Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wednesday, caught up!

     I have almost caught up in the shop.  Just a few things to finish up so I can concentrate on getting out of town.  Forgot to take my meds last night and that is very unusual.  I am stiff and sore this morning.  I have a helper coming over to sew patches on football pants.

     Met with a dance dad yesterday that is an bang up business man and he had some great ideas for the studio.  Now I will have to implement them.  We are headed into a direction of turning the studio into a non-profit so it can be run by a board and we can fund raise and write grants.  I think this is a much better solution, since I take home so little money.  The studio does pay its bills but the debt is hard to cover and stresses me out.   We give back so much to the community it only makes sense.  We will start small and build.

     I have many irons in the fire today, so I'm off.

Have a great and productive day!



  1. That is a fabulous idea on the studio!

    I am so sorry about your stiffness and how sore you are. What this current experience is relaying to me is that is life is 100% more difficult with joint issues. The pain is un-leveled with anything I have ever experience and simple things like opening a door are taken for granted.

    Honey, you get so much done and more than I feel capable of. My hats off to you for sure!

  2. I think a non-profit status sounds great!

  3. I like the non-profit idea - will you draw a regular salary?? If so that will help with budgeting. Any anything that causes you less stress is a great thing indeed!

  4. Going away is nice but coming home is even nicer :)