Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday, sore but satisfied.

     I was able to weed almost all of the front yard yesterday.  Two huge garbage cans full of weeds.  It is amazing as it didn't look that bad, but I did pull up many of the old Lilly leaves that would have had to be pulled in the fall.  I just figured they are ready save time later.  I still have a small perennial bed in the front that needs some attention, but I want to take out some overgrown Lillie's out of there so it will have to wait.  I will have to get Hub's help to get out the roots.

     Now the back yard is atrocious. It will be a work in progress.  We really have to trim down this fall and I am not looking forward to the work, if it is not done we will have a jungle.  What am I saying I already have a jungle.

     We are going to have spaghetti for dinner and I will make some french bread and I also need to bake bread again.  That will be my evening project.  Unless I drive up to University and help the girls with some project.  Actually they need me to ramrod them into action.  I need to work on Wedding dresses.  The studio also opens on Tuesday so I have plenty to do.

     Out My Window:  I think it is finally going to cool down a little which is nice.  I love the hot weather but it is finally getting old.  Our chickens all lay different colored eggs.  We have a white, blue, dark shiny brown and light brown.  It is so cute.  But at least I know who is not laying.

     Have a restful Sabbath.


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  1. We're finally having HOT weather but i don't think it'll last long. Usually once September rolls around the temperatures drop like crazy. But I'm enjoying it and might squeeze in a beach day this week! Woo hoo, no school for me!