for the studio.  Now I will have to implement them.  We are headed into a direction of turning the studio into a non-profit so it can be run by a board and we can fund raise and write grants.  I think this is a much better solution, since I take home so little money.  The studio does pay its bills but the debt is hard to cover and stresses me out.   We give back so much to the community it only makes sense.  We will start small and build.

     I have many irons in the fire today, so I'm off.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tuesday, watching crap TV.

     I have been sitting up late at night doing hand work on wedding dresses and watching crap TV.  Since the kids gave us NetFlix for Father's day it has opened up a whole new world of (Wholesome) entertainment.  We have not had cable for 27 years so we have been relegated to the 7 channels that we can pick up with our antennae.  One Local station, one network, and 2 PBS and then the rest Christian TV.  Always a great source of knowledge late at night.

     So I stumbled upon the show extreme couponing and it reinforced all the reasons I don't get into coupons for saving money.   I watched at least 6 episodes at 21 minutes apiece.  These people all bought the same things.  Hand soap, detergent, mustard, nighttime sleep aid, BBQ sauce,cases and cases of sport drinks, large bottles of soda, and some kind of precooked or fast serve noodles, Easter candy.

     Then they were so proud of their stock piles.  Enough soap, and lotions and potions to last a life time,  Condiments forever.  I will eat BBQ once in a while but do your really slather all of your food in sugar?  Medications and beauty products do go bad.  100 bottles of orange soda will lose it's fizz unless you are going to drink it non stop.  I found them ridiculous.  Now some did donate extra free stuff to the local food bank, but even the food bank needs things other than mustard and BBQ sauce.

     Now I do use coupons when they are available and it is something I will use.  Rivulet just posted about several coupons printed out at her store that were great.  But to spend hours and hours of my time clipping coupons so I can buy 100 bottles salad dressing.  No Thanks.

     I would rather take a seed put it in a little pot and then watch it grow and harvest the produce.  Okay maybe that is a time waster also, but at least it is food I will put up and eat.

     Okay done with my rant.  As pure junk entertainment you can't beat this kind of  TV.

What are your thoughts?

Have a great and productive day!


Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday, must get busy.

     I really must get organized this week as I leave for Sissies on Saturday morning and I am a financial mess.  Bills must be paid  and shop work must be completed.  I need to know where I stand and I feel it is on quicksand.  I am scared that I won't make it through the summer, I keep telling myself it will be okay.  Just keep plugging along. I have utility bills that need to be paid for July and then I can pay August utilities when I get back.  I hate juggling but so far it is part of my life.  It is one I part I hope to be able to give up this year.  At least that is a new goal for next year.

     I am going up to clean the kitchen and maybe fix my hair.  I have already had a bride here and I have another coming at 2.  Must get busy.  I need money to pay the house payment at the end of the week. I have $435.00 so far.  I need another $125.00.  I can do that.  I must leave some money for Hub's to live on and be able to put gas in the car.  There is plenty of food in the house.

     I need to go through the shop and get it cleaned up and organized.  I have been so busy in there it looks like a bomb went off.    

     Okay I am off to the races!

Have a great and productive day!


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday, eye opener!

     I had nothing set in stone planned for yesterday other than  I really needed to can or process more tomatoes and I wanted to clean the yard up.  Hub's and I agreed we would do this.  I slept in a little and hubby was on me to get dressed after all he had walked the dog and eaten breakfast, while I was playing on the computer in my housecoat.  This really irritates me as I know I outwork him 7 days to Sunday, but I just went upstairs and dressed, straightened the upstairs, and went to the garden to pick tomatoes.  After I had filled the sink with tomatoes, I went downstairs to the garage to find more quart canning jars.  I nicely suggested that hubs back the car out of the garage and sweep and clean up after the storm.  He was watching TV.  Soon he was grumbling about boxes and things D#2 had left in garage.  I told him to calm down and I would come and go through it as some was to stay here and some was to go to re-sale and some to charity.  When I started looking I realized it really was a lot of stuff.

     Then hubs suggested putting it all in the car and taking it to the various places and up to University dropping it off at daughters apartment and taking her to lunch at his favorite Mikey's Greek sandwiches.  I of course smelled a rat this was a way to get out of cleaning the yard and it is a mess and needs cleaned badly.
I did not mind taking things to assorted locations but I did not want to drive and spend 3 hours we could spend in the yard going up to University.  I said nothing and told him I was canning tomatoes so we would talk about it later.

     Washed, sorted, cut up tomatoes and filled clean jars, put int the salt and citric acid, put them in the canner.  While the tomatoes processed I watered the flowers and cleaned the kitchen, helped Hub's sort daughters things.  He filled the back of the car and also swept out the garage.  I was able to get my bike out of the hallway and back into the garage.  As I was taking the tomatoes out of the canner it was about 12:45. I decided we might as well go up to University and get rid of the junk, we could shop at Winco and as Jo-Anns is right next to Winco up there we could kill two birds with one stone and I was getting low on bread making supplies.  So off we went on a Saturday wasting time jaunt.

      Took a couple of boxes to St Vinnies, then stopped at Resale store and dropped off nicer clothes to resell on commission.  Drove to Moscow and met D#3 and boyfriend, had a late lunch, went with D#3 to look at computers as she needs a new one and she found the one she is going to buy, then we dropped her off so she could go to work and went to Winco.  I was able to get all the things we needed except soda at much cheaper prices than here in Lewiston.  Jo-Anns was a nightmare one clerk for a big busy store, I will never complain about Jo-Anns here in town again.  (Okay I will when they next irritate me).  Then Hub's pulled into McDonalds without being asked and got me a large diet coke and we drove home.  Actually I napped on the way home.  Unloaded the car and I took a three hour nap.  So much for getting the yard done.

     When I got up hub's was watching TV again and I told him I was going to get soda at a store where it was on sale.  He wanted to go with me and when we went out I noticed that he had swept out the drive way and it looked so nice.  He said it was a pain as he was using the large dustpan and he kept dropping stuff out of it just before he would hit the trash can, and then he had to re clean around the trash cans.  I asked him why he just did not roll the can right to the pile of debree after all it was plastic and would  have prevented another mess.  He gave me that look of "What?",then smiled.  I had a good laugh, imagining him with this large dust pan and his palsy shaking across the driveway and dropping crap as he goes and then "sh*t" right before the can he drops most of the contents of the pan.  Now this would not be so funny except I am sure he did it over and over again. I hope the neighbors were not watching.

     We went to Albertsons and bought soda on sale, and ran into an old neighbor.  I had a hard time placing her at first but she seemed to know us well.  She was so excited to see us. Hub's had no idea who she was.  So I was explaining her to him as we continued through the store.      

     " Remember the first house we lived in 26 years ago.  They lived right behind us.  She was a teacher and very religious.  He was a contractor that did not work much.  They had two small kids, one was D#2 's age a tiny baby. He was a short little man with a mean streak and liked to drink.  He came over after I had set up the sewing shop to introduce himself and tell me that he had a bad temper and I was never to cross him.  This was in broad daylight in my sewing shop in the middle of the weekday afternoon.  I looked at him and told him not to ever come over to my house and threaten me.  I had not done anything and he had no right.  He was to get off my property and not come back.  He could threaten his wife and be big man on campus in his own yard but not mine. "

     Hub's was shocked and asked what happened to them?  Well let me see...." She got a brain tumor and almost died.  He found religion and quit drinking, but later found another woman.  She raised both kids and they are lovely people.  Her looks and behavior were drastically changed by her illness and he could not handle that."

     Now this all took place around one aisle of the store.  Then we go to the baking aisle as they are having their 1/2 yearly sale and we run into another woman who recognizes us and treats us like old friends. I am searching my memory.  Oh , yes she her husband and new baby lived next door to us in our first apartment 27 years ago.  Hub's did not remember them,  He wants to know where they are now.  Well....

     " She had another little boy and he was born with a genetic disease that she carries.  It was much more severe in him that her.  As she aged the disease became more pronounced and started to disfigure her.  She worked at Penney's and her little boy is now 20 and lives in a group home in town the older daughter graduated from college and works out of town somewhere.  Her husband left her after the little boy was born and she started to become more disfigured.  Hense the obsessive religious conversion."

     So now in less than 3 minutes I have run into two women just like me, with kids my kids age and trials in there lives that have caused sever changes.  They are alone, they live on very fixed incomes and struggle everyday.  Why is my life different?  How did we make it and they didn't?  Or have we made it?  Just a very strange experience. 

What do you think?

Have a peaceful and restful Sabbath.


Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday,Brides, Brides, Brides!

     I am blessed with Brides.  They are coming out of the woodwork.  The problem is they all need to be done before I leave next week. I sewed like a demon yesterday and will need to do so today.  I thought later this afternoon I would go and get my nails done.  My Sissie has not called me and two of our childhood friends are at her place.  I am sure they are having fun without me!  I am here slaving away and they are having fun.  I can feel it...

     We are out of dog food and low on cat food, so I must make a Walmart run.  I also need to go to Jo-Ann's for a few items so will put those on my to do list.  Don't have any real plans this weekend, except yard work and catch up.  We still have a lot of clean up from the storm a few weeks ago and I plan to get that done.

     I did not clean the desk or pay bills yesterday so I need to do that today or tomorrow.  I need an award for procrastination because I am the world's best procrastinator. 

     Okay I can hear my sewing machine calling me.  I must bid you adieu and get to work.

Have a great and productive day!


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday, pay bills?

     I really need to sit down and pay some bills and quit doing my ostrich thing, which I am so good at as you all know.  Hub's and I worked together and did a mass mailing for the studio last night, so that is out of the way.  He was a big help.  Over 85 envelopes stuffed and sent. This morning I woke to 4 e-mails for change of address that I had sent out to parents that I knew had moved last year.  I did not want to waste the stamps having them come back.  I also did all of my ironing!  I set up the board in the family room after hub's went to bed and watched 2 episodes of 'The Paradise" on net flix.  So that is one more mess out of the shop.
Now I have to go put is all away and move the board back to the shop.

     I have a ton of sewing to do today and I am going to try to ignore the garden.  I will I swear I will sit down and clean off my desk area and pay bills.  I was inspired by Sharon's lovely picture of her office.  However mine is two old file cabinets with a board put over the top which is covered with contact paper.  I am a so stylish.  Actually I am cheap, but shhh don't tell anyone.

     Hub's brought home his two old scaling sticks from his office.  He will not be scaling anymore in his career.  His knees would never tolerate climbing a log deck.  They are old and worn ( both knees and sticks) and tell a story of  40 years in the woods.  I had him hang them above the fireplace and it was a real emotional moment for both of us.  They look good there.  I wonder if he will let me hang him above the fireplace when he retires?

     I have no idea what I am having for dinner.  I had better run upstairs and take some meat out of the freezer. It was cooler yesterday only 96.  I say that with a grin.

Okay I am off to the races....... slowly....

Have a great and productive day!


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wednesday, lots to say!

     First of all thank you to Sluggy for kicking my butt, when I went to update my list her threat was there and I am telling you I went outside to finish the front yard watering and weeded the whole long flower bed in front I was so scared.  Now I did not clean up the weeds, but it is a good start.  I did a little sewing yesterday and a little ironing, and this morning I picked up the mailers for the studio so those will be done and in the mail tonight.

     I took the car into the shop yesterday and was really worried it was going to be something expensive. I had not tightened the gas cap correctly....  So no charge.  Can you believe that?  What a blessing, I am gas cap deficient. Who knew?

     Just have to keep myself motivated. The triple digit weather has something to do with it I am sure.  But it was in the low 90's by yesterday evening so I could weed without dieing and Hub's finished mowing the back lawn.  I picked all the garden produce yesterday so I won't have to go out today.  When you start picking tomatoes and canning it just took me until about 3 p.m. to get everything done and cleaned up.  I will have to can again in a few days as I have enough picked to do at least 4 more quarts and when I get enough to do 7 I will be back at it.

     We had fresh tomato,cucumber salad last night with English cucumbers in vinegar and egg salad on home made bread for dinner.  Tonight we will finish salad have more cucumbers and Kielbasa.  Just trying to keep it simple and cool, hubs comes home so hot.

     Sometimes I wonder if all this time consuming gardening and cooking really saves money.  Does all my penny pinching really matter?  I don't go to the grocery store and spend a great deal of money and this seems to be the only way I can really save in my budget, as the bills stay pretty constant.  I can't make the car payment less money.

     I am going to spend the majority of my time in the shop today, maybe I will play a game with my ironing as it is taking over and soon will engulf the house.

Have a great and productive day!


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tuesday, schedule set. Update after Sluggy buttkick!

     We were able to set this new schedule for the studio last night and with a few tweaks tonight I should be able to send out all mailers tomorrow.  Later than I wanted but oh well.  I did not get the tomatoes canned but I did get them picked, so that is a step in the right direction.

     I was able to get one annoying project done in the shop.  I spent the rest of my sewing time working with one of my dancers on a new Champion mock up dress.  Right now it looks like a band uniform with nothing is on it so it is a work in progress.  It needs to sit today while I work on money making things.

     I have an appointment to meet a sewing client at noon and then take the car in at 1 p.m. I hope it is not an expensive fix.  Ugh.  To many bills not enough money.

     I did not get anything done I wanted done yesterday and I hate that. (ok I did get a studio schedule set) So today I am going to try to be a little more productive and maybe finish something!  Novel idea that is........

1. Laundry? Okay all in wash, one to dry yet! Done!
2. Ironing?
3. Tomatoes?  Canned 7 quarts, picked 4 more to do later.
4. Mailers for studio? Okay took them to staples they will b done in the morning.
5. Advertising for studio?
6. Sewing for clients?
7. Dinner? Made a large tomato and cucumber salad, sliced cucumbers in vinegar and egg salad.
8. Watering?  I am 1/2 done,need to do the front yard. Done!
9. How about finding the records to update July's totals?
10. Sit down and pay bills.

Nothing in particular order, just finish something or at least make progress! Hey I am up and dressed that is better than yesterday, I think?

Someone needs to kick my butt.......

Trying to have a productive day, I know it will be great, but productive?



Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday, Why try to leave town?

     I swear if I try to leave town something always happens.  We were out of cell phone coverage for less than 48 hours  and my mom has a heart episode.  Of course this was a short trip so we really told no one what we were doing.  When we finally got into range yesterday the first message I get is that mom is undergoing open heart surgery.  As this was the first message to come through it wasn't the true message.  Things turned out not to be as bad as was first told to my brother by the medical staff so mom is doing well and that crisis is averted for now.

     It was about 75 in the mountains up by the fish weir and we had such a good time.  Cool, comfortable, no cell phones ringing, just reading books, taking walks, eating, campfires, smores.  It was great and I wish we could have stayed longer.  There was a pretty big rain and thunder and lightening storm Saturday night that woke us up and scared me, I think I elevated off the bed when the lightening lit up the tent like daylight.  But the storm was over 10 miles away.  We stayed nice and dry and comfortable.

     Yesterday after we got home and had everything with mom straightened away, Hub's and I unpacked everything and put away all gear, and cleaned up all the food. We have enough left overs for dinner this week.  I think I threw a tire weight as I have lights on in Hubs car and I have to take it in this afternoon.  Cruise won't go on alignment light is on and check engine light.  All came on at once when I felt a slight bump in the drivers side back tire.  So he took the truck to work.  This is much more expensive on gas.

     I really need to pick tomatoes and can at least 6 more quarts.  I will do that tonight when it cools off.  I am now officially behind in the shop and need to get my butt in gear, I mean seriously.  Last night D#2 and I put together the schedule for next year at the studio and I will meet with all the teachers tonight to go over things, then we will do a mass mailing tomorrow or the next day.  I also have to set up an add in the newspaper.

Out My Window:  Yard is a mess, lots of garbage to take to the dump and weeding to do, but until I am caught up in the shop it will stay as it is except for picking produce and watering.  My new chickens that should start laying in the fall are laying already.  I am getting pullet eggs, and I have never had this happen before.  Do Americana's lay earlier?

     I am waiting for a customer to come in and I need to start the laundry from camping. Other than that I will be sewing my little heart out until I am completely caught up.  I also need to money!

Have a great and productive day!


Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday, let's go camping!

     I went to the dentist this morning to have my bite checked.  My jaw is really inflamed with arthritis and has been for the last year and this is throwing off my bite.  So I have teeth that loosen up.  This can lead to bone loss.  Dentist has been working on restoring my very off kilter bite and I think it is in a good place now we need it to stay there.  Muscles around my jaw are very tight and I suffer a lot of pain from this.  We are having a splint made to keep the jaw open hoping this will help.

    Hub's and I and D#3 are going up above Elk River to go camping for a couple days.  It is much cooler up there and they will fish and I will pick huckleberries if I can find any and read and hike.  I guess I had better get organized. 

     It has been in the triple digits here for over a week and it looks like that will continue for a while. I just stay downstairs in the shop and only go upstairs to cook dinner, which is beastly hot.  Last night I did a large stir fry with chicken breast and all veggies from garden, it must have been good because both kids came home and ate it and it is gone.

     I have a few errands to run this morning and I need to post new totals for July and pay some bills today.  D#3 and I watched an episode on hoarders last night and I went into the shop with her and said does this look like a hoarders episode?  We were laughing but it is a real mess right now.  I am going to go in and see if I can organize it a little.  I think it is the crates of 80 pair of football pants that I am waiting new patches from the embroider that are causing most of the crunch in the shop, plus piles every where.  I have racks for hanging so I am going to try and hang things up.

     I want the house clean and the laundry done before I go so I don't come home Sunday morning to a messy house.  I hate that.  All the camping gear and a messy house, yuck!

I had better get busy!

Have a great and productive day!