Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday, pay bills?

     I really need to sit down and pay some bills and quit doing my ostrich thing, which I am so good at as you all know.  Hub's and I worked together and did a mass mailing for the studio last night, so that is out of the way.  He was a big help.  Over 85 envelopes stuffed and sent. This morning I woke to 4 e-mails for change of address that I had sent out to parents that I knew had moved last year.  I did not want to waste the stamps having them come back.  I also did all of my ironing!  I set up the board in the family room after hub's went to bed and watched 2 episodes of 'The Paradise" on net flix.  So that is one more mess out of the shop.
Now I have to go put is all away and move the board back to the shop.

     I have a ton of sewing to do today and I am going to try to ignore the garden.  I will I swear I will sit down and clean off my desk area and pay bills.  I was inspired by Sharon's lovely picture of her office.  However mine is two old file cabinets with a board put over the top which is covered with contact paper.  I am a so stylish.  Actually I am cheap, but shhh don't tell anyone.

     Hub's brought home his two old scaling sticks from his office.  He will not be scaling anymore in his career.  His knees would never tolerate climbing a log deck.  They are old and worn ( both knees and sticks) and tell a story of  40 years in the woods.  I had him hang them above the fireplace and it was a real emotional moment for both of us.  They look good there.  I wonder if he will let me hang him above the fireplace when he retires?

     I have no idea what I am having for dinner.  I had better run upstairs and take some meat out of the freezer. It was cooler yesterday only 96.  I say that with a grin.

Okay I am off to the races....... slowly....

Have a great and productive day!



  1. Hmmm, I wonder where I should be hanging...above my teacher's desk lol!?! Only 96F!! Yikes, it was around 72 here, I quite liked it. You are on a tear, as usual, getting loads done. I don't think the style of the desk matter so much as what happens on top of it...ooooooh, that sounds kinda kinky!

  2. Why thank you, Kim. After thinking about it, I'm not really sure what exactly I did get rid of, I just kept throwing things out...hopefully I didn't throw out a bill...

    96? Wow! That's a hot one. We are having unseasonably GREAT weather...70's and 80's. I'm lovin it!